Slip Covers...Done!

I finished the last slip cover around noon yesterday.
I sat back and pondered...
what else can I sew?
No more slip covers...
at least for some time anyway.
I must be honest here,
they were not much fun.
At All!
Funny how when you make something
you hen peck it to death!
I see so many boo boo's that I made.
It was not till my very last one that I started to get the just of it.
One sweet friend asked how much fabric did it take per chair.
I used about one and a half yards of fabric and two packs of piping per chair.
It may take you less if you know what you are doing...ha!
I do love them
boo boo's and all.
Side view...
Skirt...I really wanted to do the kick pleat on each corner.
Didn't happen here folks.
They are Hard to do!!
I stayed with the straight corners.
It felt safe..ha!
Funny how piping can make it look so much better.
I love this stuff!!
Did you know you can make your own?
Well...I didn't till a nice lady told me at Wal Mart.
Thank you nice lady!
Still have some hand stitching and ironing to do yet
a sweet little girl needed her Mommy today
Fild Trip!!

Lord be near....
third child equals 3rd  field trip to same museum.
How many times can you enjoy the same museum?
3 times when it's your baby enjoying it for the very first time!

xo Susie~


  1. Fantastic job should feel very proud of yourself awesome result..Good Skills! x

  2. pipping everywhere.. love it.

    oh, lucky you going on a 3rd time field trip to the same place .. let's hope they've gotten in new stuff since your last visit.

    Just a great seamstress you're turning out to be

    with love,

  3. Susie,
    These look terrific! Don't one will know if you don't point it out! promise. FYI...I have a slipcover ebook coming out this week! Can't wait to see what else you slip!

  4. Hi Susie,
    Your slipcovers look very professionally done. They are hard to do, but look at the money you saved!


  5. They look beautiful & kudos to you for even trying those things. I have nightmares just thinking about it.
    Have fun on that field trip.

  6. Your slip covers turned out so great! I wish I was brave enough...I will use you as an inspiration and try to make one and see how I do. The piping does make a huge difference. I've never done piping but I think I could manage it especially after I see how great it looks. Thanks for this!

  7. They are simply beautiful! and I
    know, not easy! Wonderful!


  8. Great slipcovers, and you are so right they are hard. Been there done that with the field trip and third time but you will have such a good time seeing the museum with your daughter. Have fun.

  9. I think that you did a great job! I love them.

  10. Susie those turned out so cute! Good job girl!

  11. Susie, those slipcovers look awesome. Really. In about two weeks, you'll agree. :)

  12. wow you did a great job! i don't think i would even attempt this project! they look really nice!! have fun at the museum! susan

  13. Love your fabric choice & the snazzy piping detail, Susie. I think you must be a total perfectionist - these look awesome!
    And your If-This-Is-Tuesday-It-Must-Be-The-Museum fieldtrip will be fun with your youngest. I had three and did it all too. :)
    Sweet Tuesday to you & yours!

  14. The slip covers look great! What color is your wall paint? That's the color I want on my living room walls! It's perfect:o)

  15. Your slip covers look awesome! I'll bet they make the whole room look fabulous! Have fun at the museum. Maybe they changed it up a bit:)
    Blog: Capers of the vintaga vixens

  16. They look amazing, are you kidding me?!! :) Great job! The whole space looks so serene and beautiful!!
    Blessings to you,

  17. Susie, that looks amazing. The whole room is beautiful and serene.

  18. susie these are must have been kidding when you said you don't sew. these are great

  19. Lovin the slipcovers! You must feel soooo good about how they turned out! YOur dining room looks gorgeous! can we spell jealous boys and girls!

  20. Hi Susie,
    The slipcovers did turn out wonderful!! It's so true though~ by the time you finally get done~ you never want to make another one! Least that's how I am! I like the nubby fabric you used. Good mommy going on the 3rd field trip....I did the same thing about 2 weeks ago for child # 3 but just COULD NOT ride make myself ride the bus....I said "I'll meet you down there honey....." ha! TOO LOUD..that bus is!!

    Enjoy your blog a lot!


  21. You should be very proud of yourself Susie- they turned out great! I've never been brave enough to try the piping before and didn't even know you could buy it, thought you had to make it. I love your wall of plates too!

  22. You did a fabulous job! Well done...I love these!


  23. Lovely, Susie! I am always distracted by the boo-boos in my sewing projects, too, but I realize that probably no one in the world notices them but me.

  24. I knew you could do it Susie! They look great. Love the piping. It's such a nice touch and really makes them look finished, doesn't it?

  25. They turned out beautiful. I'm so not ready to tackle something that involved. You did an awesome job. Have fun on the field trip.

  26. Nice job! They really softened your space, and you're right that the piping makes all the difference... even if it did want you to wad it all up and throw it away in frustration. Oh, no, wait... that's what happens when I sew.

