Round Top Signs

After I washed the dust off my feet,
loved on my family,
and said goodbye to my last three puppies,
I fell asleep.
A good long sleep.
The next morning
I began to sift through our weekend and the gazillion photo's
I had taken.
What better way to start than with my favorite things...
Wooden signs

Oh the worn wood and aged paint had my head a' spin'in
Not to mention the $675.00 price tag.
But I must remember that these are the real deal
The Real McCoy
Vintage at it's best!
This Vintage Trade Sign dated back to the 1800's
Now that's what I call Vintage!
$1288.00 was just a bit out of my range..sigh~
Love the font on this one.
I cant tell you how hard it was to leave this garage sign behind.
The patina on this baby was wonderful!
There were so many signs
and so little time...
What sign was your favorite?
I cant wait to show you the next collection
I'm in love with.
XOXO Susie~


  1. These are all wonderful signs...way out of my price range! I could add making a very large sign to my ever growing project list. Of course at this rate it could take years!

  2. Those are beautiful old signs. I especially love the ones that have a link to agriculture. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Palmer's Candies of course!!
    I have a lil thang for arrow signs...
    How is you daughter doing??
    Better I hope.
    Can we see the pics of the last of the puppies??

  4. Oh they're fabulous! I'm with you on the garage sign...perfect.
    I just made my first wood sign for my kitchen and hope to post it tomorrow.
    Welcome home.

  5. All of the signs are fantastic, Susie! I had no idea vintage signs went for this much! I just did a post on signs...a great girl hand paints them and I ordered two. They aren't vintage but I love them!


  6. Oh I love them all...BUT The Garage one is my fav...:) So, perfect! Great pictures of the signs...You can recreate these!


  7. Well, I am loving the French ones...was the whole booth French? Sigh. I must go this fall.

  8. I would love to have the Woolley's Garage sign. Everything about it is just gorgeous.

  9. Aww, you said goodbye to the puppies. I bet that was hard!

    The signs are fabulous! I think my favorite is the "druggists" sign. I really like how the paint is worn on it!

    Can't wait to see what else you found!

  10. Those are awesome. My mouth fell open when you revealed the price! It is too hard to choose which one I love the most.

  11. I would take any one of these signs and happily find a home for it. Man, they are costly, aren't they?

    Glad you had fun.

  12. Great signs, Susieness! You know what? I'll bet you could do these with your tiny eyes closed and I'll bet you will.
    Thanks for popping in and hope you had a great Easter.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. 40 years with a signwriter, who still writes signs by hand, I do appreciate that people are now falling in love, once again, with hand-written signs....Long live the brush!!!

  14. The Palmer's Candy sign was my favorite for sure!! I love it!

  15. Oh you must have been in heaven! Such great inspiratio. I like the first one - especially for the curved type on the 2nd line of the first sign. All those letters in a straight line wouldn't be nearly as attractive. Gotta love those ol' timey sign painters.

  16. I'm crazy about vintage trade signs as well. I love the way they look and the simplicity of their message. Sea Witch

  17. definitely woolleys garage. these are all amazing....i can not wait to see more.

  18. The signs are great. BUT the signs that come from your workshop are just as great! I am putting Round Top on my MUST DO list. Have a great week. Lori

  19. I love all the signs. I am a verbage junkie. Looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve with all this inspiration.

  20. I went with a friend to Waverly Market Days this weekend, but after looking at all of those beautiful signs I am wishing that I had gone to Roundtop. I am putting it on my calendar for October!!

  21. LOVE olde signs!

    Hey, I did a PB sign similar to yours!

    ...and, I added your PB how-to post & Etsy shoppe info! I'm keeping MY version - people can buy one from YOU! :)


  22. Where'd you see these signs? In Warrenton? We hit several venues, and never saw these. Will need to go there in the fall!

  23. You know what? I think I liked the very first one best- but I would love to have any. I bet you could easily re-create! ;)

  24. Druggists? I love that one.. and Walter Wood..and the garage one.

  25. Hey chickadee!!
    I dunno which one is my favorite! So many to choose from! But prob umm the candy one! I hope you had a blast at Roundtop! I soo wanted to go this year but hopefully the next year! Maybe we can meet up! Big hugs


  26. Wow, those are great! If I could afford one like that, I would hang it in my kitchen. *sigh* There is a sign on an old textile warehouse by me that I drool over every time I drive by. I've had it in my head to call the real estate company to see if they will contact the owner and ask if I could buy it. But I can't get the nerve up to do it! They'd probably think I'm crazy.

  27. Wow these signs are awesome! If I ever win the lottery I just may buy one... :)

  28. Love the Palmers Candies sign! If only all those great old signs could talk!

  29. Hi, Susie!

    Welcome home! I love all the signs but you asked for favorites...I love the garage sign and the "pharmacie" sign.

    Hope you're doing great and can get some rest.


  30. Oh swoon! These are awesome! I want that huge Druggists sign!

  31. Vintage signs are so fun. I'd fill my house with them if I could.

    My favorite is the candy sign. Love the shape and the color. Hmmmmm, I think I'm going to need to find one like it.

  32. I love the Palmer's sign:) Really all of are wonderful!

  33. Sorry, all of them are wonderful:)

  34. hey friend! i am so glad you are back and had fun! my fav is your fav! the garage sign! the color and patina are perfect!

  35. I do love those signs but they are way out of my price range. They are awesome.


  36. As funny as it may sound, I like the "Druggists" sign the best, probably because it's from the 1800's. I think I was born in the wrong century! LOL!

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