First Annual Lagniappe Sale!

Cajun French for "a little something extra" 
We all know how much fun it is getting something extra for free.
So above you will see just some of what you will recieve in your order.
All of the tags
One sweet boxwood
One oval bird
One blue oval bird
 One note card with scalloped edges with it's
 matching envelope.
So there you have it.

So what's for sale?....
Item 1... Bird Tassel with eggs  ***Sold***
Sweet little bird nesting on two eggs. 
This Tassel will be sent straight to your nest
 for only $25.00.
only 1 available
Item #2....Bird with Pom poms Tassel 
I think these little pom poms are just the cutest!
Not to mention the yummy colors.
Only 1 available
Item #3....Bird with ivory bow Tassel
Just plain yummy!
Only 1 available
Item #4....Bird with brown bow Tassel  ***SOLD***
Nestled in for the spring!
Soft colors for any decor
Only 1 available
Item #5.... Vintage Keys Wooden sign
 Handpainted and distressed for an aged look.
Only 2 available
Item #6.... I Am wooden sign
On sale for $98.00
Only 1 available
Vintage Looking Subway Sign Set
Each sign measure 24"x12"
Sold as a set for
Only 1set available

To purchase a item just email me
located on my sidebar
Please specify what item you wish to purchase and a zip code where it will be shipped.
I will email you back with shipping cost.
"First come first serve"
So remember the early bird gets the worm!
Have fun shopping!


  1. I love everything! Hope your sale goes well.

  2. You always have the most lovely things. Sea Witch

  3. Susie, I love it all!!! God bless.

  4. you have more talent in one of your fingernails than most of us have in our entire bod!

    really like the blue and chocolate colors in the tassel....and the "believers" subway sign --- yay!!

  5. I love it!!!
    I wish that I had a place for one of your signs...I would buy one just to get the tags!!!!

  6. J'adore the boxwood tag. Major cuteness, Susie. :)

  7. Hi Miss Susie:

    You don't know how much I want one of your typewriter key signs...I'm so sad that it's just not in the budget at the moment...especially with all those pretty lagniappe tags that come along with it. Sigh. Just know I'm dreaming of it..k?

  8. Your stuff is so gorgeous Susie...wish I could have it all!

  9. Such beautiful stuff!! Love it all!!

  10. Hi Susie, just wanted to say that your mirror and the puppies really have made my day. These tags and tassles are just darling. I always love coming by to see all your great talent!

  11. Susie,

    I was just explaining to my husband how paring down works. You're making my plan a LOT more difficult. My bird crush is being seriously affected here. And those wooden signs - seriously!

  12. i love it all! but i am trying to be good! how are those sweet pups? xo

  13. SO adorable. Love them all! :)

  14. three little words...

    put these together and it means a heck of alot of FUN!!! love ya
    (note I did not say $$)

  15. Lovely lagniappe, terrific little tassels and the puppies are so perfectly precious! Many blessings, Tammy

  16. Simply beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

  17. Oh, my gosh! Those tags are so sweet! And those tassels! Girl, those tassels! LOVE those colors!

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