This is my "middle child" Kaylee.
She is my dose of laughter everyday!
We spend a lot of time together.
A lot of that time is spent in the kitchen
We love to eat!
Yesterday we spent a good portion of our day at the Dr.'s office.
She has been sick.
 A lot!
Just a little history on Kay,
She has two allergy shots once a week.
She is allergic to everything she breathes pretty much.
Still sick!
More testing.
Yesterday they told us she is allergic to this..
Beef , Corn, Pork, Tomatoes, Whey, Egg Whites, Shrimp (oh my)
Wheat, Cheese, Milk...oh..pretty much anything dairy, Soybean,and the list goes on
and on and on and on....
Is this the same healthy baby that I nursed for an entire year to prevent these kinds of problems?
oh my~
We are being sent to a specialist because of her case.
Bless her heart...she only weighs 86 lbs now.
I know it could be so much worse.
Mothers this minute are pleading for just a few more mintues with their sick child
when it's your child hurting
no matter the amount
you hurt too.
She now carries EpiPens (Epinephrine)
next to her lipstick.
If you have a minute during your next meal
would you please say a prayer for Kay.
I know she will be just fine.
 The Lord has given her unmeasurable amounts of strength and perseverance.
I think I need some prayer too.
I have no idea what to cook tonight,ha!
I cant wait till we can meet with the Dr.
Her Prom is this Saturday...
I hope she doesnt order Shrimp!
xoxox Susie


  1. Wow that sure is a lot to allergic to, poor thing! I will be keeping you both in my daily prayers!! God performs mircales....praying for a full recovery! :o)

  2. Oh my goodness!! Poor thing!!

  3. I feel for you both , I know the fear and panick that food allergies can cause , my 8 year olds is allergic to peanuts , so very allergic , even a trace amount touched from a glass once sent her into a reaction, its so damn sticky , she is now allergic to snap peas as well and my husband to all nuts, I hope my girl doesn't get worse as time goes on , it is very scarey , I am very protective , I don't trust anyone to watch out as much as I do for her , she is just getting to the age of sleepvers , I am a wreck , I can't even imagine high school.
    Its so frightening .
    thanks for sharing

  4. I'll be praying for all of you. From one mama to another . . .

  5. I will keep you all in my prayers. xxx

  6. Bless your hearts! I will definitely be praying for you and your daughter. The things we take for granted. Keep us posted.

  7. Oh, I'm so sorry about this! :( Poor kiddo! But at the same time I'm glad that they are finding some answers for her to start feeling better and gaining some weight back! This sounds so much like me! Talk to the specialist/a GOOD gastroenterologist about getting tested for Celiac Disease (the wheat thing is a "tip"). That would be my advice. Anyway, I'll definitely be praying for your sweetie! :)


  8. Miss Susie Q! I will say a little prayer for the both of you...:( I know how hard it is...I too have a baby boy... 6'2" 18 yr old baby boy who is the same way...and asthmatic as well...:( I was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease and can't eat anything...it is sooo hard to cook for people who can't eat anything...I know you are struggling BUT I know it will all work out...You hang in there and learn fun new recipes to fattening that sweet baby girl up! She is a doll! And so is her Mama! It must run in families...lol Love to you! Meme

  9. That must be really difficult! May I suggest you maybe make her green smoothies, they are filled with nutrients and taste good, you usually use about 60% fruit/40% greens.

  10. Susie~
    I'm so sorry you and your daughter are struggling w/this!
    She is beautiful....and she's got a great mom!!
    Thoughts and prayers will be said.

  11. Gosh that's going to be hard to deal with. Maybe you could get the help of a nutritionist who deals alot with allergies. Just an idea.

    She's an absolutely gorgeous girl...she looks just like you!

  12. I was eating lunch while I read your post. I stopped...and prayed for your girl. God bless her...and You as you begin a new way to keep her healthy.

  13. I am so sorry about all of this. My son Drew has peanut allergies and he is allergic to the Earth in general. We have a good regime of allergy meds to control it but the food issues have to be difficult for her. She is very pretty, I just prayed for her.

