Boot Camp!

It was no suprise when Kaylee wanted to ask

  a few close friends over for a Boot Camp Party.

Two things you can count on here in the Deep South.

Traditions and Football!

This Boot Camp was a bit different than what you may imagine.

It involved FOOD...and lots of it!

One of the traditions here is the Senior girls decorate rubber boots

 Crazy I know!

They wear them to the football games.

We had girls everywhere!

Glitter too!

They worked...

and worked..

and worked!

Each boot was different and reflected the girls personality.

The boots above were one of my favs...:)

The Fleur de Lis was very well loved here!

Love the bows on this one!

Did I mention glitter everywhere?

So what do you get when the boots are all made?


and this..

But most of all....

 I got this..

One Very happy daughter!


I don't want one second to fly by without a notice.

I will cherish each and every day


 I know the glitter may hang around forever


my little girl won't.



  1. This looks like fun and a huge mess--love your attitude and wisdom!

  2. LOVE the memories you guys just made~ Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a cute tradition! Looks like they had a blast.

  4. How cool are you as a mom?! And what a neat idea for a tradition :)
    With all that glitter everywhere, will we be seeing a glitter sign from you in the future?? Hehehe

  5. What a fun event! And what a good momma you are :)!

  6. What a fantastic tradition! I love it. How cute are those girls? I too liked the boots with the black and white ribbon at the top. Very cute.
    I feel very old now though. 2011 will be my 20 year reunion. Yikes.

  7. How fun is THAT!!! What a great tradition! The girls are beautiful and I know y'all had a blast with everyone there. The mess was worth it, I'm sure!

  8. Are you just the most fun mom in the world or what??? Love that you did this for her, I know that glitter ain't easy to live with - but look how happy she is! ;o)

    What a blast!


  9. what a fun are such a cool mom to have it at your house.

  10. Oh my this looks like so much fun, I think maybe this could be a homeschool craft for the girls and I this year, can't wait. Okay I am the weirdo who notices funny (to me anyway) things in pictures. The first that I notice is that in the last picture you are out of paper towels, which cracks me up because with that many girls in the house you are lucky if you have a paper towel napkin of square of TP left. Then I notice that your white slipcover is off your sofa, what a smart girl you are, I think you should make that a post about slip covered furniture. What an advantage to take the cover off when your house is taken over by paint and glitter, that is just the way my head works. It looks like they had so much fun and what sweet memories you gave them, you are a good momma.

    Have a blessed day,
    Cha Cha

  11. FUN! I went to St. Mary's Dominican (in NOLA) and graduated in '02... we never did this : ( Looks like a fun time!

  12. How awesome! I hope I am this fun for my daughter as she grows!

  13. oh I love this! anytime i hear boot camp i get a numb feeling in my brain and it sinks to all body parts! but this boot camp..Bring it ON! what a great tradition the girls have over there! thanks for sharing!

  14. What a great memory you made with boot camp!
    I have two senior girls; one college and one high school. I keep telling myself, just like you, to cherish every moment. I don't want this year to be a mommy tear-fest. I want to enjoy and look forward to new beginnings. Gee, I sound a lot stronger than I feel!
    Oh, and I was just sure you would have the recipe for that yummy dish at the bottom of your post.

  15. I wouldn't mind decorating a pair of rubber boots myself, but my wellies already have polka dots!

    Looks like a good time was had by all...your daughter looks like a sweetie and I know you'll always have sweet reminders {!} of this time!


  16. What a great tradition! I plan on making many memories (and messes) with my kiddos too! Maybe I can have the same attitude about it as you. Such a cool mom!

  17. I love your happy blog, I have been looking around and love the painting of the birds. So pretty.
    The painting of the boots is so neat, I will have to show this to my niece, she would like that idea.
    Bobby Jindal is a great man, I liked your post about him.
    Well back to looking around somemore.
    Have a great evening,
    (my evening will be spent working on trying to get the email back up)

  18. That was so cute! How fun! What did you cook? It looks so good. Care to share the recipe? :-)

  19. Looks like you had a lot of busy fun going on over there. Times like these make precious memories. Jackie

  20. What a fun tradition! The boots, and your dd are darling!

  21. much FUN was that!?!?! What a cute tradition for the Senior girls and I LOVE how they decorated their boots. You are such a GREAT mom to let them have at it in your home!!!! Those are the memories the girls will remember forever!!!♥

  22. It looks like everyone had a great time! I noticed your area rug in one of your pictures. It is so pretty. Where did you get it? I am looking for a rug with those exact colors in it.