  27. They look great!


  28. They look great, they make the room!

  29. Wow oh wow they turned out gorgeous. How did you sew right up to the piping line (if you know what I mean). I pin the piping and since it's turned inside out, have a tough time with getting right up the actual piping.

  30. These look great. You did a great job

  31. awesome job!!!
    they look great -
    so do the plates on the wall - I love those

  32. they turned out gorgeous!!!!!

  33. Girl! I am so impressed! You stuck with it! Whoohoo! Great job, Susie-Q! have fun in the same museum! Miss M will alwasy remember that time wtih her mama.

  34. They look wonderful. You can come sew some slicovers for me! I have 6 dining chairs, two wing chairs, a settee, and two side chairs to slipcover. Ah!

    Do you mind sending me an e-mail with the color that's on your dining room walls? It's lovely.

  35. Wow, I'm impressed. I sew, but I'm not sure I would tackle that job...very nice!!

  36. Going from no sewing to sewing a bunch of slipcovers is incredibly impressive! You did a great job!

  37. WOW!!!!!

    Here I thought all this time sewing was your enemy and then you so something like this! Just come do my chairs :-P

  38. These look wonderful, Susie! I think you did a great job!

    And of course you can enjoy that museum again; you'll see it through #3's eyes, this time, so it'll be different!

  39. I think you did a wonderful job on those slips! I'm not a "sewer" and it takes me for-ev-er to sew even the simplest thing. So I'm impressed that you didn't give up and finished them AND they look great!


  40. They look custom made! You did a beautiful job, and I just love your wall color!! I would love to know what it is, (you probably already shared it in a previous post)...I'd love to paint my bedroom the same color!

  41. Such gorgeous slip covers! I love the fabric you used - makes me think of spring!

    What museum did yall head to? The Natural History Musuem downtown??

  42. Susie, those turned out wonderful and yes I love that It makes it look so professional and gives it that extra little umphhhh factor! What a beautiful dining room. I'm lovin' it!

  43. great seamstress...great mommy!

  44. They look fabulous! Great job!

  45. Can a girl ever have too many slips? I mean slip covers?

  46. Fantastic job. They really give the room a finished, polished look!

    For someone who claims not to sew to well, you sure do make a rock'n slipcover!

  47. They turned out wonderful. Slipcovers are not easy, at least not easy to make them look good, especially with piping. And isn't that always the way it is. When you finally finish up the project you are becoming a master at it.

  48. These looks beautiful. I love the fabric you chose.

    I am hosting a "Saturday is Crafty Day" party on April 24th and I'd love it if you stopped by!

  49. They do look very nice. I can only imagine how much work they are. I have never been brave enough to try slipcovers of any kind.

    I hope you had a wonderful time with your daughter on her field trip. You and your family have been on my heart~I have been wondering how your daughter is doing with her allergies.


  50. Darlin', don't sell yourself short - you did a great job on these slipcovers. I'm so impressed. Your dining room is just so beautiful and it's frenchified! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  51. You'll never convince me you can't sew! These look so professional you should be so proud of yourself.


  52. Wow you did a great job!!! My sisters all know how to sew, I know how to just can't get anything to turn out. I am the only one out of 5 girls who hasn't had success with it. They have sewn almost all my pillows in my house for me. How lucky am I.
    I love how your dining room looks. So pretty. I love your wall color and how your ironstone plates look against your wall color. You are very talented! : )))
    Take Care,

  53. You did a great job, Susie! Love those slips!

  54. Susie, they look great. Good job! You've inspired me to finally try and slipcover a few chairs I've wanted to slipcover for several years now. Way to go girl!

  55. You did a beautiful job, Susie! Love the entire room. I know how difficult slips can be, they zap me of my energy, especially when I run into problems....

  56. Oh they look great! I wish I could sew, I would love to make some for my kitchen table. Kids + pretty toile fabric = messy stains!! I may end up ordering some from Wal-mart and be done with it. lol.

  57. They look fabulous to me! You should be very proud. I think the piping makes them.

  58. The slipcovers did turn out great. This is a project I would not even attempt..especially the piping! Not a clue how to do that. Great job.

  59. wow susie! can i give you a whoop whoop! they are perfect! xo

  60. Is your dining room still Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray? I got a sample and in my bedroom it looks minty green. In your room it looks more blue gray.

  61. oh, the slips are great! I think they look perfect! I know what you mean about the mistakes. I make a lot of slipcovers for my home, and always have lots of mistakes and agree they are not fun at all!
    I love the farmers market and fresh egg signs you made! will you be making anymore?

  62. Great job Susie and you have inspired me to get busy with my office chair cover...don't think I'll attempt the piping though :D

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