  14. We'll pray for your daughter that there'll be some answers and she'll be able to gain some weight back and feel healthy. It's so hard when your child is sick and has health problems. You two are beautiful.

  15. Prayers going your way for you and your daughter. Prayers also that the doctors find a solution to this.
    She is a beautiful girl.

  16. Susie I'm so sorry to hear that about your sweet Kaylee!! I was also shocked {after nursing Naya for one year} to find out that she has a severe allergy to peanuts and tree nuts. She has 2 epipens at school and I keep one in my purse at all times. The worse part is they won't be able to do a skin test on her to see if she's outgrown it because it's too risky and the blood tests aren't as accurate. So she'll likely be dealing with this for life.

    It's so scary to have just one severe allergy, I can't image having all of those that poor Kaylee has! Ugh. My heart goes out to you and here's to finding a way to offset these allergies...there has to be a way!

  17. I'm so sorry - allergies are hard. I grew up being allergic to everything and I have a daughter with a list very similar to your daughters! It's hard

  18. How awful for all of you and especially Kaylee. I hope the Dr. can find something out to help your daughter and I will include her in my prayers. Looking at her list of allergies, what do you cook for her to eat?

    Bless all of you.

  19. First of all, it you took peanut butter away from me that would just be UGLY! That's terrible. So glad you are getting to the root of the cause. Hope the next doctor has more answers for you.

  20. Oh, Susie, I can't imagine how difficult this must be for both of you. I'll pray that the doctors make wise decisions in regards to her treatments so that she can gain some weight back. That's just scary. :( Hugs to you, friend!

  21. Susie,

    I will certainly pray for you both! And you are sooo right - when our kidlets suffer, we suffer right along with them!!

    God is faithful! He will walk this with you!

    If you've been on my blog in the past few months, you will notice that I sing the praises of Naomi Carroll, a fellow Louisiana native! She just recently came to my church and led a Women's Conference, "Becoming: The Journey of Healing". WOW is all I can say! God has given her a ministry of song that has touched my heart so deeply. She touched many lives at our conference. I want to encourage you to check out her new CD, "Becoming"...it's on amazon or itunes. Also her single, recorded about 10 yrs ago - "Enjoy the Journey". This is the first song on my blog playlist...go there and just listen to the words. There is tremendous POWER there!

    I don't toot my blog horn...I toot Naomi's horn and the God who gave her this tremendous gift.

    Hugs to you and your beautiful daughter...praying for restoration of her health!


  22. This is scary. Food allergies are becoming so prevalent now. Luckily she can carry the medication with her.

    My daughter is an asthmatic and when she had her first attack at the age of three, I was never so afraid in my life. It goes with being a mom. I wish you and your daughter the best of luck with her health. She is beautiful, by the way and looks just like you!


  23. O, I feel what your heart is feeling! My son is allergic to the cold dew in the air and has asthma. It puts a drifferent spin on things for sure and makes your heart heavy as you find the right way of dealing with it all. We love if you could post ever so often as you find information on this. The update will help alot of people. I will be praying...:)

  24. Food allergies are awful. My son has celiac disease (no wheat/gluten) and is also allergic to corn and dairy. It's so hard to watch him ask "Mommy does this have wheat in it?" and have me answer yes time and time again. I can't imagine having all the restrictions you daughter has. I'll definitely be praying for your family as you deal with the challenges!

  25. Prayers for y'all. And let me know when you figure out what is for dinner because I too am cluess on what to fix tonight! ;)

  26. Sure will. Warm heartfelt wishes for u and ur baby Kay.

  27. Kaylee resembles you. very pretty you both are.
    In the past couple of years we found our daughter is allergic to citrus. You wouldn't believe it, but citrus in quite a bit of food.
    Praying for your sweet kaylee.

  28. More prayers for you and Kay. I am so sorry. Speaking for one that is allergic to all dairy, I can only imagine how hard this is going to be for her. I hope she finds joy in eating again- as soon as she settles into her new routine.
    You are both in my thoughts.

