Got A Plain Ceiling?

This is my bedroom ceiling.
Bless its heart....boring!
I bought something today to jazz it up a bit.
I will share as soon as I know I'm in the clear of not messing it up...ha!

Last Friday was Kaylee's ring night.
I cant believe she is almost a senior...sniff sniff..
Her and I spent most of the day at the Dr.'s office today.
They are sending her for more blood work and changing her allergy medicine.
Praying this helps...
xoxo Susie~


  1. Hope it all goes well for you and Kaylee. Fingers crossed. We have the Dr's tomorrow too, my little Finn is going to start on some med's for his ADHD.

    Bedroom ceiling eh? I have to curb my sense of humour here Susie! ;-) hee hee.

    Love Claire. xxx

  2. She's so beautiful!! Hope they figure out what's up with her health soon!! Can't wait to see what you do to the ceiling!!

  3. I hope all goes well for her too..and I can't wait to see what your going to do with your ceiling!

  4. Your daughter is beautiful. I hope they can get things straight for her and she will feel better. Can't wait to see your new ceiling.
    Love & blessings from NC!

  5. Your daughter is just beautiful! I hope you have luck w/ her allergy stuff!


  6. Your daughter is an angel. So pretty. I will pray for her!!~ lulu

  7. Hope the new meds work...crossing my fingers. She's beautiful like her mama :)-

    Have a wonderful week. Miss ya!

    P.S. Wondering what you're gonna do with that ceiling of yours.

  8. Hoping all goes well for your darling daughter!


  9. Been there with the allergy junk! I hope she finds answers soon.

  10. Your daughter is such a cutie! I hope you get it all worked out with her allergies - I know for a fact that it is not fun! :) Can't wait to see what you do with the bedroom ceiling!

  11. I SO hope you find answers soon, too. Have you considered Latex allergy? My tests were negative, but I still have the allergy, and carry epi. Since I have changed my life- bras, undies, elastics, erasers, etc I can say Im a new woman. I used to have chronic fatigue, chronic sore muscles, and massive lymph nodes... All gone!

  12. Hope all goes well with your daughter. Sorry she has to go through all this. I will keep her in my prayers!

  13. My Josh is almost a senior, too. Rings are so exciting, aren't they? For us, it's letter jacket time.

    Allergies are awful, so I am thinking of you both.

    I've been thinking about my ceilings, too, so I'll be watching with great interest what you decide to do with yours.

    xo, Laura

  14. Kaylee is beautiful! My Cameron will be a Senior next year too and he is my baby. Seth is 20. Sometimes it just takes my breath when I stop and realize that their childhood is over...I don't handle it very well...(sniff)

    Hope Kaylee gets better soon!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  15. My daughter IS a senior...and so hard to believe! A college girl!?! wow.
    Your daughter is lovely, and I hope they get her all fixed up.


  16. I've never heard of a ring night but that is such a darling picture!

    Can't wait to see what you are "up" to with your ceiling. (Sorry, couldn't help it)

  17. Hi Susie:) Not sure what a ring night is, but that is such a gorgeous picture of your Kaylee! Hope they are able to give you both some answers about her health soon, will be sending warmest thoughts to you both in the meantime! Can't wait to see what you are doing to your ceiling. Wishing you and your sweet Kaylee a wonderful day ~ Tina xx

  18. Congrats Kaylee!!!! You're gonna love this year to come..and when college hits.. so does the sorority life!

    Let's hope that soon she can find relief.

    Now as for your ceiling... I foresee some lovely trim work going up and a paint job!

    with love,

  19. I can't wait to see what you are "up" to! LOL

    Your daughter is just beautiful and as a Mom of a Senior this Year all I can say is get ready for some bitter sweet Mommy moments...this next year is a roller coaster as you are thrilled for them and sad for you. (((Hugs)))

  20. What a beautiful young lady. Hope that they can find medicine that will work for her.

    Anxiously awaiting the ceiling project.


  21. She is just lovely! My oldest is finishing her freshman year, it goes too fast. What is "ring night"? We don't have that in MI.

  22. Kaylee is such a darling girl. I surely hope the new treatment works for her!

    By the way, I have a son who's a junior in high school and another who's a freshman in college. Let me know if Kaylee would like to meet a nice redheaded boy! :)

  23. Darling girl. But what is ring night?

  24. She is you! Anxious to see what you are doing to your ceiling!

  25. Hey I missed this post...
    Your ceiling looks almost exactly like mine!
    Can't wait to see what you have done. : ))))

    I hope your daughter's allergies get better.
    She is beautiful!
    Take Care,
    YOur friend,
    I think we are soul sisters!!

  26. My husband has food allergies too : ( I hope they can figure out what going on with your daughter.

    I can't wait to see what you do with your ceiling. I was so inspired by your living room colors. I'm trying to convince the hubby to let me do the same colors in our living/kitchen/dining room. They're all one big room so it's hard to get the paint colors just right... ahh the joys of open floorplans.

    <3 Liz @ Bon Temps Beignet

  27. I was wondering how your daughter was. Hoping everything works out for her.

  28. Can't wait to see what you do with your ceiling. Your daughter looks so happy in that picture. I hope the doctors can get her on the right medication for the allergies. My son suffers terribly also, as I did when I was younger, up until I had children. Miracles of all miracles, after my son was born, my allergies slowly started disappearing.

    Love the slip covers also!!! Great job as usual!

  29. She's beautiful Susie! Good luck with the dr. I can't wait to see your ceiling...

    {{Big Hugs}}


  30. Susie...she is so beautiful!

    I hope things get better soon with her allergies. I will be praying for her.

  31. Susie -

    Your daughter is just as pretty as her mother. Hope all works out regarding her allergies. I know how frustrating it is when no one can figure it out and the one you love is suffering. I adore your chair covers! You did a great job!

    Your Friend,

  32. Wait till next year you'll be amazed how quickly that senior year passes.

  33. kaylee is so beautiful! like her mama! good luck with the tests! i hope they figure it out and that its nothin big! i will say a prayer for her and you! xo

  34. Please tell...what is a Ring Night? It sounds so exciting and a sorority initiation...

    xoxo MMW

  35. She's beautiful Susie! Good luck with the dr. I can't wait to see your ceiling...
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