Heading To Roundtop...

You may remember last fall 
 when my sister and I hit the road for Round Top.
It was pure pleasure
This place is unbelieveable!
You could spend the entire two weeks
still not take it all in.
So today I worked on getting a few orders in the mail.
I finished two paintings too!

Tommorow I hope to have my bags packed
and my house cleaned.
Before the crack of dawn on Wednesday
we will be heading to feast our
eyes on views like this...
I know this year we have to think small...
As much as I love seeing how much my car can hold...
 I'm leaving my car and maps at home.
No husband.
No kids.
No puppies.
Just Sonic
and some good Sister time!
You can still enter the giveaway
I will draw and announce the winner
on Monday.
Have a Blessed Easter!
XOXO Susie~

The Well-Dressed Home ~ Book Giveaway!

I wanted to share this awesome book with all of you.
The Well-Dressed Home
By Annette Tatum
No matter your style, you will find yourself here inside of her pages.
I found mine.
Vintage Causal
I'm just drawn to it I guess.
Do you ever wonder what your look is?
This book can help you find it...really!
Now I must confess
I have many looks as many of you that read my blog know.
I'm a bit Swedish with a
 dash of Coastal
and who can forget that great look of Flea Market Flair.
It's not hard to find yourself here...
Annette has that special touch of making everyone feel at home and welcome.
Her designs have been included in magazines such as In Style, Romantic Homes, Country Living, Country Home and People.
Her philosophy is simple:
comfort and style.
I love that!
Now I know that everyones style is not Vinatge but you can have a little peek and maybe find your style here. Want to bring a bit of Annettes style to your home? You can visit her catalog here .
Just leave a comment here and I will put your name in the drawing for her book.

Want more?

is having a giveaway for one of Annettes
Queen size duvets!
Just hop on over there and enter.
Tell her Susie said Hi!
Good Luck~


This is my "middle child" Kaylee.
She is my dose of laughter everyday!
We spend a lot of time together.
A lot of that time is spent in the kitchen
We love to eat!
Yesterday we spent a good portion of our day at the Dr.'s office.
She has been sick.
 A lot!
Just a little history on Kay,
She has two allergy shots once a week.
She is allergic to everything she breathes pretty much.
Still sick!
More testing.
Yesterday they told us she is allergic to this..
Beef , Corn, Pork, Tomatoes, Whey, Egg Whites, Shrimp (oh my)
Wheat, Cheese, Milk...oh..pretty much anything dairy, Soybean,and the list goes on
and on and on and on....
Is this the same healthy baby that I nursed for an entire year to prevent these kinds of problems?
oh my~
We are being sent to a specialist because of her case.
Bless her heart...she only weighs 86 lbs now.
I know it could be so much worse.
Mothers this minute are pleading for just a few more mintues with their sick child
when it's your child hurting
no matter the amount
you hurt too.
She now carries EpiPens (Epinephrine)
next to her lipstick.
If you have a minute during your next meal
would you please say a prayer for Kay.
I know she will be just fine.
 The Lord has given her unmeasurable amounts of strength and perseverance.
I think I need some prayer too.
I have no idea what to cook tonight,ha!
I cant wait till we can meet with the Dr.
Her Prom is this Saturday...
I hope she doesnt order Shrimp!
xoxox Susie

Vintage Keys in Black..

It's Topsie Turvie day here!
Do you remember those days in school?
You would wear your clothes all backwards
and have the time of your life!
I have recieved a few request to make the Vintage Keys in reverse.
So here you go...
It was kinda fun!
I get so use to doing the same thing over again,
a time or two I caught myself thinking I had made a mistake..ha!
I love it in reverse.
It looks just like the Vintage Name Signs.

I have a question for all of you that sew.
Do you spend most of your time fidd a lin' with the needle and thread?
God Bless those of you that can sew!
It's a gift.
I think I will just stick with ruffles for now~
xoxox Susie~


Can you guess?
Here's the hint.
bless his heart
Got snagged to do another project of mine.
Thank the Good Lord I had a Boy!
I really like the sleekness
of the stainless.
It just fits!
I found the pendant at our Home Depot
Under $30.00!
Whoop Whoop!
Funny how changing just a few things  makes the difference.
I wont be hanging up the curtains for now.
Just enjoying that sunlight too much!
Now ask me again in about a month when it's 110 degrees and I may have a different plan. Till now I am just enjoying!
Speaking of enjoying...
If you want to hear my horrendous laugh
just watch the video below.
This is how we roll....ha!

Shabby Shades~

Last year when I moved into the little cottage she had no style.
Not really.
Just plain cream walls with a dash of black here and there.
I did add a few of my treasures but she was still lacking that special something.
You know....
Dont get me wrong...
I lovvvvve these shades but they just would not fit  with the shabby look we are going for.
I have always adored the Shabbiness but really could not pull it off inside my home.
I think the males here would put up a fight soooo...
What better place to get my Shabby on than in my cottage.
I bet you know what I will be working on next...
You may not have even noticed that the cottage was painted.
It's only a shade or two lighter but boy does it make a difference.
Thank goodness my neighbor is a painter and has a store full of paint for me to play with!
He had the whole cottage painted in like 20 minutes!
He used a sprayer.
If not... I would still be in there painting my heart out.
Madison and I are planning a little party as soon as we finish our Shabby makeover.
Today I have orders to paint and curtains to attempt.
I'm really loving this sewing stuff....
xoxox Susie

I think I can...

In my attempt to Shabby up the cottage
I must sew....
Nothing like taking lessons from your 9 year old
bless her heart
I'm not a very good student.
This is what I have so far...
As soon as the sun pops up I will show you where these ruffles are going.

Blame it on the basket...

It all started with this basket.
While I was waiting on the playhouse to get painted
I started fiddling...
you know...
Playing around taking pictures
and stuff...
No matter where I would stand
my pictures were just dark.
So I did this..
and this...
Now I have this...hmmmm.

My little Playhouse!

Can you guess?
You may remember my little cottage...
Winter came and I moved out.
Well...not really.
My stuff stayed
I just headed for the house.
So she sat.
Spring brings warm days
I'm moving back !
Today I am having her painted.
Cant wait...
Her new look?
Shabby Chic!
ps...the winner of the pillow
Thanks for playing yall!

Free Rent...

Another sign I thought you would enjoy.
My friend Jessica searched for the perfect words she wanted  her sign to say.
I love it!
It will hang over her bed.
How sweet~
While I was painting I was thinking.....
I do that a lot you know....
No tv...
No radio....
Just the wood,paint and my brushes.
So I was thinking...
How great it is that we can live in the Lords heart...
and pay no rent!
Now that my friend is one awesome deal!
What would your sign say?
Today I would say mine would be Blessed~
I will be drawing a winner sometime this evening for the pillow
so it's not too late to enter.
Good luck~