  29. Oh, Susie. . .my heart goes out to you. It's HARD for your child to be sick. It's harder than being sick yourself, I know! Allergies are not an issue for us, but cardiac problems are. These things are burdens every day, aren't they? Thank God that Jesus invites us to come to him with our burdens. God will take care of Kay--and her mama!

  30. WoW this sounds tough... I will say a lil prayer for y'all...

  31. Susie, I will certainly keep you and your beautiful daughter Kaylee on my prayer list. God created her and knows all about her needs and He hasn't forgotten her sweet Mom's needs either!

  32. Will be keeping you both in my prayers.

  33. I can somewhat relate Susie. My 13 yr old daughter has been sick with migraines for years. We've had her on prescription medicines, had cat scans of her brain, nothing helped. Then she developed acne and was becoming pretty depressed with that along with sufferring with almost daily migraines. I started reserching alot of the net and found that she was either having an alergic reation to something that was causing her body to be toxic. When the liver cannot process all the toxins it releases the toxins to other organs..the largest organ is the skin thus the acne appeared. Apparantly the pores are larger in the face, back, chest and shoulders so that is where the liver releases it this that is where people get acne. So anyway we have been doing a whole cleanse of her body by a very limited diet (no sugar, no white flours, no dairy, etc..)She has been on this for about 3 weeks and her skin has cleared all up and she has no migraines. Praise God! She did cheat one day at a church outing and had sugar-next day migraine. Anyway, it is tough learning to eat a new way, but it is worth it. Just now made her lunch it consisted of cucumbers, a kefir smoothie (that has tons of probiotics in it which puts the healthy flora in your intestines/stomach), and an egg. I pray that you will find the answer that will heal your daughter as well. Keep praying God will lead you in the right direction...he did me!

  34. Bless her heart...I will be sure to say a prayer for her. I hope she has an awesome time at her prom...those nights are soooo SPECIAL to young girls...I know they were to my two girls:)


  35. I am praying for your sweet girl. There is nothing worse than feeling helpless as a mother, so I am also praying for wisdom and strength for you.

  36. Oh, Susie, I am praying for Kaylee right now. Wisdom for the doctors, rest for her as well as you...

    Y'all will get through this! I keep telling myself that this season will pass...I just wish it would pass more quickly! : )

  37. As a mother, I really sympathize with you.

    ~Sending prayers~

  38. I'm so sorry - we'll be sending some happy healing thoughts your way. She's a beautiful young girl - just like her mom.

  39. oh susie! i am and will be praying for your beautiful daughter and her beautiful mama! wow! what can she eat? that is a mighty big list! keep us up to date after your visit to the dr! xoxo

  40. Saying a prayer for your cute girl - that is a LOT to be allergic to! Yikes!

  41. Susie! I love you! I love that you put real life on your blog and not just pretty things;)

    My son and I both have eosinophilic esophagitis http://www.apfed.org/ee.htm which is basically when our esophagus gets really sick when we eat food we are allergic to. My son is 4. We have an Epi-pen Jr and he is tube fed.

    So much of our culture is centered around eating and food. Every holiday we prepare a huge spread of everykind of food and we sit and eat. With food allergies, it isn't the easy thing to do.

    Hugs to you and your sweet daughter. We say a prayer for our son every minute of every day that he is able to still grow into the amazing person he is meant to be...he just won't eat all the junk most people do;)

    Hugs, hugs, hugs to you and your family!

    Anjeanette of Roots and Wings Co. There is a post about it somewhere on our blog if you want to read about what our lives were like last year.

  42. Wow! I'm sorry you are on this path! Many of my Nephews have diet restrictions (due to Autism, EE, and ADHD) and it has changed our entire family's lives. How quickly we realized that most events center around food. I'm also noticing how so many medical problems can be fixed by a change in our diet. They also are similar in that it appears gluten, wheat, dairy, etc are a problem in all these different situations. Seems to me that maybe we've gotten too far away from fresh foods! This is why I garden! I'll get off my soapbox now. Good luck to you in this endeavor. You are right that it certainly could be something much worse. But when it happens to a child, and your own child nonetheless...well that just stinks! That thought is helpful but it doesn't take the hurt and sting away! ;) My thoughts and prayers are with you, your daughter, and your family!
    Rebecca of the R&W Gals

  43. Susie, my prayers are with you and your family. As a parent of a food allergic child, I know the challenges and the fears. Our little one is only 8, but she has been dealing with this her whole life. She has even been bullied due to her allergies. It breaks my heart.

