Chick Night

Our family attends a small church


we love it

but sometimes it's fun to visit.

And that we did.

Kaylee and I

headed to Baton Rouge  for Chick Night.

Healing Place Church just completed their new sanctuary

Boy is it BIG.

She is like me..

We  like to look from a distance.

It's safe.

While the pre-chick party was getting underway.

We made our way into the sanctuary.

The balcony.

We got all comfy

and  watched as they set up.

Funny how you always feel so out of place

when you are not in your comfort zone.

Now believe you me..

Church always feels at home


this church was HUGE I tell you.

I started feeling

Under dressed...Under knowledged...(if that's even a word)..

For better words..


Have you ever felt so small?

Well...that night I did.

I tried not to let my insecurties show..

"what would beth do"

Then the music started..

It flowed over me like a comfortable fuzzy blanket

I started to be still and know..

That I was in The Lord's House.

It didn't matter that my hair was frizzy from 3 day's of rain.

It didn't matter that not one soul knew us.

What mattered was ..

my daughter was there by my side...

We worshiped.

We listened together.

We were in the right place at the right time.

We were on God's time.

Sometime's when you get out of your comfy place

you get blessed

and wrapped by the Lord's fuzzy blanket

Later that night I read Kaylee's facebook page.

She told her friends she didn't need a boy to hold her hand

She was being held in the Lord's.

It just doesn't get any better than that girls!

Kaylee and I are thinking about attending this together.

Oh my~

xoxox Susie


  1. You should definately go. If you have ever heard Joyce Meyer speak in person you know it's going to be good!

  2. Wow...I've never been inside a "stadium church" (a term I heard back in Boston). That one that has the same set up as the Eric Clapton concert I went to a few years ago. Impressive!

  3. Very Cool, Susie! Love the comment Kaylee made. What more could a mom ask for?

  4. Those moments are the rewards in parenting!!

  5. Oh Susie!

    That's my church!!! I would have met up with you! It's so funny because I guess since I am there all the time, I don't feel like it's that big! I feel so at home there! I am going to be at Live the Dream...let me know if y'all come! I can save y'all seats! I am so glad that you both had such a good time. I have to say I really do love my church! And what a beautiful thing for your daughter to say...such a blessing!

    Oh, and I am not doing a show...I have a booth space in a local antique shop. We need to get together soon!


  6. Looks like a fun night! Cute shoes too! : )

  7. OK, THAT is so sweet! What a fun time...and a blessing as a Mom to later read your daughter's heart on Facebook. A treasure!

  8. Hi Susie, this looks so wonderful. It seems that you had a wonderful time...of course you did! I love things like this. Kind of gets your gas tank filled up for life so to speak!

  9. Susie~what a wonderful evening! Nothing better than spending time with one you love and The One who loves you!

    I'm lovin' the Sonic and the sandals...

  10. No, ma'am. It doesn't get any better than that. You could live for months off a sweet comment like that.

    You've raised a beautiful young woman, Miss Susie.

  11. i was waiting for you to say that they were also serving sangria...but i guess they can't if its a church huh?
    good thing you had your sonic;-)

  12. My daughter Shannon and I attended a Beth Moore simulcast at her church last fall. While that was great it was just overwhelming to spend that special time with my "little girl" who is such an amazing woman!

    Have fun with your "baby"!


  13. I love this post...I have the joy to worship in a small church too and listen to my daughter as she worships with the praise team. Nothing like being in the Lord's house with your children and knowing they are worshiping right along with you! I hope you are able to go to the conference with your sweet daughter!

  14. What a massive church, makes mine seem rather small.
    Your daughters fb comment made unexpected tears spring into my eyes. That is what I hope for my own girls, that they find their security in Jesus. It must have filled you up to read that.

  15. I LOVE this post.

    I absolutley love what your daughter wrote on her facebook. What an incredible testimony she shared in those few words. I love teenagers and am thrilled when they make a stand for Christ.

    Thank you so much for sharing this. It was awesome and sure blessed my heart tonight.

  16. This is way off the point - but I love those sandals :) I almost bought them tonight at the mall and I may have to go back and get them! Mother/Daughter relationships are SO special!

  17. There is absolutely nothing better than that! I am so glad that you got the opportunity to share this night with your daughter!

  18. Beautifully said! I hope my daughter grows up to feel the same way.

  19. Love it! That is so awesome that you and your daughter got to worship the Lord. I love the "fuzzy blanket" description. So cool!

    Hey, I thought of you...I saw some really cool birdhouses the other day. I bet you could make some really cool ones! Check out my latest blogpost. :)


  20. Oh Susie, your daughter is beautiful! both outside and inside! What a blessing she must be to you! I love it when my kids exclaim their faith for all to see!! And I know what you mean, we came from a small congregation in the country to a stadium church in the city and although the kids love it I still feel out of place! You have really helped me in this post - I will remember your words "wrapped in the Lord's fuzzy blanket!" ...Thank you Susie!! xoxoxox

  21. AnonymousMay 20, 2010

    Hi Dear Susie! Oh, what a wonderful time your darling daughter and you must have had. I've felt exactly like you before and know what you mean. Isn't it funny, when we turn our focus to God everything changes! You're raising a wonderful daughter, Dear One!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. Thanks, Susie for the pics of the church! I have probablly one the the dumbest questions you've ever been asked, but where did you get those shoes you were wearing in your pic? I loooooove them!! Becky

  23. Susie, that is beautiful what your daughter posted on her FB page. You are doing it right girlfriend:)

  24. AnonymousMay 20, 2010

    yahoo!!! good for you! your daughter is beautiful! and those shoes! yummy! where ever did you get them? xo

  25. Sweet post... I love Joyce Meyer's and want to go to her conference one day.

    Love your sign!


  26. I'm so glad you got to spend that time with her! I'm the same way when I'm in a new environment. But at our home church, I'm up in the middle of everything! : )

  27. What a precious time to spend with your daughter. Her post on Facebook is such a blessing!! It is great to see young people who love the Lord and will follow Him in this lost world.


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