I wear my sunglasses at night...

The title just may fool you.

I'm wearing sunglasses

but it's not because of the brightness you see here.

While working on this fun piece
(still waiting to be completed)

I had a bit of an accident.

My jigsaw..

aka best friend

and I were working on that orange piece above.

I felt something go into my eye

but that's nothing new to me.

I know I should wear safety glasses

(I will from now on)

but I wasn't.

I pulled a small peice of wood from my eye and thought that was it

It wasn't.

I just may end up at the Dr. if it doesn't get better soon.

It's swollen and red.

I'm wearing my sunglasses to help with the glare.

So for now

the fun orange piece will have to wait.

As well as a few other orders...

Maddy is home for the summer now

and Barbie'ville has taken over the foyer.

Tents are being put up.

Summer has begun!

We are on our 2nd trip to the splash park here

and waiting for GA camp!

Have ya'll ever gone to GA Camp?

Oh my word...

the Fun!

So for now

I'm mending my eyeball..ha!

I miss ya'll and cant wait to see well enough to come by for a visit.

xoxoxo Susie


  1. oh what fun! (sorry about your eye though, that is never fun--in my line of work i melt glass and um? i have burned my face many a time and um...hot molten glass has gone down my shirt...ouchola!lol) anyway, what is GA camp? we have girl scouts camp here...is it similar? yay for summer!

  2. Susie, Bless your heart! You better let the doctor check that out, just to be on the safe side!!

    Hope you feel better soon and I am SO GLAD it is summer!!'

    I really NEED to go to the beach!!
    And hope and pray the oil does not ruin our gorgeous coastline!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  3. I work for an eye doctor...soooo naturally I'm here to tell you to go in! Dont wait for it to get too bad, you may have scratched your cornea or there could possibly still be some wood in there missy...but they have a really easy over the counter soothant for that!

    Alright I'm done playing mommy ;) Can't wait to see that project all completed!! I hope your eye feels better...we get patients in almost daily with accidents and I know it is just no fun!

    Jana :)

  4. Yes! GA Camp is "Girls in Action" and is a Bible based camp. My oldest loved it every year and this will be Madison's first year to go.Yeah~

  5. Oooo sweet lady...i hope your eye gets better real soon. Definitely wear your protective glasses from now on.

    Tents..water parks & barbies oOo My!!! Sounds like our summers. Enjoy each and every day :)-

  6. I always love to open Google reader and your name is in bold print. Take care of that eye, go to the DR. he could say it's fine go home or something else. You only have 2 so get it checked. Love the blanket tent aren't there some days you would like to build one, take a good book and stay in it all day.

  7. Okay I am gonna yell at you now: get your butt to the doctor! You could get an infection and what not!! Now I'm gonna be worrying your eyeball fell out or something!

  8. I have to agree with another blogger! Go to the doctor now! God gave us just one pair of eyes--I pray that everything will be fine, but Susie, I would go, just to be on the safe side! Bless your heart!
    Have fun in the tent and tell Maddie to have fun at GA camp!!

  9. I feel for you, used to never wear eye wear either.. .til the same thing happened to me. Now I sport the dorkiest, most wrap around eye protection I can find! Oh the glamour of it all, LOL.
    But go to the doctor, luckily the eye is the second fastest healing organ in your body! Hope it feels better soon

  10. Susie I'm cringing just thinking about it. You poor thing!!
    Barbie-ville has also taken over my house this week and we still have 2 more days of school, yikes.
    Take care of yourself.

  11. Barbie's in the foyer and tents in the familyroom sounds just like our home and a sign of summer! Our very favorite time of year :)
    Your poor eye...ouch! Hope it is on the mend soon!!

  12. I'm the voice of your MOTHER...you've scratched your cornea and you must go to the eye doctor!! It's important so that it doesn't get infected!!

  13. I agree with Angela go to the Dr. girl...have a fun trip...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  14. Uh oh!!! Hope it heals quickly!! My kids are still in for a couple more weeks then our summer begins. I can't wait!! I LOVE summer time with the kiddos! ;)

  15. Oh no your poor eye!
    There was nothing I loved more as I kid than building forts and tents all over the house and backyard:) So fun.

    I'm having a giveaway by the way if you want to pop over:)

  16. Ouch! Hope your eye heals fast and you are back to doing whatever you want/need! I've now got that song stuck in my head...which isn't a bad thing, as I like it! ;)

  17. Oh my goodness. That is scary. Please go to the Doctor. It's worth it to make sure that everything is okay...I'm begging you. :)

  18. Oh, Susie, I hope your eye is okay! Get well soon! :)

    Love Barbieville!

  19. ouch.
    go in silly girl.
    and i'm all about camp...bible camp at every church in town this summer;-)

  20. Ouch! So sorry. Eye injuries really hurt!!

  21. GO. TO. THE. DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!

    We need those pretty eyes back in order!!

    Nuf said.



  22. You are definitely tougher than I am! I have a viral infection in my left eye and was at the Opthamologist at 8:00 AM this morning. It is miserable. Seriously, from the wimp to the tough girl - get yourself to the doctor and have that looked at. Your eye sight is nothing to "jack" around with!

  23. I love the ruler coat rack! Thanks for the tutorial. I'm new to your blog; I found you via http://todayscreativeblog.blogspot.com/2010/03/pottery-barn-inspired.html .

    Question - I've been hunting for a blue-grey paint to use above white beadboard for some time! I know computer pictures aren't always accurate to color, but your wall looks like just what I want! Could you share the name of the paint with me?

    Thanks so much,

  24. I hope your eyeball gets better soon Susie!!! Love the Barbieville and tent, makes me wish my girls were home from school:) Take care ~ Tina xx

  25. Ouch, I hope your eye feels better soon. Barbieville looks fun!

  26. Yikes...I think you should go and have it looked at, too. Feel better soon. :)


  27. Definitely wear your protective glasses from now on.
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  28. AnonymousJuly 07, 2010

    Just blog surfing, following from one person's blogroll to another. Yours has definitely caught my attention...obviously since I've gone all the way back to May.

    Anyway, had to laugh about GA Camp. A couple of weeks ago, I had the GA Cutie Pie song stuck in my head. Unsure if every GA sang it at camp....but we certainly did. ....I'm a GA, GA cutie pie (CUTIE PIE) and I'll be one 'til the day I die.....hehe. Good times. Good times.

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