The fun is in the planning....

***deep breath***


I think I can talk about it now :)

My baby is turning 10

I'm still trying to process the fact that she is no longer a baby!

Now you and I both know that our youngest will always be our baby..

we just wont tell her.

She also informed me that she doesn't want a " baby theme" party.


OK...I can roll with that.

So we went shopping and she found these invitations.

Love them!



Oh my word!!

I'm trying to stay grounded and not go Overboard

but honestly ...

it's gonna be hard ;)

Pictured above are just a few things that I have picked up for her

 (No Theme Party)

I thought it would be fun to throw in a dash of color too

Hot Pink!

I have so many ideas for this special day!

On her 5th birthday we had her party at a tearoom in Baton Rouge.

I made her invitations with a little scrapbook paper and ribbon.

It's fun to add pictures to your invitations (Grandparents and friends love this)!
(thank you Aunt Missy)

I often worry that I do a bit too much

But then...

I look back and I am so glad I did!

They are only little for such a small amount of time.

I can still remember my circus two tier birthday cake.

It rocked!

The clowns held the top layer cake up and they had little animals all around.

I hope to make my family birthday's just as memorable.



  1. I'm sure it will be amazing and damask is so in right now that it will be very hard not to go overboard! It's so beautiful and plentiful! Have fun planning and I look forward to seeing the finished product!

  2. This is a lovely post Susie, what sweet pain it is to see our children grown up. This party theme seems like it will keep everyone happy - the little princess gets a grown up party and the mom still gets to buy for the theme.
    Thank you for sharing

  3. Oh, how fun the planning can be! :) I love the things you picked up for the party...can't wait to see what else you have planned!

  4. AnonymousJuly 07, 2010

    Beautiful invitations - so grown up! We are just stating to plan our little girl's 5th party and honestly, I am having some trouble because it just doesn't seem possible that she is five already. Sniff. Sniff.

  5. I believe you can't go overboard. Birthdays are about feeling special! I hope my kids think their BDays were magical when they look back on them! I will never spend more time or money on them (that's when it is too much) then I have. Her BDay looks like it will be beautiful! I love it already! My oldest is around that age and this last year she requested no themed party. She and her best friend spent the day together instead (with me tagging along and paying the bills!). This year she wants themed again, thank goodness! ;)

  6. Happy Birthday to Madison.

  7. It is going to be a glorious party! I just WISH mine was 10! My baby will be 18 on August 6th and I truly cannot believe it!!


    Lou Cinda :)

    Love the invitations!! And the ones with her picture, so precious!

  8. I love the invites. I really love the ones when she was 5. Adorable. It's hard to watch them grow. Indy will be 8 this month. We're doing a pirate party this year. I made his invites. You can see them on my blog. Scroll down a bit and you'll see them.

  9. My baby turns 10 this November. Let me know how yours turns out then I can just use it as a blueprint for ours.;)

  10. Oh how sweet and what a good mom you are. Madison will appreciate and remember all of these little things that you do. I wish my baby was only going to be 10 (we are approaching 22!) Eeek.


  11. This will be such a cute party! Enjoy the planning! Happy Birthday to your Madison! That picture you used on her 5th b-day invites is SO cute!

  12. yes, we can all agree, it goes too fast......but how you are capturing it will certainly be a treasure.....

    what an adorable picture of her btw; and I bet the circus cake rocked!

    hope you are having a great summer Susie!!
    p.s. are you going to JunkBonanza??

  13. That is so exciting Susie! Our middle daughter has just turned ten and she was my baby for such a long time that I still think she is (our youngest has just turned 3). I love the invitations and the pink M&Ms are awesome. I am sure your sweetie is going to have the best birthday party ever:) Enjoy the planning ~ Tina xx

  14. Oh I can't wait to see what you do. My daughter just turned 10 on 6/30 and we haven't had "the party" yet. To busy with ball tournaments. I might have to copy some of your ideas....

  15. Susie,
    My friends and I were just talking about this the other day; How are babies aren't babies, but they are to us! Do I make sense? I love watching them grow, but why does it have to happen so fast?
    I love her idea's for her big double digit party! Looks like it is going to be very stylish :)

  16. It's hard to lose our little babies when they start growing up.

    I love the theme of her party. She sounds like a very sophisticated little girl.

    I invitations for her tea party birthday was very special. She is such a pretty girl.


  17. Oh exciting! I double love planning parties and I can't wait to see your party unveil since everything you do is simply LOVELY! :) Also, those yr 5 invitations are so beautiful and precious.

  18. I don't think you can ever do 'too much' to make special days for your children. The memories that are created can never be taken away and that is what will be important as she recalls her childhood. Hang in there...she will always be your baby and age is just a number.

  19. aww, I know and wasn't she JUST 5 yesterday? My baby is 8 now, sniff.

  20. Oh, what a little doll!!! She has a very sweet mama for sure!

  21. She will ALWAYS remember special birthday parties! Love those invitations!

    I know how you feel...Kiddo turned 10 in December. I told him that was it, that I was putting a brick on his head and he couldn't grow up. He protested. It didn't work, anyway. : )

  22. Gosh I do remember that cake with the animals, I loved
    taking her pictures for those invites. Maybe she will let me take the ten year photos.

  23. I was just pondering where to find those pink M&M's! Where did you find them!!!????? My daughter's fourth birthday is coming and she wants all pink and ballet ish things - these would be perfect!!!

  24. Hey Susie,
    Just wanted to let you know that Reynolds (like in Reynolds wrap) just came out with some really cute Damask cupcake wrappers. The cups don't fade at all after baking.
    Here is some info on them:

    They have other really cute patterns too! BTW: Your doing great if your baby is only 10! Mine "baby" is 18!
    You look marvelous darling!

  25. What adorable invitations!!! And your daughter is beautiful. Oh, I wish my daughters were 10 again. I miss those early years. My girls are now 26 and 21. Enjoy the party. Can't wait to hear more about it. Love & blessings from NC!

  26. It would be hard for me not to go overboard with that lovely Damask print. I love it!

  27. Precious daughter, beautiful accessories for her party!

  28. Hello, Susie,
    I knew your name sounded familiar from Joyce @
    Now I remember why.....your daughter's Tea Party back in 2005. Did your party girls wear our hats, gloves, jewelry, etc? Fun times. I enjoyed every tea party we gave. Thanks for the mention. I now have a Tea Blog called the HopeChest Stop by and I'll be sure to return to yours often.

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