Just thought you might want to see what I've been painting.

I am so in love with


wooden signs right now.

It's for sale

just in case

you like


signs too.

I guess my mind has been in the Country

Because all I can think about




Country Sides....

You can find Fresh Yard Eggs


I mean...not the real eggs and all
but the sign
you know...just in case..
In case you need a lil sign'age in your home.


I have been working on some new designs


I cant wait to show you where my mind is going next....

xoxox Susie~

I Have Met My Match!

***You can find this great fan here****

Decorating  has always come natural to me. 

It's my passion.

I see something I love and I work towards it.

My style surrounds our space and my family feels at home.

They never question the paint choice even if it is the 16th color on the wall.

They love me and trust me.

They even help at times.


I have met my match .

My husband is not backing down.


He is standing firm.

I even promised to throw away my flannel jammies!


That man and his fan are not to be parted.

So I searched.

and searched and....

I found this...

Oh Glory Be!!!!

You like?

He Does!

I think we have found our middle ;)

Just between you and me girls....

I will still be dreaming of this sweet chandie

and I'm  soooo keeping my flannel jammies! ;)

xoxox Susie~


                                                                      Can you guess what this is?

Ok..maybe the title gave it away.


That fluffy fabric from the past.
These blankets were once made by hand in the 1890's.
As the demand grew they started being produced in factories around the 1930's.
Now they are just a treasure when you find them!

And find them...
I did....Thank you Lord!

On our last day in Round Top
I found these just waiting for me to take them home!

Oh the ideas that were running in my head on the drive home...
Curtains for the Cottage
Pillows for the Bed
Hand Towels
Purses...oh the list went on and on .

So what did I make ?

So far I have made pillows

And more pillows...

Now before I start recieving hate mail
because I cut these up...
A few were already pre-cut.

Madison claimed the twin spread before I could even wash it .
Don't worry though...I made her wait.
I soaked all of them in Oxy.
They all came out like new!

The pillows were so much fun to make.
So easy too!

I think my favorite is the sweet pink flower.
This might be as girlie as I can get away with in our bedroom.
So far so good with the pink.
(maybe he feels bad about the ceiling fan..ha!)

I did buy two baby blankets as well.
One blue that say's baby.
One white with a  ducky in the middle.

I had an idea! 

A girl can  have only so many pillows..

So I have added some of the fabric to my Etsy Shop.
You can find them here too

Now you can make some too!
xoxo Susie~.

The Tale of a Beadboard Ceiling

I had this Great idea
                                             I did...
At least I thought it was great at the time.

Wouldn't a Beadboard ceiling look great?

Sure it would!

If you have 6 extra hands to help that is.

No Problem....I thought.
I have orchestrated many one woman shows before.
Why should this one be any different?

You need help with this one my friends.
Trust me!
I have hung wallpaper for years and never had a problem.
Till I decided to hang it over my head.
Not easy..

I did complete my mission
Would I do it alone again?
Not on your life!
I shed some tears
and I think I even threw a few fits that day.
God and I talked a lot.
I discussed with Him why everything I touched " fell " apart that day.
Have you ever had That talk with Him before?
He knows I can be a drama queen sometimes.

I Did It!!!

I Love It!!

If you should have the desire to beadboard your ceiling I have a few tips  for you...
You know...
To save you some Hissy Fits and tears.
As far as the chats with God..
I recommend those even when you are acting irrational.
He does listen...even then.

I found my paper at Lowes.
Many stores don't have it on hand
but no worries my sweets.
You can find it at Mrs. Rhodas Store
I'm sure she would be happy to send some your way.

For those tips I mentioned...
Get help.
As much help and ladders as you can scrounge up!
Oh and a tip I found that made a HUGE difference.
Let your paper sit for about 5 mintues before trying to hang it.
The glue needs time to activate.
Good luck my sweet friends.
May the force be with you~
**** I'm working on my husband to say goodbye to that UGLY ceiling fan****
I dont know what it is with men and their fans...geeeezzz
xoxox Susie

Got A Plain Ceiling?

This is my bedroom ceiling.
Bless its heart....boring!
I bought something today to jazz it up a bit.
I will share as soon as I know I'm in the clear of not messing it up...ha!

Last Friday was Kaylee's ring night.
I cant believe she is almost a senior...sniff sniff..
Her and I spent most of the day at the Dr.'s office today.
They are sending her for more blood work and changing her allergy medicine.
Praying this helps...
xoxo Susie~

Slip Covers...Done!

I finished the last slip cover around noon yesterday.
I sat back and pondered...
what else can I sew?
No more slip covers...
at least for some time anyway.
I must be honest here,
they were not much fun.
At All!
Funny how when you make something
you hen peck it to death!
I see so many boo boo's that I made.
It was not till my very last one that I started to get the just of it.
One sweet friend asked how much fabric did it take per chair.
I used about one and a half yards of fabric and two packs of piping per chair.
It may take you less if you know what you are doing...ha!
I do love them
boo boo's and all.
Side view...
Skirt...I really wanted to do the kick pleat on each corner.
Didn't happen here folks.
They are Hard to do!!
I stayed with the straight corners.
It felt safe..ha!
Funny how piping can make it look so much better.
I love this stuff!!
Did you know you can make your own?
Well...I didn't till a nice lady told me at Wal Mart.
Thank you nice lady!
Still have some hand stitching and ironing to do yet
a sweet little girl needed her Mommy today
Fild Trip!!

Lord be near....
third child equals 3rd  field trip to same museum.
How many times can you enjoy the same museum?
3 times when it's your baby enjoying it for the very first time!

xo Susie~

Slip Cover Sewing For Dummies...

I'm sure by these fine pictures you figured out  I can't sew.
Not a lick.
Now I can sew a seam and a ruffle
here or there
but not real stuff like slip covers.
I got this little tomato pin thing.a.ma.bob and I feel like a real
Seamstress...I do~
I used some freezer paper and drew out a pattern.
Then cut my fabric to size.
I betcha I even put the pins in backwards...ha!
Now I have just got to keep the family out of the chairs till I can sew them.
I would have had them finished by now but we decided to have a family day.
We headed to Slidell for their street fair.
We ended up at a neat restaurant!
Marc had boiled shrimp..
Madison had boiled crawfish...
and I had a child fish plate....Yum!
I'm off to sew now before someone get's a surprise where the sun dont shine~
XOXO Susie~