Hi ya'll

Guess it's no surprise that I have been away.

Gulf Shores!

The picture above explains what I have been doing for the last few days.

We were a bit  wishie washie about going forward with our trip and all


When we arrived here our worries were  over.


I had searched for condo's on the beach for about a month and found this one.

We have a lagoon behind us.

It's just beyond the tennis courts..

The Beach...

right in front of us

I have to be honest...

We were a bit surprised to find it so pretty and clean.

We did notice a lack of wildlife on the beach.

Hopefully they have moved on to safe waters :)

Every now and then a small tar ball can be seen in the water but that's it.

The sand like..


as always.

Now as for the birds..

a bit scary...ha!

They seem to like Kaylee and her Chesse Nips

a bit too much...haha~

Maddy is so in her element right now.

I love this shot of her playing in the sand.

Unlike her Momma...

she doesn't mind sand in her suit one bit.

I cant wait to share more..



  1. What BEAUTIFUL pictures!! Sounds like you all are having a fabulous time!!! Enjoy each and every moment!!!!♥

  2. sounds like heaven. we'll be hitting the beach soon as well....in Florida.
    Glad you are enjoying some time away with family.

  3. Your pictures were beautiful and I am so glad everything worked out that you were able to enjoy your vacation!


  4. Have a great time with your family. It looks beautiful and relaxing.

  5. Ah, it looks amazing and relaxing!

  6. Hi back! have fun...the pictures are beautiful and it makes me want a vacation so badly!

  7. Our beaches in Clearwater are still clean - for the time being. Hope you have a wonderful time!!

  8. Glad y'all have been having fun and I'm glad the beaches weren't a mess. Build a sandcastle for me.

  9. Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Love the shot of your daughter with the seagulls, although I don't think she was too happy!! All of your pics are great!


  10. oh i'm so glad to hear that there wasn't a lot of oil.
    we're going to pcb florida in about a week and i've been so worried!
    it looks beautiful though!!

  11. Sounds like a great time...beaches and fun..what could be better.

  12. I miss Gulf Shores so much! I went there a lot as a child and teen. Last time I was there was 5 years ago...WAY too long!

    I'm so glad to know it's still beautiful!

  13. beautiful pictures, the last two how the orange swim suit and the pink shirt...the colors just pop! how gorgeous!

  14. Hi Susieness! Look at you just being as cute as can be! I'm so glad y'all are having a wonderful time! Looks so pretty and how marvelous the beaches are still so nice. So far our beaches are okay, but they sure don't look like sugar, honey! :)
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. The pictures are just beautiful. Great find on the condo. Looks like a nice area. So glad you had clean beach. Looks like such a fun time :-)

  16. What a wonderful spot to vacation and chillout.

    All your photos are lovely.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Please do come and visit me one day and I get the pretty teacups out and make YOU very welcome!

  17. So beautiful!! I bet the gulf is THE place to travel right now. I saw a damage control commercial for Florida beaches last night. If I was closer, I would head there too. But for now, San Diego is 7 hours and Mexico, in the Gulf of Mexico, is 4 hours. We may go that route...

  18. Susie, Sounds like a great trip. We have a rental home about a 40 minute drive from Gulf Shores. It is great to see the water there still clean. Have fun.
    xo, Sherry

  19. Looks like a wonderful time, Susie. I am glad to get a good beach report. We have all been worried about it.

    I posted poolside pics today...we have g'kids with us at the lake this week.

  20. Sounds like a fun time! So glad that you were able to enjoy the Gulf Coast...I used to live in Pensacola, FL, and loved, loved, loved the beaches in that area! :)

  21. Beautiful beach! I hope to travel down to those beaches someday. Our sand is not a nice as that "sugar" sand!

  22. these pictures are so beautiful...it makes me feel like there might be a little hope for the oil spill seeing such clean water and beaches. i love the shot of your daughter being attacked by the birds....those sea birds can get serious.

  23. Glad you had a wonderful trip. Gulf Shores is such a beautiful place. I sure hope they don't get any oil to ruin those pretty white beaches. Enjoyed your pictures. Love & blessings from NC!

  24. Yay! So glad the beaches are looking good! I think we have decided to go ahead and keep our plans to go to Destin. After seeing your pics I am sooo excited!


  25. Such lovely holiday pics Susie:) I am so happy that you have had such a wonderful time and that the coastline is looking so clean! Hmmm, I have to say I am not a snad in my suit kinda gal either ;) Hope you have a lovely week ~ Tina xx

  26. Oh I am so jealous!!! We were actually headed to Gulf Shores and cancelled due to the oil....wishing now we would have just kept our plans. I grew up on these beaches being from Mobile. I hope we have the worst of this mess behind us...

  27. We have wanted to vacation here but changed plans because of the spill. Our vac plans to Oklahoma fell through and we need a quick new plan. Can you email me where you went and maybe some info. We have never been to the gulf shores and don't know where to start. Thanks so much.....LOVE YOUR BLOG

  28. What beautiful pictures - your girls are gorgeous! So glad to hear that your beach was, for the most part, clear and that your vacation was awesome!

  29. AnonymousJune 22, 2010

    sounds wonderful! i am so glad that you all had a fun trip! and i am glad it was pretty for you! happy your back! xo

  30. Susie, I live in Mobile, AL. Thank you so much for visiting our area. We have gotten so much bad press about our beautiful beaches. I hope everyone who reads this considers a trip to Gulf Shores/Orange Beach. Come on down, we need all the visitors we can get!!

  31. Good for you that you are having a chance to relax and rest. Have fun and be safe.

  32. So glad that you guys went (considering the possible oil implications).
    Glad that you are enjoying a break with your family.
    I could go for some "sugar" sand right now.... :D

  33. BEAUTIFUL pictures! We've got a family trip planned for August and are going regardless of the oil situation. I'd be there right now, if I could!

  34. I am so happy that you are taking a nice relaxing vacation! The pictures are beautiful and you look beautiful in the pool. Have fun!

  35. Was just looking at pictures of Pensacola and am amazed that the oil has not washed up on shore in Gulf Shores. So glad you were able to have a wonderful vacation! It truly is a beautiful area.

  36. I feel so sorry for the businesses on the Gulf Coast in Alabama and Florida. The media is really doing a number on their beach economies. The oil is pretty much only in the Louisiana delta area. I hope everyone ignores the media and goes down and enjoys the beaches! Like y'all did!

    PS. If you do get tar on you or your shoes or beach toys, baby oil will get it off. Growing up on the Texas Gulf Coast, we used to get tar balls all the time...I thought it was a natural occurance! ;) Baby oil was just something we packed for beach trips.

  37. Looks beautiful! We have never been to Gulf Shores, but have heard a lot of people talk about it, and are thinking of going next summer(my girls have never seen the ocean)....I would love info on the condo you found if you don't mind Susie....you can email me at tidymom{at}charter{dot}net

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