  44. hopefully you have whole foods and/or trader joes near you. Our daughter is allergic to wheat, dairy and soy. It is a tough adjustment, but after a while it does seem to get better. I will pray for her and her medical team.

  45. Oh Susie,
    I do understand this so well. I can't eat any gluten (wheat, rye, barley, oats or any preservatives/msg's) I have Celiac Disease-I just tell people I can't eat gluten.
    My daughter Ronnie (a size 1) is not supposed to eat any dairy protein (casein-which means milk, butter, ice cream anything dairy/she can only have soy) And she is not supposed to eat gluten either.
    I carry, for myself, 4 epi-pens, a syringe with a vile of benadryl, a inhaler, steroids, and a couple other bottles of pills I have to take with me everywhere I go. There are special websites all over for casein and gluten free meals. It has gotten so much easier these past few years to find good food. Whole foods is a great place to start.
    I will send up a prayer for you two...

    I carry snacks everywhere I go just in case I can't find something to eat when we are out.

    It will be okay. :)

  46. So sorry she is going through this! I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

  47. I will certainly be praying for you and your daughter. I can identify with how hard this can be. I have a nine year old who was diagnosed with a bunch of allergies a few years ago (dairy was the biggie). It was awful we were in and out of the hospital for endoscopies every six months. We prayed and prayed for her and I swear . . . this year she is able to eat dairy with no problems. The doctors are amazed. I will keep you all in our prayers.

  48. Oh Susie:( I am so sorry. We take for granted that we can eat whatever our hearts desire and I wouldn't know what to do if I were told that I couldn't have all those things. I hope things work out for her. Sending prayers and hugs.

  49. Susie, Of course we'll say a prayer for you both. I know what you mean about when your child hurts- there is nothing worse.

  50. Oh Susie! I am so sorry to hear your sweet Kaylee has been so unwell. There is nothing worse than a sick child and feeling helpless as a parent. Warmest wishes and all my love to you both. Hope things start to improve for her soon~ Tina xx

  51. Wow! I will pray for her. I know exactly you feel when it is your girl. Mine has had health issues since her Sr yr. of HS, so I really do know, and I will pray. Keep us posted. Jackie

  52. wow, that is a lot of things to be allergic too. I'm sure y'all have a hard road ahead of learning new foods and things to cook, but I'm sure with the support of her Mom she can do it!

  53. Oh no! That is terrible. :0 :( I will certainly be praying for your daughter...and for you! I have a super weird allergy. I'm allergic to the cold. It's true...no kidding. My heart really goes out to your daughter!! Poor dear. :(

  54. Oh my goodness...She is gorgeous...poor thing to have to have this! I am praying for you both.

    God Bless You both!

  55. Oh my! Prayers coming your way...

  56. That is the hardest thing and I will say a prayer! I was diagnosed with a shrimp/seafood allergy 2 years ago and it makes me paranoid to eat out anywhere!!! I can't imagine having even more allergies. She is such a beautiful girl! I hope the shots help her and they can come up with something some day to make it better!

  57. Keeping you and your daughter in my prayers....food allergies are so frustrating.

  58. Dear Susie-
    This is when I really like blogging, because look at all these prayers! and people who really care!!

    what a blessing that you were able to nurse her for a whole year - you know it helped her -
    she sound awfully thin - poor honey-

    prayers you ask - prayers you get
    Anne Marie

  59. Awww - I hope she has fun at prom. Bless her heart...

  60. Susie, first I have to say...you daughter is beautiful just like her mom!! I am so sorry she is having to go through this! I will be praying for her and your family...hopefully you might get some answers soon and something that helps. I have an asthmatic son who is allergic to lot's of things and it is very hard to see your child have to go through something like this. Sending good thoughts, love and prayers your way friend.

