Finding Your Perfect Blue.

Finding your perfect blue may be harder than you think.
Take this room for example.
I loved it!
I thought it was the perfect blue for me.
I even went as far as asking the builder for the exact color code.
It's Benjamin Moore's Grey Wisp in case you're wondering :)

Can't you just feel the soothing colors relax your senses?

I just knew I had found my inspiration here.
Grey Wisp for me please.

.......At least that's what I thought.

It looks blue...right?

We all know how color changes when placed in different surroundings.
Lighting play's a huge part in this catogory but I just knew I had it right this time!

I could not wait to get home and Google Benjamin's paint locations.
I found one semi-close and hoped I would not run into anyone I knew.
(It's no secret around here I'm called the crazy paint lady)

Long story short...
Not the color for me.
It had way to much green for me.
No fear...
I did,however find the perfect color.

Just the right amount of blue without feeling the need for a swimsuit.

The words out on the street now.
Susie Harris has painted her bedroom...once again! Ha!

So what's my perfect blue?

Woodlawn Blue
Benjamin Moore
(more on that to come)

A happy ending!


Did you love that bedroom?
Here is the back patio the leads off the bedroom .
Beautiful huh.
I knew you would love it :)

The courtyard  includes this awesome fountain too!

So what have I learned?
The paint is not alway's greener on the neighbor's wall....ha!
Corny I know..but in this case it was.
Take your time.
Pick up every color swatch you can get away with.
Buy samples and paint them on white poster board.
This way you wont have ten colors on your wall and you can move your poster boards around the room.

Happy Painting!

xoxo Susie~

Madison's Party!


Madison's party is now just a fond memory.

The cake is almost gone and the house is almost back in order.

She had so much fun and felt like a little princess friday!

The cake tower was a BIG hit too!

I ordered the cake from our local bakery


the yummy cupcakes were made by my sweet sister.
(love ya )

You know we had to have pom poms :)

A family shot!

Fun food!

My niece Brittany with her boo boo.

Missy and I

Kaylee enjoying a cupcake.

Madison, the birthday girl!
(she changed her outfit about four times that night) Ha!

Some of the girls having fun.

So cute!

Weeks of

Want to know what they enjoyed the most?

Neon braclets from the Dollar Tree...


Madison has already decided on her party theme for next year.

A Glow In The Dark Party!

I can handle that :)

It was a great party!
Want to know what my favorite part of the night was?

Maddy gave me the sweetest hug and kiss,
thanked her Daddy and I,
and told us this was her best birthday ever!
My heart melted...


Bling it up baby!

Today Madison and I headed to Baton Rouge to a few party stores.
Baton Rouge has many great party stores and we hit about everyone.
We just didn't find what we were looking for so we headed to Michael's.


We found the cupcake papers Madison was asking for.... whew~

I also lucked up and found matching wrapping paper.

We then headed to the Dollar Tree and found these cute dress gift boxes.
Madison is all about fashion right now and fell in love with these.
We bought all 10 dresses for one dollar :)

She is so her Mamma's daughter..ha!
We decided to bling these babies up a bit.
Madison enjoyed adding diamonds and pink polka dots.

A feather boa sash..

Some glitter paint...

Fill them up with candy
and these 
10 dresses will be ready for the party!


DIY Cupcake Tower

Our adventures in cupcake tower making began with one very eager

"almost 10 year old"

I sketched a few drawings on freezer paper.

Love that stuff!

I started out with three circles

10"  14"  18"

Madison traced.
(check out that wild summer hair)!

I then cut some pedestal's and painted them in a white gloss.

I didn't worry too much about the edges because we will cover them up.

You can glue your ribbon with a hot glue gun but we learned  very fast fabric glue worked best.
(the heat of the glue gun tends to warp the ribbon)

I think double stick tape would have worked best....

My mind started going in every direction.

1. Thanksgiving ribbon
2.Christmas ribbon     
          3 Cute Easter pastel ribbons

I think this cupcake tower will  become a big part of our family traditions from now on :)

I found a hat box from Hobby Lobby that matched perfect!

Happy dance here..

This is what we have so far....

You can put so many twist to this idea.

I can't wait for special occasions now just so I can bring this baby out :)

Madsion is really starting to get excited about her party.

I am too!

This week will be full of planning..
hope you join us! 
Susie & Madison

Meet Sandy!

Meet Sandy!

She is the Seahorse that I created for Layla's

Screened Inn Cottage.

You can read more about it here.

For those of you who would like to get to know her a little better

She is 30 1/2 x 15 1/2

She is the painted in the perfect blue/grey color that we all love so well

and her patina...

softly aged by sea air would describe her just perfect :)

Her hardware is included but not attached.

This way you get to decide which way she faces.

To read more you can find her hanging out here.

Thanks ya'll!

The fun is in the planning....

***deep breath***


I think I can talk about it now :)

My baby is turning 10

I'm still trying to process the fact that she is no longer a baby!

Now you and I both know that our youngest will always be our baby..

we just wont tell her.

She also informed me that she doesn't want a " baby theme" party.


OK...I can roll with that.

So we went shopping and she found these invitations.

Love them!



Oh my word!!

I'm trying to stay grounded and not go Overboard

but honestly ...

it's gonna be hard ;)

Pictured above are just a few things that I have picked up for her

 (No Theme Party)

I thought it would be fun to throw in a dash of color too

Hot Pink!

I have so many ideas for this special day!

On her 5th birthday we had her party at a tearoom in Baton Rouge.

I made her invitations with a little scrapbook paper and ribbon.

It's fun to add pictures to your invitations (Grandparents and friends love this)!
(thank you Aunt Missy)

I often worry that I do a bit too much

But then...

I look back and I am so glad I did!

They are only little for such a small amount of time.

I can still remember my circus two tier birthday cake.

It rocked!

The clowns held the top layer cake up and they had little animals all around.

I hope to make my family birthday's just as memorable.