Foot'ball History!

I watched the football game the other night...well some of it.
but to be honest..I spent some time on my sisters computer. favorite niece in the whole wide world!
"The Girls"
 Brittany,Kaylee (my middle one) and Megan (Kay's friend)
Most of the game Jesses face looked like this along with...
Marc and Brett. On the edge of seats I tell ya!
Madison...she didnt care much about all of the hoop la' she just had fun hanging out with all of us!
Missy and Blaise (favorite nephew in the whole wide world) and Madison too!

I think the best part of the whole night was just being together.
You want to know what made my heart really sing?
Our kids didnt fight!
Not one cross word.

That one can go down in history next to the Saints winning !
Thank you Lord!


  1. The superbowl party looks like so much fun! Mr. B and I just stayed home. We ate pizza with lots of my favorite appetizers and of course wine.


  2. So happy for the Saints. My guys were pulling for the Colts (we love Peyton) but I pulled with my heart. My hubby said "you are just pulling with your heart and not your head." When he went to be after the game, I told him that maybe he should start pulling with his heart more:)

  3. It's always so much fun when you are able to get together with family....and yeah the fact that the kids didn't fight was just a sahweet bonus!
    and the icing on the cake was that the Saints won!

  4. I don't know if Louisiana will ever be able to come down off the cloud of the Saint's Super Bowl win. I went out on my front porch and made some noise (along with everybody else on my block).

    Looks like you had a great time with the family! Who Dat!

    Nate @ LaurelStreet

  5. I'm not a Super Bowl watcher, but glad to hear you had fun with the family. Most important for sure!

  6. I love the sonic RT-44 on the counter in your last post and this one!

    I love me a RT 44!!!!!!

  7. Brittany and Kaylee look like they could be sisters instead of cousins! So beautiful, just like you and Missy!

    We spent time over at some friends' and I watched the game until about halfway through second quarter, then had to start working on tassels. And guess what they were? Fleur de Lis! : )

  8. Boy do Brittany and Kaylee look like sisters or what? I had to do a double take....wondering if you had twins stashed away I had never read about! big smile. Beautiful girls there. I was glad the Saints won. What a wonderful thing to happen for them and their state. I know there are alot of happy fans, players and people rooting for them! It is just great.
    Poor Jess though...


  9. oh my! i'm sorry you have to count that as a history making moment! we were cheering those saints on... and whooping at the victory!

  10. Hey! My boys didn't fight either that night - but I was attributing it to all the food that they were thrilled to eat! So cute that the girls got dressed up! Was happy to see the Saints win!

  11. What are you always drinking from Sonic??!!

  12. You totally sound like me before I met/married a football player. Now the NFL is our life...literally!

  13. hi there! thanks for stopping by! nice to "meet" you!!! wasn't that saints win amazing???? happy snow day and weekend!

  14. LOL!!! That would be the best part of my night as well if my kids didn't fight. It was so fun going through your pictures. It's like I was there with your family watching the game too. What beautiful children you and your sister have!!


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