    Hugs and love,

  61. Somehow I made my way to your blog and I love it.

    I had to comment today and tell you that I will keep your daughter in my prayers. I too have a daughter with medical issues. Kassie has suffered from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis since she was two. Like you, I know that life could be worse for her and my heart breaks for the children and parents who are battling far more serious illnesses. However, it does not take the scariness out of our situation. I worry about Kassie needing joint replacements and I worry about the negative effects her medications could be having on her body.

    I hope your daughter has a fabulous Prom night!

  62. Susie...I read your post last night and my heart goes out to your sweet Kaylee.((She is a li'l petite doll just like her Momma)) I am shocked that she has suffered like this. I hope and pray that you can get on her a diet that will help her thrive once again. I will keep her in my daily prayers and thoughts.
    I have thought of her everytime I've eaten since reading this...I will never take another bite for granted.

  63. i will keep you both in my prayers as i know i would be asking for the same thing in your shoes. sending a big hug, susan

  64. 86 lbs. Oh my! Bless her heart. My daughter went on a no soy, dairy, gluten, blah, blah, blah diet when she was nursing: cause baby had so many stomach problems....let me tell you, it is very hard to find something to cook....Wishing you and Kaylee lots of luck to finding some help.....

  65. Hi Susie,
    I really feel for you and your daughter! I will definitely keep her in my prayers!! I hope the doctor's can find something to help her. I know that by the grace of God, they will! I found this little saying a few days ago on the internet, I hope it helps.
    "The will of God will not take you where the grace of God will not protect you". I loved this so much. I hope it helps a little. Hang in there and have faith that your baby will be okay!!

  66. Oh no...my middle daughter (she's 20 months) is also allergic to many foods and I carry an epi-pen Jr. for her. We found out a year ago. She had bad eczema, which led us to get her tested and so that's how we found out so early. So, in some ways, it has been easier for her since she doesn't know any different. I still cried for about a week afterward though. I know there are so many worse things, but like you said, it is still your precious kid! Slowly but surely we have found things for her to eat. She eats much healthier than the rest of us in this house...lots of fruits and veggies and meat. There are also certain brands out there that are "allergen free". Feel free to email me whenever you'd like if you just want to vent or have questions! Will be thinking of you and her (she's beautiful BTW)!!

    Take care!

  67. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful.

    I am sorry about the allergies. I will keep you both in thought and prayer.


  68. Oh Susie, I know you are distressed over your beautiful daughter! Allergies are just the pits!!

    I will pray for her that the Doctor can find just the right thing for her!!

    It is hard on the Mama when her children are sick so I will also pray for you!! Keep us posted, OK?

    Blessings to all of you.

  69. Oh Susie...I'll definitely be praying for your sweet Kaylee. Our Presley went through all of this a couple of years ago...although hers was not food, it was almost everything she touched or came in contact with...spent lots of time at Texas Childrens'. Thank our wonderful God she is much better now...it required a huge lifestyle change for us all.


  70. I have symptoms much like your daughters. I've been diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. I'm allergic to most everything I breathe and eat. http://www.multiplechemicalsensitivity.org/
    I have found a lot of help online and a Dr. in my area who practices complementary alternative medicine, and she has been able to help me some.I will certainly keep Kaylee in my prayers; it's such a scary thing to be afflicted with.

  71. Oh, Susie! We found out the our Ginny is severely allergic to peanuts when I gave her peanut butter for the first time when she was just 14 months old. Talk about scary. Almost instantly she was overwhelmed by practically every possible symptom of an allergic reaction and by the time I got her to the pediatrician she was struggling for breath.

    We've carried an Epipen ever since and *Thank God* have never had to use it, but she did get a sip of a peanut butter smoothie yesterday- her first exposure since that first time- and we've had a rough 24 hours here as that works it's way out of her system. It's so scary to think that foods we eat every day and have always heard are healthy and nutritious can be like POISON to our kids. And it's hard, as a mom, not to feel like it might be somehow my fault.

    Know you and Kaylee will be in my prayers.