  23. How fun! I love traditions like that! I'm confused though...why do they wear boots? Because it links to Boot Camp? Just a gal from the southwest who doesn't always understand things from the south (but they always intrigue me, like that baby in the cake did! hmmmm) ;)

  24. So fun! Wherever did you get all those black boots???

  25. What a wonderfully fun looking thing to do. Bravo to you for opening up your house to all those teenage girls. We should all be open to teenagers and their needs and wants. Great idea for fun boots...

  26. That looks like SO much fun!

  27. Awww Susie- that last sentence was so precious. I'm freaking out lately since i've had to start working after 11 years as a sahm. I feel like i'm going to blink and my 9 year old daughter is going to be decorating boots for a football game :(

  28. I love this post! How sweet. What a cool tradition. You are a cool mom...and they will remember all that you let them do at your house.

  29. What a creative and fun mom you are, Susie. And I am glad you are intentionally enjoying the moments. Our adult daughters are here this week on vacation . . . no glitter, but lots of fun memories and laughter. I LOVE HAVING ADULT KIDS.


  30. HI, I had to pass this idea along to my daughter who is in a sorority at Elon University. I think she and her sisters would love this idea. Thanks for sharing!

  31. Oh susie, our daughters are a lot alike.. she loves her boots!! She would love to do this.

  32. This seems to be the theme...

    My other friend wrote...My house is getting in emptier...Thank you for underlining the reality that it is all so precious. Love this post.

  33. oh my gosh....*tear* Thanks for reminding us all how precious each moment is with our children...and that sacrifices may seem bigger than they really are when it's all said and done! I kept looking at your pictures holding my breathe saying "oh no, what about her rug?" "look at all that glitter in the floor!" but then at the end you reminded me of how silly I can be at times...all of that doesn't really matter. Your pictures are priceless! :)

  34. Yep! I get it. At first I thought they were kappas...but must be Louisiana.... ??? Either way...great stuff! Gig em!

  35. LOVE THIS!! It totally reminds me of something the gang of girls I rolled with would do in HS! ha!! Soooo fun...and the memories are priceless!!! You're such a great mom!
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  36. What a fun tradition!! How fun!

  37. What a neat tradition! I always think it's neat to see what kind of traditions different areas have. When we moved to Texas I was fascinated by the homecoming mums. We didn't do that in Georgia!

  38. Now that looks like FUN! You are a wonderful mom to throw that kind of party!

    My middle son is also starting his senior year. It seems like such a short time ago that they were starting high school, huh? What happened to the years??

  39. Cute, cute, cute..and fun.
    What a mess I bet..but well worth the memories.
    Okay where'd you all get the boots...I want some..incase we have a blasted hurricane and for when I am working at LSU walking all over campus. I'm not gonna decorate mine though...just want them to wear in the SLOP!!
    Let me know if you can...
    Be blessed,

  40. Susie,

    What a great tradition! The girls look like they had a great time! You are an amazing mom!

  41. oh my gosh that is the coolest idea!! my girl just graduated...savor the senior year it goes by fast. i just moved her into her first college apartment an hour and a half away. :(

  42. You are a good Mommy!
    And where do they get the boots? I want one for my Bday next month (Shhhh, I can still pull those off) but Hunter's boots are $100+ a pop.

  43. I'm sitting here trying to convince myself that the permanent glitter effect in your house was worth it. But seeing her smiling face...

    But seriously - couldn't they have done the glitter part outside???

  44. They are having the time of their so cute...

  45. Do they go to St. Amant? My hubby graduated from there 22 years ago!!! Love this post!!!

  46. What an awesome idea! I just came across your blog while trying to figure out how to make Fabric Rosettes. I love your blog!!! Your cottage is exactly what I would love but in "stucco" wall/houses california, it's not going to happen. Sigh. The boots are too cool. Where do you find the boots? I would love to know. I'm thinking a hardware store but not sure. Thanks for the inspiration and making fun reading for me this morning. I'm going to add you to my blogroll. (if you'll let me know the boots) Thanks.

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