Thank You's...

Rachell Ashwell is a name I can now put a face to.
Her Shabby Chic that is.
I fell in love with her line at Target and it almost made me want another baby!
Her talent for shabbiness is awesome.
Her line at Target is not just for babies
but it's sweet and rosey and everything my husband would hate. 
Well I saw her book at the book store and just loved on it a bit ...
then to my surprise...
oh yes I did..
was having a giveaway and boy were my fingers crossed tight.
I wont tell that I screamed like a girl when I found out....oh yes I did.
It's just page after page of goodness.
This makes me want to do laundry and hang them on my line.
Yes,I have a clothes line.
You have to in Louisiana because when a hurricane hits..
well lets just say things get a bit stinky after days of no electricty.
I could just frame each and every page...I could.
Yes indeed~
Thank you Miss LuLu...
You have made me one happy girl.
And then...
Who would have guessed I could be so blessed to win another.
Oh happy day!

knew just how to get straight to this girls heart.
She sent the sweetest package full of spring goodies.
Can a girl ever have too much glitter?
I dont think so...
In my package she had filled it to the top with a beautiful teacup,easter chicks,
the best smelling candle ever, and so much more!
Thank you OC Cottage!
Now my Cottage has a touch of your OC Charm~
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you!
XOXO Susie~


  1. Congratulations Susie!! Those look like wonderful gifts! I had to laugh when I saw your post pop up with mine...we both are giving out thank you's today...must be in the air! lol Enjoy your sweet gifts!!


  2. Congrats on the win!! I have 3 Shabby Chic blankets that I absolutely LOVE and refer to as the BEST blankets EVER! Enjoy the book!

  3. Congratulations, it is always so much fun to win things :)

  4. Congratulations! That was a great prize to win! The photos in that book are beautiful. I will now keep my eye out for it when I am shopping. So happy that you won!

  5. wow Susie!! Congratulations on your gorgeous wins :) Have a super day!

  6. Awesome goodies Susie!

    Congrats and enjoy!

    with love,

  7. I absolutely SAVOR Rachel's book. I think I have most of the pictures memorized! lol!! Lucky you for winning it! And I love your glittery treasures from OC!!


  8. Congrats on your treasures. How lucky were you :) I am going to have to buy that book.
    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week.

  9. Congrats on your wins!!! They are really beautiful.

  10. I love Rachel. I bought a 16 piece set of her dishes from Goodwill for $12. I expected a few to be broken, but they were all in new condition. I decorate with a few pieces and use the rest. It is one of my favorite possessions!

    Congrats on your win.

  11. Well, you are so very welcome!!! I so happy your are pleased with your treats!

    m ^..^

  12. Totally awesome! Congrats!

    Those photos are gorgeous. They make me want to curl up on a fluffy couch and listen to the silence! *Relax*

  13. Congratulations to you Susie. You sure won some wonderful gifts.

    My favorite of course, is the Rachael book and my other favorite is all the pretty things from the OC Cottage.


  14. Congrats on two fabulous wins! I have been drooling over Rachel's book too.

  15. WOW!! Big winner this week! That's awesome!

  16. How great for you! I never win anything so you are a lucky girl.

  17. Congratulations! What fun surprises! Jackie

  18. congrats on the win!!!
    arent' giveaway's fun!!!
    The book looks like it's chock full of great ideas!!!
    hope your week continues to be filled w/ fun

  19. So happy for your wins. You deserve them!

  20. Congratulations!!
    I love that book. I was lucky enough to attend one of Rachel's book signings. She was so warm and kind. I also think Lulu is the best. She is one talented girl!!!
    I am going to have to check out Miss oc Cottage!
    Congratulations on your winnings!
    Take Care,
    p.s. My sister lives in Lake Charles, she just had her 9th child yesterday! : )))

  21. You did win some wonderful prizes. That is great! BUT I'll bet you did not scream and dance and jump and cheer as loud as I did when I won YOUR alphabet keys board! I STILL smile everytime I look at it! Thanks again!. ...Actually it is pictured in my blog post from yesterday! Lori

  22. Congrats on the sure got some great stuff!


    I’m having a GIVEAWAY…come by and check it out…I think you will like it!

  23. squealing along with you.
    Rachel Ashwell has great style and I love her stuff at Target although I think around here they may stop selling it in our Targets because the section where her stuff used to be has been on clearance which usually is a sign of it's gone soon.
    What a sweet package from OC

  24. You lucky {and quite deserving} lady you! :)

  25. Congratulatins on both of your wins!!

  26. Hi Susie!
    Such beautiful giveaway gifts - congratulations!!!
    I just blogged about your sweet gift to me - thank you so much - I LOVE it!!!

  27. Oh my gosh you lucky girl!!! How exciting! I love that book. I'm going to have to get it, I am obsessed with all things shabby. Every page you photographed looks like a snip of my personal heaven. :)

  28. Congratulations on your wins!!! Both of them are just fabulous.


  29. Congrats to you! I can imagine you with a cup of tea going through your book. :)

  30. Oh...I would have screamed too! Do you have a library that you might possibly loan your lovely books out? Sigh...I know...I probably wouldn't either. LOL! Just had to ask.

  31. I just love Rachel! Makes me want to go get my book and read it and maybe throw in one of her dvd's too! Fortunatly my hubby doesn't mind our whole home has ra everywhere, he even helps me find her things at goodwill and yard sales!

  32. LUCKY lady! I too love to look at the shabby chic goodies at Target, luckily I have 2 girls so occasionally I get to indulge, no matter what the husband says! I think LuLu is a LOVE! Congratulations!

  33. Susie, Thank you for posting about it. I am so happy you got it. I was worried because the book store by my house was all out. I had to order it quick! It just shows how loved her new book is. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Have a wonderful day ! ~lulu

  34. Wonderful wins you have there.. fantastic!!! and love all your photos from the last post too... just popped over from Zuzu's.... have a great day...Julie

  35. I too fell in love with Shabby Chic at Target, and over the years I have adjusted to be feminine withouth being too flowery. I love the whites (even with two dogs) and am having slip covers being made for my living room set. I also love the muted tones like light blues. Congratulations on the win!

  36. You won 2! How lucky are you. I just won a giveaway and it made me feel so special.
    Congrats to you!

  37. Wow! I am sure that you won both of these because you are putting so much that is POSITIVE out into the universe! Now you can put your feet up and have a cup of tea from your beautiful new cup and peruse Rachel's latest. Sounds like a perfect respite. Thank you for dropping by and your sweet comments. xx P&H

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