Sew easy!

I was snoop'n around and came across these.
Dont cha love em?

The wash cloth sells for 9.00 / towel for 29.00

Not bad.....but

Do you remember this post?

My sister and I made these below for my hall bath.

They are so easy to do even for me..ha!

I cant sew a lick...really~

I found the hand towels at Wal Mart.

Had my sister monogram for me :)

And there you go!

Just in case you dont have a sister with a monogram machine..

No worries!

You can find the iron on letters at your local fabric store.

I think Wal Mart even carries them.

They look just as sweet~

I'm thinking of talking my sister into some for the fall

hint hint...

((hugs)) Susie~

Fooling The Eye

Deeply In Love I Am....

With my cabinets that is!

It has been a long journey with these guys.

Do you remember after I painted them Bedford Gray my walls turned green?

See below. Ouch!

Now.... Better..much better. You think?

I really love my Comfort Gray walls.

It is one of the sweetest shades of blue ever but against the Bedford  cabinets they screamed green!

So to fool the eye...

A little paint trickery....I did!

I painted only the walls that touched the cabinets.

I went a shade or two lighter than the Bedford.

Heavy Goose. Love it!

Can you see below?

It gives the look of a shadow effect.

Heavy Goose on the left/ Comfort Gray on the right

I didn't tell a soul.

I wanted to see if my plan worked.

It Did!!!

The sweet blue that I love so is still here.

Ahhhh..thank goodness!

The gray cabinets look so much better now.....Whewww~

A few family members shared their concern that our kitchen would look drab.

Not at least that's my take on it. :)

I find that it allows me the perfect backdrop for my signs too!

I'm not sure if I want to add do-dads back up there just yet.

I'm enjoying that clean crisp feel for now.

Here's another shot of the two rooms together.

It is hard to see the blue in this shot but trust me it's still there....pretty as ever :)

So next time you are faced with a little paint whoops.

Fooling the eye is so easy to do...

Paint trickery...

Works like a charm!

I'm off to take a little nap now.
My Dad is returning from a month long trip to Peru.
His flight lands at midnight (thanks dad)!
Look's like my sister and I get to take a little trip to the
Big Easy
to pick him up...

  Oh the fun :)


Need A Little Vintage?

***just added***

Fall is fast approaching...

My sister and I will plan on taking another trip soon

and that means I must make some room.

So for the next few days I will be cleaning out..

and ya'll can be racking up!

These vintage wooden spools were a great find last year.

I love the colors ohhhh soooo much.

I even used them in my blog header.


This girl must part with some of her beloved beauties...

I know....

I had so much fun decorating with these.
I think what I loved most about them...
some where numbered .
I know...  :)

So if you like Vintage stayed tuned..

I have plenty!

Just hop on over to my Etsy .
I will be adding treasures often :)

Happy Hunting!

One thing leads to another....

I painted with Martha this weekend!

I had to laugh when I purchased her paint though...

even her paint cans are pretty!

It almost reminded me of a box of chocolates... almost....ha!


So here is what I have so far.

I am really loving the look of the gray beside my stainless.

SHARP!  I tell ya~


Then you throw in the color of my walls...

and it's another story.

I know!

My pretty blue walls turned green.

I was not a bit surprised though.

I am going to try a little paint trickery...

yes I am!
(more on that to come)

See how pretty the gray is!


Can you see another problem?

Look to the right of the photo below.

My cream trim and lower wall

turned to butter.

Oh yes it did!




Here is what I'm gonna do.


Are ya'll tired yet?

I know I am.

One thing I have learned about painting.

One Thing Always Leads To Another...ha!

ps... did I mention that I have the best husband in the world?
well...I do.

Later Gators...I have me some paintin' to do :)

Girls in boots!

Thought you might want to see the girls!

We are so ready for some football!

Marc has a count down going for his "Hogs" too!

Oh happy day!

Hope ya'll are having a great weekend out there.
I have been pretty busy myself.
Can you guess?

Going Gray Gracefully With Cabinets

Beautiful....I know!

This kitchen belongs to no other than the sweet

Miss Sara.

She is the author of Augustfield 

I just have to be honest here..

I love every inch of her beautiful home!

Sara's kitchen had me dreaming....

a lot!

I love the soothing gray dont you?

I know I just painted my white cabinets not long ago...

but wouldn't gray cabinets be so forgiving?

If I could just package up her style and go with it I would.

I'm thinking maybe I could get away with paint...

It's pretty inexpensive right?

Ohhhh but her counter tops....

(dont think I can get these just yet but a girl can dream) right?

Sara shared with us that her inspiration came from the photo below.

This kitchen belongs to Sally Wheat.

Both Sara and Sally painted their cabinets

Benjamin Moore Fieldstone!

love it~

So are you loving gray now?

I know I am!

Want to see a little more?

How about a peek into Martha Stewarts kitchen?

More wonderful gray!

Martha's gray is

Bedford Gray MSL246

You can find her paint at Home Depot

Look how Martha's white pottery just pop's here.

This color works well with stainless too!

So today I visited two stores.
Picked up two paint swatches

Fieldstone and Bedford.

Why oh why do I do this to myself...Ha!

For now I will just dream about those beautiful kitchens...

My husband...I bet he will be dreaming about the normal wife he wished he had...Ha!

(the crazy paint lady)!

Boot Camp!

It was no suprise when Kaylee wanted to ask

  a few close friends over for a Boot Camp Party.

Two things you can count on here in the Deep South.

Traditions and Football!

This Boot Camp was a bit different than what you may imagine.

It involved FOOD...and lots of it!

One of the traditions here is the Senior girls decorate rubber boots

 Crazy I know!

They wear them to the football games.

We had girls everywhere!

Glitter too!

They worked...

and worked..

and worked!

Each boot was different and reflected the girls personality.

The boots above were one of my favs...:)

The Fleur de Lis was very well loved here!

Love the bows on this one!

Did I mention glitter everywhere?

So what do you get when the boots are all made?


and this..

But most of all....

 I got this..

One Very happy daughter!


I don't want one second to fly by without a notice.

I will cherish each and every day


 I know the glitter may hang around forever


my little girl won't.