Vacations are Like Childbirth

Have you ever listened to someones vacation stories or looked at all of their pictures?


They were all tanned and smiles...yeah..that family.

Then you take your own vacation to only find out it was not quite like your friends...


I could be that family and only show you those pictures but we are so not..ha!

The picture above...Madison.

We made it to Alabama around lunch time and thought it would be fun to eat at Lamberts.

Maddy didn't agree. We still have no idea what her problem was..ha!

Kaylee mad here because we waited to late to go eat at a resturant.

She hates fast food.

We are normal as can be.

Perfect...not so much.

Madison did come around after she ate and we had a blast at the go-cart track!

Kaylee got over her fear and enjoyed that hamburger!
(even though it gave her a belly ache all night...ugh)

Now this mess...popcorn!

We decided to take in a movie (Toy Story)


Maddy dumped a large bucket of popcorn in the backseat.


I just started laughing...really laughing!!!!

It's vacation and we wont remember all the blah times later..

It's kinda like childbirth.

After it's all over

it gets better everyday!

I love my normal not so perfect life!

I feel blessed to even be able to have healthy kids and a husband to travel with.

I'm learning pefection doesn't always happen on vacation
I dont think I want it too.
I would miss out on so many wonderful memories.

I love you too!
 Kaylee and Madison
Love , Momma


  1. Your kiddos are so beautiful! I am so ready for our vacation this year. We are taking one of our dogs so I am anxious to see how it goes! :D

  2. Hahaha I LOVE those REAL shots!! Our vacations are never perfect either... but, they are always a BLAST!!!

  3. This is too familiar to me!! We drove from Utah to Georgia and back last fall and I remember all too well my 6,4, and 18 month old and every ounce of energy it took sometimes to relax and have fun! Hardly a dream vacation but we made some great family memories on that trip! Looks like you did as well - that's what it's all about, right?

  4. It's so true! I just spoke to a friend who went away for a week and while the photos on facebook would tell you that she had a great time, she reported to me that she was sick the whole time.

    Funny how people always feel the need to put their 'perfect' food forward. It's good to embrace reality. The people who claim to have the perfect vacation probably left a few things out. ;) Even if it was perfect to them, their trip before it may not have been so wonderful.

    I like your attitude-life is all about embracing what is happening and making special memories, not looking for perfection. For me, it's always the crazy, frustrating moments that make a story more interesting or funny later on anyhow. Perfection is boring!

  5. thats why i love you...

  6. Hi Susie! Oh, I'm so glad you're a normal family and not a perfect one! Perfect is just not real.
    Love your snaps of the kids - your girls are gorgeous just like their mother! Oh, if you'd borrowed someone's little dog for about 5 minutes, you wouldn't have any popcorn residue! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Lamberts! Home of the throwed rolls! Such a fun place.

    Glad you are having fun. Isn't Kaylee the one with food allergies? Could be something in fast food that bothers her.

    Have fun!!


  8. I love coming here, Suz. I never leave without either smiling or downright laughing out loud. Like now.

  9. I love your positive attitude! Y'all enjoy! THanks for the pics! The girls are just beautiful!

  10. Sometimes the worst moments make the best memories. We can laugh about them later. :)

  11. Refreshing to know there are more "not-so-perfect-families" out there besides mine!

    I for one, love making memories...
    especially the ones most would not find funny - like the popcorn. I've always been a person who finds humor in some of the most unconventional places. (think Mary Tyler Moore in the episode,
    "Chuckles the Clown")

    Your blog always makes me smile!
    Beautiful "unperfect" family you have there!


  12. Thats sweet. And normal! ;) The pictures that aren't staged tend to be favorites in many years to come!

  13. Thanks for keeping it real! We're not perfect either, but I won't let it stop us from getting out there and enjoying vacations and day trips.

  14. Glad the beach was perfect - even if the kids weren't... Same here, every trip. But you're right that's what we'll remember - the not so perfect times. :)

  15. Cute post and so true, nothing in life is ever perfect! Sometimes I think vacation is almost more work but it sure is worth it in the long run :)

  16. Sweet post, Susie. I loved seeing the real/authenticness (is that a word?) of your vacation.;-)

  17. Looks like the typical American blessed family vacation!!! Love it!
    Glad you are having fun!


  18. yeah our vacations go something like that too! Someone always unhappy with the choices...someone crying...someone pouting...oh well! At least one day they will look back and remember some fun times too :)

  19. Oh Susie, you are so sweet and cute and you have a great family:)

    You are right, we all have families like that and that is what makes the world go round.

    Sounds like you have a fun time!

  20. What? Not a perfect family??? :) I love your comparison to childbirth. So true! Enjoy the rest of your time!

  21. Susie, your family is perfectly normal, the best way to be:) your girls are gorgeous and oh my goodness, I could have been reading about my own girls....I know that cranky face so well;) Enjoy the rest of your vacation. Hugs to you ~ Tina xx

  22. I love Lambert'S. We live in alabama and always eat there on the way to gulf shores!!! Btw, Great realistic vacation photos. Sounds like every vacation of my family...

  23. Susie, this is the greatest blog post title ever ~ I am still laughing. Glenda

  24. Your girls are so beautiful, Susie. I'm so glad they were both healthy for this trip!

    As for Lambert's...I've eaten at that restaurant only once, but it's an experience I'd like to repeat! I haven't even eaten at the original one in Sikeston, Missouri. I bet Maddy was just upset that y'all stopped in Foley instead of heading straight to the beach! : )

  25. So glad you had a FUN vacation {and that you came to our beaches!!} Throwed Rolls... one of lifes little pleasures, LOL!!

  26. I'm sure we will have some of these pictures too when we head on our vacation - we have a big road trip planned - to Chicago and Washington DC from TX. I'm sure the kids will have some grumpy moments

  27. You're so right...we all know a family like THAT! Love your down to earthness lol

    Gemma X

  28. I think we could vacation together, because our trips never happen as planned. I hope you don't mind but I may take this idea and tweek it a bit and write about some of our adventures, so I will have them in writing forever more. BTW this title cracks me up, you are so funny. Glad you had a good time we canceled our trip that was in 2 weeks, because where we go there is no pool only beach so if it was bad there would be nothing to do, I am sad but we are getting a patio instead, hopefully next week, so we can vacation while at home. Hope you are having a great week.

    Cha Cha


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