Southern Porches

We had a wonderful 4th here and I ate way too much :)

Speaking of the fourth of July,

It makes me think of porches.

Southern Porches have so much charm.

The  home above was one of many that I snapped while visiting Covington.

Covington is known for their deep southern roots.

You just feel at home here.

I cannot get my mind off this charming town.

From the older homes right down to the new construction,

this town knows how to roll~

I guess that's why Southern Living built their idea home smack dab in the middle.

I thought you would enjoy a tour of a handful of homes close by the idea home.

Picket fences....yes indeed!

Ferns are a must for every southern porch.

Ferns just flourish here...guess it's the humidity :)

Banana tree's frequent here too :)

This home (porch) below just spoke to me..

I'm not sure if it was the creole colors used


the gas lantern...

but I loved them both.

Inside this home had real brick floors in the kitchen!

(I would have taken Ya'll inside but it was a bit private) sorry.

Something else that I saw repeated here a few times...


Can you spot two sets of them here?



I love how they are used here for privacy...


See the sign to the right?

Poor people.

Guess that's what you get when you live next door to the Southern Living Idea Home.

I would Love to know ;)



  1. Susie,

    Those are lovely southern accessories, aren't they?!!!

    Happy Monday,

  2. Thanks for the great PORCH TOUR!

    Helps me feel like summer, even though it is still a wee dreary in the Pacific Northwest. Rumors of 90 degrees later ( a 30 degree upswing), will make me long for these porches.


  3. Beautiful homes, Susie! I love working shutters...we saw a lot of those in New Orleans. Thanks for the tour. Hope you had a great 4th!


  4. Susie, what beautiful photos!!!!!
    I love them!!!!
    Hi from Italy

  5. Gorgeous...and full of such CHARM!!! I love front porches, it is one of my favorite past times to "window shop" for ideas for my two front porches...Living here in New England reminds me of your area...that timeless style of yesteryear...truly lovely!!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hey, Susie! Glad y'all had a great time! Love these porches! Hmm... theirs are quite clean! I have a few cobwebs and dead bugs on mine--admist the ferns!!! Time to sweep!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I LOVE these southern homes and those shutters....ah

    Thanks for sharing, Susie

  8. So agree, there is nothing like a porch. We had a lovely, old Victorian gal of a home in Illinois with a huge wrap side porch that had screens for the buggy summers. I loved this room with its blue beaded ceiling and crisp white columns. The sounds of it as you walked were so comforting. I would bring my spinning wheel and sit out on the porch and spin and spin. Such marvelous therapy. Thanks for a wonderful post. Sea Witch

  9. I read about the new idea house in the magazine. I just love touring SL's idea homes. Living next door to one might get a little tiresome, I suppose.

    I wrote about my Southern porches today! I'd like for you to come over and sit one one of them with me. Would you like iced tea, lemonade, or something stronger? :) We could talk about our Beth Moore books and about decorating and about kids and . . . oh, shoot. I'd probably end up wanting you to paint something for me. I think I just need to order something from you!

  10. Ahh!! I love just north of Covington and work IN Covington. I know exactly where most of those houses are. That's so cool that you were near me.

  11. Oh how I lurv a front porch! Front porch sittin is one of my favorite things to do in the summer time. Great porches!

  12. One prerequisite for any house I live MUST have a front porch. I won't even look at a house if it doesn't have a porch. My Southern roots run deep. :D

  13. I miss home : (

    I've been beggin for my husband to build a porch onto the front of our house.

  14. All of your post make me long for the south again. I really miss it.

  15. I love Covington. My husband has a cousin there, and I love to visit. So many beautiful homes, both old and new.

  16. Beautiful pics...I love southern homes! My dream is to move down south one day. Lisa

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