Around the corner....

What do you get when you add boxwood garland...
and the sweetest birds and nests stamps?
A touch of spring!
I started making a few tags then had an idea!
What if I had a Spring Sale!
I could offer some of my favorite pieces and share these sweet tags.
Here in the south we have a word for it.
In  Cajun French it means
"a little something extra"
So join me
March 1st. for my first annual
Lagniappe Sale~
You wont want to miss it!
xoxo Susie


Thought ya'll would enjoy this~

Puppy Love~

Are these not the cutest puppies ever!!

Oh the sweet paws and grunts...

I'm afraid I'm falling in love with every single could you not?

I am trying to prepare myself for the day they find a home of their very own....sniff sniff..

So till that day comes...

I will kiss their sweet nose...

and love on their sweet wrinkles..

ps..I'm working my way through all of the wonderful comments and questions about the mirror. Ya'll make me feel so blessed.

DIY Trumeau....

I'm finding it hard to do a tutorial when I have no idea what I'm talking about.
  So I guess I will just wing it ..ha!
                               I used one board for my base, mirror from Wal mart,decorative wood garland from  Home Depot and trim from my sisters garage :)
I set my pieces where I wanted them to go .... measured by sight then cut.
You can see here where I measured by drawing lines.

I didnt measure for perfection...just looks.
I used this good ole handy dandy saw to cut my edges.

Before you decide on a mirror size I would measure your wall space.
Cut out a piece of paper and hang it on the wall for a few days.
Move it around..
I have high ceilings so the long mirror worked perfect for me.
I also found that drawing lines helped me keep things in their place.
Make sure you paint your base before you add the mirror.
Opps. I forgot to tell ya'll I attached my trim with small nails and wood glue.
I told ya'll I stink at giving tutorials..sorry..

Dont forget to paint your mirror trim before you glue it down.
I used liquid nails to hold my mirror in place.

Once my mirror was glued down I then attached my trim .
I sanded and stained..and sanded..and stained...
till I got it just right...
I must read a tutorial on how to write a good tutorial..ha!
I'm one of those that builds like I cook.
No recipe..
No correct measurments...
No rules..
Just right~

My "Fancy Mirror"...

A couple of bandaids and one broken mirror later...
I would  like to introduce
My version of the

I am so proud of this mirror because I made it all by my little self.
No help from Daddy.
No instructions.
No advice.
I first sketched it out in my mind.
I searched for scrap pieces that would work.
and learned
that mirrors break
I think if you really put your mind to something
you will amaze yourself.
I hope a true carpenter does not come over anytime soon.
He may just bust my bubble
and point out
all of my boo boo's. 
But for now
I am going to just enjoy
"Fancy Mirror"
I hope you will enjoy it too!
Anyone out there interested
in a little

Trumeau Mirrors..DIY

Trumeau mirrors have caught my attention in a grand way.
To be quite honest I just dicovered their formal name.
Last week I knew them as
"Fancy Mirrors".
This week Trumeau~
So just what does Trumeau mean? 
{A mirror having a painted or carved panel above or below the glass in the same frame}
A "Fancy Mirror" I still say
but it's fun to say "Trumeau" too~
Can we build this?
I think we can...
Inbetween birthing puppies that is~

I'm off to build a "Trumeau"...
                                                 I think....
                                                                   xo Susie~

9 and Counting...

 I think we may be done ...maybe.
Alley started having her babies around 3 this afternoon and they are all just beautiful!
Healthy too~

My laundry room is now full of Momma and puppies
and neighbors
and friends
and Grandparents.
It has been a day full of fun!
Maybe not for Alley but she is already in love with her babies.
So far she has been a wonderful Momma.
I plan on sleeping close by  to the sound of sweet  puppy grunts...awwww.

ps~  I have something awesome to share myself
but it will have to wait.
 I have 9 puppies to love on.
xo Susie

Galvanized Goodness...

Choices..choices...on my road trip last year to Roundtop!

I decided on two but now I'm wishing there were more ..

More handles ..
More spouts...
I am keeping my eyes wide open for the next chance to stumble on more of these babies.
 Personally , I'm drawn to the very old  dented ones. 
They have a sense of history being told through layers of glorious patina.
If one can be passionate over a watercan that person would be me. 
That passion is what drives me to search high and low.
Oh..the thrill of the hunt!
Do you have a special treasure you're hunting for?
If you love watering cans and dont mind the fact that they are new.
You can find a few reproductions here.


Hi ya'll!
One word to sum up my week.

Patience (adj.) Capable of bearing affliction, delay, etc. with calmness.
Thank goodness I have not had to bear affliction this week.
Just the wait...

So while I am learning some of life's great lesson's here
 I will show you the wire conservatory.
I aged it up a bit and was pleased on how it turned out.
Eargerly I headed to the local nursery to fill her with
fresh herbs in cute clay pots.
That didnt happen as you can see here.
No fresh herbs to be found.

So I filled her...
plastic plants and a bunny.
Gotta love it!
The end..