Southern Living Part Deux

Welcome back to the Southern Living Idea Home!

We left off in the living room and moved right into the hallway.

The Mud Room!

I think every home needs one of these...Southern or not!

Just across the mudroom is this small room .

It was used here as a study.

This door is to die for!!!!

A peek inside.

Just across the hallway (mudroom and study) is a guest bedroom.

The walls were painted the sweetest yellow!

The shower wall was awesome. Not sure what it was made of but it matched the shades :)

This one's for you Miss Sheila!

Not a big fan of the laundry room.

I think it was the color that was putting me off.

Oh... but the lights made up for that room!

Day's gone by~
Floors in the bathroom!

I have to admit this color combo was a first for me.

Pink and Orange.

You like?

Then there was this girl...

Could she be any bigger of a dork....ha!

Every little girl needs one of these lights in her bedroom.

Don't you agree?

Masterbed ..walls in a pretty shade of blue.

To the left of the bedroom is the master bath!

Oh my word!!!!

Behind me stood this huge shower.

I know....

I hope whoever buys this wonderful home has plenty of helping hands :)

There were a few rooms that I left out that were just as beautiful


I just cant wait to show you outside...



  1. AnonymousJune 28, 2010

    WOW, thanks for the first hand look at this wonderful house. I do love that light in the laundry room, would be getting a cramp in my neck though while doing the wash. The house has a good southern spin to it, just like us southern girls like, haha....

  2. I like pink and orange sometimes - not a favorite in that room! The house seems pretty impressive - I think I could manage to live there, I mean, if I *HAD* to!!

  3. If I had that shower I would never leave the house again! Ever.

    And the pink and orange: blech!

  4. Those black and white floor tiles in the bathroom were the best part of the whole house--oh how I love thee old school tiles!

    I hate that orange laundry room, too. Yuck.

  5. My favorites are the mudroom and that fabulous door.

  6. Wow! It's all beautiful. I even liked the laundry room. *Sigh*

  7. I like the master bedroom bedside tables. Everything else was too fancy for my lifestyle. Pretty, but too fancy for me.

  8. GORGEOUS! And yeh, I think I like the pink and orange. Especially for a little girl's room!

  9. I love that little room used for a could sure get some quiet time there (I don't think anyone could find you)! I love that door too!

    Other things I wasn't too crazy about: orange laundry! I thought the master bedroom lacked a little something!

    Keep touring it!

  10. That master bathroom is to die for!

  11. The master bath is my favorite! Thanks for the tour.
    xo, Sherry

  12. Oh my had me at the mud room.

  13. I'll happily settle for the mud room and the master bathroom - totally wonderful!

  14. I have always wanted to tour a Southern Living show home, so appreciate your taking us along with you. I used to subscribe to SL, but haven't in a while. I might want to pick up a copy or do a little research online to see if I can find out some of those paint colors -- especially the yellow in the guest bedroom and the blue in the master bedroom. I'm looking for a soft shade for my sitting room. If you got a brochure or something with resources used, I would love for you to share those paint colors.

  15. I liked the white cupboards in the mud room.

  16. I love so many things about this house and then they go and mess up the laundry room....the pink & orange? WHAT? Loved the outdoor space though.

  17. Wow! Amazing house...interesting color choices ;) but beautiful other choices...the lights were amazing!!

  18. Wow! When I saw that last picture of the shower I thought, "I wouldn't want to have to clean it." :)

    My daughter's room is pink and orange (her choice) with a tropical theme. I was inspired by a friend and it turned out adorable.

    Thanks for sharing all of these fun pics!

  19. i love that shower! have a super day!! susan

  20. nice bLog! its interesting. thank you for sharing.... hamptonbay

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