Guilty Pleasures...

Well...let's see where we left off.

Oh yeah!

My AC broke and we about died but thank goodness for AC men!

He changed a few parts late Thursday and we were spared.

Did you take a good look at the picture above?

That would be Madison.

She wanted a real spa kit for her birthday.

Now friends....that's a gift that keeps on giving!!

Yes...I do feel a little bit guilty.

I mean it was her present


She insisted I play along....really?!

The sweet Momma that I am could not tell her no...

Just look at how happy I have made her.

Bless her heart...

She even gave me a 5% coupon to come back!

Now today wasn't all fun and games.

I did paint a sign.

Wonder if they really eat rice cakes in the White House?

I wonder what we are going to eat tonight?

I wonder if Madison wants to play chef?


Ya'll know I'm just kidding.

I could sure go for some Country Fried Steak about now...

What are you having for supper?

Have a great weekend Ya'll!


  1. LOL...great post! So funny! She is darling! Playing chef never hurt anyone... ~lulu

  2. are a lucky woman :0) what a sweet girl, hope she got a good tip! :0)

  3. My daughter is forever begging me to pull out our foot spa thingy. You've made me reconsider doing it but I'm still not showing her this post;)
    Glad you're enjoying your (I mean her) new gift.

  4. Hey Miz Susie! You know I have one of those foot spas and they are wonderful! I don't use mine nearly enough, thanks for the reminder that I need to get it out of the closet *smiles*
    Dinner Menu tonight is beef tips in gravy over rice, garden salad, cheesy garlic biscuits, peach sweet tea and blueberry yogurt parfaits with cinnamon granola for dessert - being Chef is wonderful *smiles* Have a super cool weekend!

  5. lucky lady! and I want you tan : /

  6. What a sweet girl :) Good thing she didnt ask for a dirt bike or somethin...hehehe

    Dinner tonite is:
    - Turkey Tettrazini (turkey (duh!), noodles,mushrooms, a creamy sauce, parmesan cheese and bread crumbs on top-baked) Yum!
    - Green Beans from our garden
    - Salad with beets, goat cheese and our garden tomatoes with a balsamic dressing

    Happy Friday!
    ps - love your golden legs too ;)

  7. She is so stinkin' cute!

    I have no idea what we are having for dinner...Sometimes we just snack on Fridays & Saturday & Sunday!

    Love the sign.


  8. How fun and what a cutie Madison is! It's a tough job being a momma but someone's gotta do it!

  9. I would play spa with Madison every You are such a good mommy to do so!!

    Since I am counting calories and exercising (in hopes of losing lots of weight - 15 lbs so far) for dinner I had:
    Chicken breast
    tomato/okra/corn side dish
    peach tea

  10. Ahhhh...what a sweet daughter...I sure wish that my two girls were still young!

  11. crossing all fingers and toes that my baby gurl will someday, one day, ask for a spa kit and practice on her sweet momma cause yours sure looks fantastic. and hey, with no AC in all this heat, you sure deserve it. have a great weekend.

  12. So sweet! Don't you wish you could freeze these moments sometimes? I do!
    Great sign...we had some great salmon burgers for supper tonight, although your country fried steak is sounding pretty good, too :)

  13. What a trooper you are :) Your daughter is adorable. What a sweet post.

  14. Never pass up a good foot soak....

  15. Dang, I knew I should have had kids. She's adorable-- love the coupon!

  16. Can Madison come play at my house please!? :) She is precious as is that sign.

  17. Oh my, you are a lucky mama. My daughter treated me to my very first pedicure one week before she gave birth to her second child. It was her way of thanking me for flying out from California to Tennessee and stay 3 weeks after she had the baby. Like she needed to thank me for that. I was thankful for the privelege. Oh yeah, we went out for dinner a frozen yogurt shop. Yep, frozen yogurt for dinner. My husband's idea. Really.

  18. She is lovely, you are very lucky.

  19. You are one lucky lady! If only I could convince my son he *needs* a foot spa ~ yea, it's not gonna fly :( I might have a shot at the chef role though!


  20. How do I book an appointment?


  21. Susie, you made me laugh today with this post. We've been out in the yard all morning and part of afternoon and came in for a break.
    Looking like we might have steaks on the grill, potato salad and whatever else makes the cut.

  22. OMG, what a fabulous present! Tell her to put me on her mailing list for those coupons! :)

  23. suzie, i may email this page to my granddaughter and type *hint hint* LOL!!!! Just Kidding.

    cute post.

  24. What a great idea. I may have to give Avery that for her birthday:)

  25. Hi Susie
    We just got rid of a dinosaur tv. Boy are we ever spoiled for the lightweight new ones!:-) Still have the dinosaur computer in the basement at home...for backup.

    I have a little sign project request for you to think about. No hurry though. I am thinking about having a sign over the dresser in our new lake bedroom. We are putting a tv there, but I thought some sort of lake life sign might be neat for above. Not huge...sort of narrow. When you get a minute look at my bedroom redo...that will show you the colors and arrangement. We are in love with this "new" room!:-)

  26. Aw, man! I'm getting a pedi tomorrow...if I had known Maddy was in the business I'd have given her a call! :D

  27. I remember when my daughter use to do that.She was soooo cute, just like your little dolly. Cherish these moments, as you know they are gone oh too fast.

  28. How fun! A spa kit that gives back to mom, what could be better. Especially if it makes your daughter happy!
    Love the signs!

  29. So sweet and fun!!!

    I wish someone would play chef at our house. I am not a fan of cooking. Worst part is deciding what to make night after night.


  30. That is so funny about Madison. LOL! She looks so cute too doing your feet.

    No honey, in the White House they are eating $100 a pound Kobe beef thanks to all of us;-)

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