Southern Living Outside

Are ya'll ready to go outside?

Trust are cooler from where you are right now.

It felt like 110 on this patio!

Did you notice the painted blue ceiling again?

From this shot you really cant see the pretty table scape.

Let's head back on the porch.

Ballard Designs were all over this house.

Can you spot a few of their pieces?

Love the little potted plant in the middle :)

Just off the back porch..

A little water feature to cool the senses....ahhh

It looked so inviting...

I helped myself.

This shade was perfect for a sunny day!

The tour guide showed how it worked...

With the push of one button.


Opps...guess I liked it so much I had to show ya'll twice :)

With the summer heat we just had to imagine the crackin' fire.

I did notice the gas logs thinking!

Above this garage was a full apartment....awesome!

Funny how you can fall in love with the simple things....

like this door and the yummy light above it.

I'm trying to think of places I could use one of these lights.

This wraps up the SL idea home but no fear...

I took the grand tour of the surrounding area :)

Want to see more?

Southern Living Part Deux

Welcome back to the Southern Living Idea Home!

We left off in the living room and moved right into the hallway.

The Mud Room!

I think every home needs one of these...Southern or not!

Just across the mudroom is this small room .

It was used here as a study.

This door is to die for!!!!

A peek inside.

Just across the hallway (mudroom and study) is a guest bedroom.

The walls were painted the sweetest yellow!

The shower wall was awesome. Not sure what it was made of but it matched the shades :)

This one's for you Miss Sheila!

Not a big fan of the laundry room.

I think it was the color that was putting me off.

Oh... but the lights made up for that room!

Day's gone by~
Floors in the bathroom!

I have to admit this color combo was a first for me.

Pink and Orange.

You like?

Then there was this girl...

Could she be any bigger of a dork....ha!

Every little girl needs one of these lights in her bedroom.

Don't you agree?

Masterbed ..walls in a pretty shade of blue.

To the left of the bedroom is the master bath!

Oh my word!!!!

Behind me stood this huge shower.

I know....

I hope whoever buys this wonderful home has plenty of helping hands :)

There were a few rooms that I left out that were just as beautiful


I just cant wait to show you outside...


Southern Living Idea House!

                                Welcome to the Southern Living Idea Home Louisiana Style!

I had no idea it was so close to our town until my sister Missy shared the news.

For directions you can visit here
come along with us!

I must be honest...not crazy about the columns.
 Rounds ones would match my taste better ;)

Four essentials for a True Southern Home
1. Gas Lantern
       2.Wooden Shutters
              3.Transom Windows    
               4. Sugar Kettle Fountain

(Sugar Kettle's were used in the south to boil sugar cane)

I knew I liked this house before I ever stepped foot in the front door.

Just look above at the painted porch!

Are ya'll ready to come inside?

Let's go!

As soon as you walk through the doors your eye's cant help but to fall in love

Oh that light....loveleeeee!

To the left of the foyer...a library.

To the right a Dining Room.

Loved the kitchen cabinets!

The breakfast room off the kitchen was too bright to get a great shot...sorry.

Here is a shot looking in from the back door.

Are those chairs just to die for???

I thought this feature was so neat!

It's a wooden shade to help define the kitchen/living room.

There's so much more to be cont.


Vacations are Like Childbirth

Have you ever listened to someones vacation stories or looked at all of their pictures?


They were all tanned and smiles...yeah..that family.

Then you take your own vacation to only find out it was not quite like your friends...


I could be that family and only show you those pictures but we are so not..ha!

The picture above...Madison.

We made it to Alabama around lunch time and thought it would be fun to eat at Lamberts.

Maddy didn't agree. We still have no idea what her problem was..ha!

Kaylee mad here because we waited to late to go eat at a resturant.

She hates fast food.

We are normal as can be.

Perfect...not so much.

Madison did come around after she ate and we had a blast at the go-cart track!

Kaylee got over her fear and enjoyed that hamburger!
(even though it gave her a belly ache all night...ugh)

Now this mess...popcorn!

We decided to take in a movie (Toy Story)


Maddy dumped a large bucket of popcorn in the backseat.


I just started laughing...really laughing!!!!

It's vacation and we wont remember all the blah times later..

It's kinda like childbirth.

After it's all over

it gets better everyday!

I love my normal not so perfect life!

I feel blessed to even be able to have healthy kids and a husband to travel with.

I'm learning pefection doesn't always happen on vacation
I dont think I want it too.
I would miss out on so many wonderful memories.

I love you too!
 Kaylee and Madison
Love , Momma