Vintage new addiction

A handfull of friends have asked about my purchases during my Round Top trip.
The photo above are just three of my new prize possessions
I'm not sure just why I am so drawn to brushes..
Maybe because I love to paint!
Maybe because I fell in love with Sara's
from Sadie Olive.
You have got to see her collection here.
Trust me, you will want to start your own.
Bessie bar the door when I feasted my eyes on these darlings above!!!
I bought the first two on the left
now wishing I had bought the whole lot. sigh..
I love the worn patina each brush shares.
Now the hunt is on for those sweet straw brushes.
If you have any leads on an Etsy that carries them I would love to hear about it.
Sara had a great idea about leaving her tags on.
Mine didnt have any so I made one myself.
I wrote on the back where they were found
and a small history of our trip.
They have the spotlight.
You can see them right as you walk into my back door.
Nestled right next to my huge memo board.
The memo board that was to remind my kids of special dates and messages...
Guess they had a different plan for it.
This is what you get when you have teenagers  in the house.
A bunch of other teenagers...
making their mark in this world....
Love it!!
Xoxo Susie~


  1. Hi Susieness! You've changed your header again! It looks so nice.
    Now who would think these little olden brushes would look so cute! Good luck in your search. You are just amazing, Dear Heart!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Hi Susieness! You've changed your header again! It looks so nice.
    Now who would think these little olden brushes would look so cute! Good luck in your search. You are just amazing, Dear Heart!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. I love collections and I enjoy seeing what other people collect and get excited about. I had never thought of brushes before, but yours are very cool! They make a neat collection. Good luck finding more!


  4. You never know what new "love" might be found on a trip! They look great and I LOVE the chalkboard with all the messages and names....CUTE!

  5. I love your sweeps and brushes, I was getting ready to post brushes new and vintage, I am going to post the paint jobs I have been doing mural Trompe l'oiel paintings.

    Keep inspiring us.

  6. Your brushes are fab!

  7. It's fun to collect stuff, isn't it? Your new collection looks great by your message board.
    Sorry to send you in a panic to Target. If I see her stuff here on clearance i will drop you a line.

  8. Looks fabulous and very unique. Maybe you could look for a big old school sized chalk board brush and hang it with them. It is a brush of sorts and would be awesome near the chalkboard.

  9. I immediately thought of 'hair' brushed before I actually looked at the post. Needless to say I was skeptical of having a bunch of other people's hair in your home. ;)

  10. I love bruses too. I picked up a great one for $1.00 at an estate sale a while back and I love it!

    Oh, and about the Antique Fair...yes, girlie! I have a ton of things to do at home this weekend, but am thinking of jumping in the truck and taking a ride out there to check it out!


  11. I saw some old paintbrushes (the wide ones) in a distressed can on a coffee table recently with a big ole stack of art books. LOVED the diea.

  12. Aren't collections fun. I love to see what people are obessing about!

    Your brush collection is so much fun. I really like your selections.

  13. I so want a neat way to display all my little paint brushes instead of them just sitting in a glass brush-end-up.

  14. What an AWESOME collection... I too love brushes... In fact I can NEVER part with my old "foofy" brushes... I especially love when my paint brushes someone "forgot" to clean get rusty and the wood handles get chippy... I store them in a big glass jar... They make me smile!

  15. it's funny how we get on kicks with things we like, isn't it? i'm on the blue glass kick myself :)

  16. If you are going to have any kind of addiction, I think this one is the one to have!!!
    Such a great post Susie!

    I love the "Tip" on the message board- Always Flush! Those are words to live by! LOL!

  17. Those are so neat! I love the old drafting brush.

  18. what a fun collection! and i like the tag idea with the info on them! do you have more goodies? xo

  19. Hey Susie!

    Gosh girl...Love your brushes! What an awesome thing to collect. I really love the old paint brushes...the ones that were well used and well loved.

    I also love that tip on your fabulous bulletin board..."always flush" :)

    I went to the Washington Antique Fair on Friday. I went back on Saturday morning to pick up a scale I purchased....there were tons TONS of people. Were you able to make it?

  20. Oh it's me again!

    I wanted to thank you for leaving a comment on my "blog start up" post for newbies. These girls are so excited and so thrilled to hear from you fabulous bloggers out there. Thanks for giving them the encouragement they need!!! :)

  21. I love your blog. I love your style. I love that some teen wrote "tip: Always Flush" on your memo board. And I adore you. But I have to be honest, I don't get the brushes. Give me a year and then I'm sure I'll be pounding down every flea market looking for them. I once didn't get cloches or nests either. Okay, so I still don't own a cloche, but I do own several nests :).

  22. I love the paint brushes:)

    The message board looks great too.

    So much fun!

  23. awesome way to display your brushes and it opens up new ideas for me....
    thanks so much

  24. Godmorning, Sweden here....

    I must tell you, that I love your virtual & image blog!! Amazing mix of pic's & so much inspiration!

    Regards from Agneta

  25. Susie, those brushes are SWEET! Oh the dirty little stories they could tell! LOL I try to put inspirational little quotes on my chalkboard but like yours, in all the empty spaces my kids friends write crazy little notes! Usually they tell me they love me, so who's complaining! Thanks for your sweet comment about my Annette Tatum win! It's so gorgeous!

  26. OHHHH, btw, they aren't that kind of brush, but my antique friend has several shaving soap brushes...I always have to touch them!

  27. Your brushes are just darling--and I love the way you added the tags to them.

    My mom used to collect antique kitchen utensils. One wall of our kitchen was a collage of old spoons, potato mashers, egg beaters, etc. Wish I had a photo of it; it was really cute.

    I love the messages all over your blackboard. Teenagers are great, aren't they?

  28. Love the brushes...i too have some tucked into my ironstone bowls...and lov'em...and love your chalkboard...I bet it makes you smile each time you walk by it.

  29. always flush...haha...I live with 5 men...I need to paint this on the bathroom wall!

  30. I think you could make millions with a divine "Flushing Makes Mom Blush." :)

    You are a trendsetter. I can put money on it that Pottery Barn waits for YOU to start a collection and then sends its elves out to copy have such style.


  31. My Dad always had a "wisk" broom under the car seat so he could quickly brush the dirt right out the door! :) No telling how many of those we threw away.

  32. Love these brushes. The way you displayed them is so neat. They look fabulous next to your memo board, which I also love.


  33. Susie,

    Why is it we always leave not buying something we wanted and regret it the entire way home? You should have bought the entire collection! I will keep my eyes open for brushes. I am still lusting after your chalk board!

    Your Friend,

    PS I finally posted!

  34. Hello sweet Susie - love your new collection! I like all the little brushes bundled up together.


  35. I think it's fascinating to know what others find interesting enough to collect. I use to collect vintage dolls but my how they quickly accumulated! :-)
    Love your painting brushes, proves you're a true artist, cheers!

  36. AnonymousMay 05, 2010

    There are vintage "brooms" or "brushes" all over Etsy! (Those are the keywords I used.) Like this listing, for example:[]=tags&includes[]=title

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