  72. I know others have mentioned it. . but definitely check out the celiac/gluten allergy. It took us a while to figure out that celiac was triggering our daughter's arthritis. And learning to live gluten-free is a trick (it hides everywhere, even soy sauce), but we are doing really well now. Hopefully your daughter can eat rice so she can have rice products (rice, rice milk, rice pasta). They are really pretty good. We'll be praying for you to get some good answers.

  73. will do....you both are in my prayers....Pat H

  74. sending good thoughts your way - take care of your baby girl!

  75. My hearts breaks for both you and your sweet daughter. It is so hard to see your children suffer. I will keep you both in my prayers.


  76. Hi Susie, Your daughter is beautiful just like her momma. You are both added to my prayers. This is a little late but....thank you for answering the question I had about your "I AM" art, that was so sweet of you to answer my question so fast, I know you are very busy.
    God bless you and your family!

  77. Susie, I missed this earlier!! Praying for Kaylee and her mommy.

    Our baby Noah (2) is allergic to dairy and peanuts and other things. They carry epipins, too. I know how scary it is to have an adverse reaction (antiphylactic shock). By accident I learned of a bee allergy as an adult. Fortunately, in my case, benadryl works and is what the doctor advised me to carry. It is scary to have those episodes. My heart goes out to Kaylee in a big way!

  78. So sorry to hear about your daughter's allergies. I just wanted to say, though, that my dad always mixed the peanut butter and jelly before putting it on a sandwich and I've never seen anyone else do it. :)

  79. Susie,
    I really feel for you guys with these allergies and limitations. I pray that God will give you wisdom and strength as you seek to help Kaylee get healthy and strong.
    One of my little guys has a peanut allergy too...it's kind of scary because people try to give him food all the time and peanuts are in everything, so I can't imagine what it must be like to have Kaylee's list.
    No matter what, I know God is enough for this situation and I pray He will give you courage and joy in the midst of the circumstance!
    Praying for you and your sweet family!

  80. I will be praying for your baby. My baby girl, Kris, is allergic to milk and treenuts. She's also never been fond of eating...can you imagine, not liking FOOD..ha! This can't be my child :)

  81. I will be praying for your baby. My baby girl, Kris, is allergic to milk and treenuts. She's also never been fond of eating...can you imagine, not liking FOOD..ha! This can't be my child :)

  82. How frustrating! If she isn't allergic to tree nuts, then cashew butter & almond butter are good substitutes for peanut butter. I have heard that sunflower seed butter is good as well. The combination of wheat/corn allergies must be very tricky. If she is also having chronic fatigue and/or pain, you may want to check into fibromyalgia. Food allergies and sensitivities are one of the indicators. I have terrible food allergies and know how difficult it can be. I lost 40 lbs in one month at one point. Good luck to you and your family!

  83. Sweet girl. Praying.
    Heather at UntraditionalHome.com has a daughter with many, many food allergies. She might have some good ideas for cooking. I know they shop at Trader Joes a bit.

  84. Wow, I don't comment much here, but I wanted to let you know I sure will be praying for Kaylee. I'm 21, so I'm guessing she and I are close in age?


  85. As tears well in my eyes.. I am sending my prayers and thoughts for Kay and Mamas. I don't have very many food allergies but know full well about the allergy shots and epi pens.
    But it is so much harder to see our kiddos going through any sort of pain or struggle.
    Through it all, she sure looks happy, what a joy.
    Like I said you're in my prayers.

  86. I will be praying for all of you as you relearn how to cook, eat, live with these allergies! I was diagnosed last year with several food allergies and latex allergy. it can be scary, and a long process to learn what you can and cannot eat. God is good, and His glory can be shown even in this!

  87. We rely on the Food And Allergy Network for updated information on allergens (FAAN). They have a lot of recipes, too. Hope that helps. Also, I've found googling vegan recipes that there really is a lot out there for us to eat. (We're meat eating vegans minus seafood :)

  88. Aww~ she's gorgeous! Sucks that she's allergic to all of those things! I have 5 kids, and I know how hard it is when one is even a little sick! Hope you guys get things sorted out!

    btw~ stopped by from tcb;o


  89. This book helped me- http://www.amazon.com/Patient-Heal-Thyself-Remarkable-Groundbreaking/dp/1893910245

    Good luck and best wishes

  90. This is my first time here. You have some great ideas!

    I have a niece with severe allergies and my sister has a blog about their experience. Thought you might be interested...

