Our Waters...

This was the sign I was working on

when a small piece of wood

stopped me in my tracks.

This sign has been on my mind

for some time now.

It reminds me of the fun time we shared here.

I needed a huge sign to go in the hall bath.

We had a large empty wall that was just sad.

It blends in fun with this one.

We try to visit the beach at least once a year.

It's close and we have so much fun!

This year our water's are a bit in question.

Gulf Shore's is one of our favorite beaches because they are so clean.

The food is not to shabby either....yum!

Gulf Seafood

You just cant beat it.

My heart breaks just thinking about the devestation that is taking place.

So I'm thinking positive!

My sister and I will be ready to lend a helping hand

when needed.

We will visit our beach this year.

One way or another.

We will be there.

Do you have a special place?

Now I'm hungry for some fresh boiled shrimp!

xoxo Susie~

Thank you!!!!

Thanks for all the well wishers and Momma hens out there. Because of you ....I went to the Dr. this morning. Thank goodness I listened to all of you. I had a piece of wood lodged in my eyelid. No one could see it and now we know why. While it found a happy place in my eyelid every time I would move my eye it would put a sweet little cut on my eye itself. Ouch! I feel much much better now that it is out. Ahhhhh~ The Dr. gave me some eye drops to keep infection away and cool wash cloths feel great about now. Thank you for caring! Love you guys....and will visit soon.

xoxox Susie

I wear my sunglasses at night...

The title just may fool you.

I'm wearing sunglasses

but it's not because of the brightness you see here.

While working on this fun piece
(still waiting to be completed)

I had a bit of an accident.

My jigsaw..

aka best friend

and I were working on that orange piece above.

I felt something go into my eye

but that's nothing new to me.

I know I should wear safety glasses

(I will from now on)

but I wasn't.

I pulled a small peice of wood from my eye and thought that was it

It wasn't.

I just may end up at the Dr. if it doesn't get better soon.

It's swollen and red.

I'm wearing my sunglasses to help with the glare.

So for now

the fun orange piece will have to wait.

As well as a few other orders...

Maddy is home for the summer now

and Barbie'ville has taken over the foyer.

Tents are being put up.

Summer has begun!

We are on our 2nd trip to the splash park here

and waiting for GA camp!

Have ya'll ever gone to GA Camp?

Oh my word...

the Fun!

So for now

I'm mending my eyeball..ha!

I miss ya'll and cant wait to see well enough to come by for a visit.

xoxoxo Susie

Ruler Coat Rack DIY

For those new to my blog ,I thought you would enjoy this post I did a while back.
If you want to play along...you will need a few rulers {depending on the size you want}.

Hooks. I decided I wanted three for mine. You can find these at your local hardware stores. I bought mine at The Royal Standard.

Wood glue.

One piece of wood. I am using a very old piece of cypress that I had on hand. The size of wood you choose will depend on how many rulers and hooks you will need.

Lay your rulers out on your wood and get an idea of the lengths you want.

I chose to make mine mix-matched for a more vintage look. You can even try some upside down. I even painted one piece yellow for an even more vintage appearance.

After you have cut your rulers to size and laid them out you will then glue them down . You may need to apply some pressure to help with drying. I used some old books.

Then add your hooks!

This has been such a fun project to make!

You cant mess it up a bit..vintage..remember!

It's ok if you have some gaps too..vintage!

I can think of so many projects to do with these sweet rulers.

You can make your board as big or as small as you like. I think it would even be cute to make a small one with only one hook.

I will be selling this one you see in my Etsy!

Now this picture shows what it can look like if you stain your rulers.

This was my first one that I made and after staining it became very dark.

Some of the rulers that I used were very old and dry. That meant it soaked the stain up like a sponge. Just test a small piece before spending hours on your project.

This one came out perfectly vintage! I didn't stain all of this one. I like the look of some aged and some new. Have fun!

Get ready world!!




I came across this little family from Mississippi last week.

I am just blown away ....

If you listen to just one of their songs you will be too.

I have now made them my offical bed making, morning worshipin',  song group.


They are just so adorable!

I went to their offical website and asked their Dad's permisson to share them here with you.

I didn't think he would mind..

So here are the Dave's Highway!

Trust me...

You wont be able to watch just one.

You're welcome...  :)

ps..just in case ..I was not paid to mention this sweet lil group. I just thought you may get a blessing....that's payment enough for me :)

xoxox Susie

Open Til ...6

Do you remember this post?

Layla, Rhoda, and I had so much fun that day!

It was the longest yardsale ever.

Layla and I almost put our dukes up for this sign.


Thank goodness we are ladies

and let someone else have it.

You can watch our video here

I thought it would be so much fun to paint one.

Now every time I look at it I'm reminded

of those special friends


that fun day!

It is the perfect size for above my cabinets.

I only wish my kitchen closed at 6:00


If you would like one too

You can visit here

I would love to paint one for you!

Speaking of kitchens...

I have a full dishwasher that is waiting

to be unloaded.

Let the summer begin!

xoxox Susie

Chick Night

Our family attends a small church


we love it

but sometimes it's fun to visit.

And that we did.

Kaylee and I

headed to Baton Rouge  for Chick Night.

Healing Place Church just completed their new sanctuary

Boy is it BIG.

She is like me..

We  like to look from a distance.

It's safe.

While the pre-chick party was getting underway.

We made our way into the sanctuary.

The balcony.

We got all comfy

and  watched as they set up.

Funny how you always feel so out of place

when you are not in your comfort zone.

Now believe you me..

Church always feels at home


this church was HUGE I tell you.

I started feeling

Under dressed...Under knowledged...(if that's even a word)..

For better words..


Have you ever felt so small?

Well...that night I did.

I tried not to let my insecurties show..

"what would beth do"

Then the music started..

It flowed over me like a comfortable fuzzy blanket

I started to be still and know..

That I was in The Lord's House.

It didn't matter that my hair was frizzy from 3 day's of rain.

It didn't matter that not one soul knew us.

What mattered was ..

my daughter was there by my side...

We worshiped.

We listened together.

We were in the right place at the right time.

We were on God's time.

Sometime's when you get out of your comfy place

you get blessed

and wrapped by the Lord's fuzzy blanket

Later that night I read Kaylee's facebook page.

She told her friends she didn't need a boy to hold her hand

She was being held in the Lord's.

It just doesn't get any better than that girls!

Kaylee and I are thinking about attending this together.

Oh my~

xoxox Susie

DIY Boxwood Wreath

So many of you liked my boxwood wreaths

I thought I would show you

a little something else.

I found these at Hobby Lobby

1/2 off

Cut them into sprigs.

I then shoved them into

 grapevine wreaths.

No glue.

No wire.

No tape.

I just jammed them under the vines.

They have stayed pretty snug too.

This is a shot of the back of the wreath.

I looped a silk ribbon around each wreath.

I then hung them from wreath hangers.

I believe I bought the wreath hangers from a store  in Baton Rouge.

The Royal Standard.

Oh my word!

Did you see that?

Look to the left of the door.

In the grass.

A snake shed it's skin.



I'm going back inside now.

xoxo Susie~