  91. Yikes! She is beautiful. I just posted my kids, yesterday - my eldest is 11th grade. I nursed my
    oldest for 8 mo.
    middle kid for 6 weeks
    baby for one whole year -
    ONLY the middle one (6 weeks) does NOT have allergies!! The other two are sniffling this week with the spring flowers blooming. Hope you can keep from worrying about her - I know it must be hard. Food allergies are the worst.
    Enjoy Roundtop!

  92. Bless your hearts! I will definitely be praying for you and your daughter. The things we take for granted. Keep us posted.
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  93. Susie~my daughter was just diagnosed with MS a couple months ago. Since then, a close friend of mine told us about a drug called LDN~low dose naltrexone. There are many videos on YouTube that you can learn more about it. My daughter had relief from her most debilitating symptoms of paralysis within a week. She is also following a diet very close to the one described in The Maker's Diet, by Jordan Rubin. He had Crohn's disease, and was healed through following a very strict diet that did what no doctor or medicine had been able to do. Please....take a look at this book for your daughter. It is a total change in lifestyle where eating is concerned, but the benefits can mean the difference between life and just existing when someone's body systems are as compromised as our daughters' are. I can just feel your heart for your daughter, and the deep love and concern you have for her. I will be praying for her, and, for you. Andrea

  94. absolutely praying for your sweet daughter!

  95. I'm sending positive energy to your daughter - and to you too.

    I'd do exactly what you're doing - using my strength and courage to continue to make life great for my girl everyday -


  96. I will definitely keep Kay in our thoughts,hearts & prayers! She is a beautiful young woman and I pray that she heals completely from these allergies! God Bless. Beth

  97. As one who is allergic to everything but meat (yes, celery too!) I can relate. My heart goes out to her. Please let her know she will be in my thoughts as I go get my allergy shot each week and when I have attacks. My epi pin is clued to the inside of my purse so I never am without it. Tell her to keep her chin up! We will be courageous and survive!

  98. Go here for some ideas, in her right hand side-bar they list the foods the recipes are free of!


  99. Oh.MY. GOODNESS! My heart goes out to the two of you, and I WILL pray for Kay. I have bizarre allergies we can't seem to nail down - it's not showing up with testing and it is so random. It seems to have something to do with beef, but I can usually eat beef with no ill effects. Since I virtually stopped eating beef, though, I've only had one episode of hives in about a year. For a while, it was happening once a month. Then it was about every other month. Crazy and not fun.

  100. Oh, dear! Sorry to hear about your "new experiences" into the world of allergies. I will pray for your family, and your daughter, and the wonderful doctors that I am sure will meet up with you! And, just maybe you will actually enjoy perusing cook books and the internet for recipes with your most recent specifications. :) (I had headaches, and allergies to ONLY 7 different foods, and really enjoyed looking for new recipes.)I am not making light of your experiences, just maybe mentioning things you already know. I really enjoy checking out your blog.... hope things are going better for your daughter. :)

  101. I second the Celiac testing. I ended up very anemic before discovering it. Do the DNA test to know if she has the gene, and also ALL the antibody tests. Only the DNA test is 100 percent accurate; so don't skip that one. If it's negative, you don't have to worry, but if it is positive, Celiac needs to be ruled out every year.

  102. wow! poor little thing! i'm sure God will provide ways to nourish her body as well as her strength and spirit! God bless, my prayers are w/ you and kay!

  103. So sorry to hear about your daughter! My daughter is 2yrs old and after a sever eczema break out all over her back we took her to a BioSet practitioner and she was treated holistically for all of her allergies and now she is able to eat those foods without breaking out with severe oozing sores. It's amazing how something so natural works so well yet not many people know about it. I hope your daughter can go through BioSet and detox.

    Good job with nursing her for over a year. I have heard that vaccines are being linked to food allergies.

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