Blending In or Standing out...

Reaching into my dryer I found a red hot mess.
Somehow Madisons new red shirt found it's way into the load of whites.
"Daddy's white shirts are all pink now" she laughed.Her giggles turned my agitation into adoration.

It amazed me how "ONE" can change so many.

Growing up I was always the child that wanted to blend in unless you count my eighth grade year with the mullet. Wait! Everyone them so I guess that doesnt count...right?
 Blending's safe and secure. It has boundaries and rules. I like that.

There are the blenders and the red shirts.
The followers and leaders.
Are you a follower
Are you a leader?
I think this world needs both to play nice.
For now I'm still a blender in a pretty shade of pink.
I am no stranger to insecurity.
I'm am working on it though.
I'm patiently waiting on Beth Moore's new book.
Have you heard about it?
to be cont....Susie~


  1. Oh no....I hate it when that happens.

    I have to say I am a follower. I have always been pretty shy and could NEVER get up in front of a group of people. I am better with that now but still don't really want to.♥

  2. I can't wait for that book either! Beth is an amazing woman and I am learning lots . I am doing her breaking free study now. I highly recommend it.
    I have always been a leader but not always in a good way. The work the Lord is doing in me though is creating both a leader and a follower in me as
    needed :)
    Great post Susie!!

  3. I love to blend in, usually into the background where nobody can notice me. Growing up I was also in the middle and my younger sister, by 18 months was always the life of the party, the one everyone wanted to talk to. I was the shy sister that no one really wanted to get to know. Now that I'm older I still like to blend in but people are surprised when I tell them how shy I was growing up. It's also very hard for me to "blend" in the background while I'm playing the piano in our church every service up on the platform. Learning to use the talents God has blessed me with. Love Beth Moore!!!

  4. I have always been a blender...very shy, but after i hit forty, that all changed.
    I have heard of Beth Moore's new book. As a matter of fact, our church is doing a simulcast in April. So if anyone lives near the Chicagoland area, you all are invited. We'd love to have you.
    It drives me nuts when something like a red shirt gets in the whites. LOL, there is nothing like pink laundry to make your day.

  5. oh i think i'm a little of both. i don't want to be the center of attention, EVER! but i can come out of my shell in the right circumstances.

    susie...other of the subject question. i know you live in louisiana and me asking you questions about florida is like you asking me questions about idaho...which i know nothing about other than we drove through on the way to the farm chicks show and it's beautiful...but i was wondering if you have ever been to the florida panhandle just south of panama city? if so do you have any place you would recommend? mady wants to go somewhere hot by the ocean for her senior trip that's just a small little beach town and that just looks so pretty there. anyways, any input would be appreciated. you're the only one i know that even lives close to there. :D sorry about the novel.

  6. Suzie, I am sitting next to you on the blender/follower almost all circumstances. I have learned to step up when necessary, but it's not my natural choice!
    Oh, and the red sorry. I hate it when that happens!


  7. The song pretty in pink is going through my mind...

    It is the little things that sometimes mean the most...

  8. Susie...I think this may be my favorite post of yours to date. Maybe because it made me realize there are other people out there like me! For the most part I would rather be a blender except in the eyes of my children...then I want to be a rock star!

  9. I struggle to blend in. Pleasing others has never been on the top of my priority list and its gotten me into a lot of trouble and hurt a lot of feelings along the way. I've (hopefully) grown in maturity and learned when to be a bold shade of red and when to play it pink. I'm still learning.... :)

  10. I am actually hearing a conversation on the need for leadership as I write this...kinda funny! I am doing the Beth Moore's Bible study with my church right now, Breaking Free. I am loving it and it's the first Bible study I have ever done and it's Beth Moore!! She is amazing at pointing out what I need to hear...I know God is speaking to me!

  11. What a cute post!

    I've always stood out but wanted to be a blender! I think I've finally made peace with who I am, but it's taken a long while to get there!


  12. I've often been the one to stand out. And I never wanted too! I am really tall and even physically stood out. Now that I am older I am okay with it. Sometimes I still worry about it but I am so much more at peace with it!

  13. Oh, what a mess, huh? Susie, your photos are gorgeous and I was wondering what kind of camera you use. I'm in the market for a new camera. Would you be kind enough to share the info?

  14. Love how you've made the analogy! Funny - I am both. I am pretty shy, but often end up being a leader somehow. Not always comfortable, but sometimes, if no one steps up, we're called on to move out of our comfort zones and do what we need to! I mostly prefer to blend in, though and live my simple little life!

  15. I think I used to be a leader...and now I am a follower. It is a lot of work being a leader and at some point it is not worth least for me. Dianntha

  16. I'm a blender!!

    Love Beth Moore (although her videos are a little bit too long for me to keep my attention). I just started Kelly Minter's "No Other Gods" this morning as part of my church study, and I really like it!

    Can't wait to see what Beth's new book is about!

  17. I blend so well that half the time I think I'm 99% wallpaper...great post!

  18. Oh Susie. I am waiting so anxiously for Bethie's book too. I have banded together a little group of girlfriends and we are going to do it together.

    I needed this post specifically today based on my heart feeling so heavy, and worrying that I should try harder to just blend in rather than share what I feel. It was great encouragement, even if what I just wrote here makes absolutely no sense to ya.


  19. Bummer!! I've had that happen before. As to which I am- I'm gonna say i'm the shirts with the pink blotches- a nice blend of both a leader and a follower ;)

  20. I read this post once and didn't write a comment....and then I came back. The thought hit me.....I WANT to be one that stands out....but I find sometimes that I am one that blends in. As a Christian, I want to stand out! I don't want to be consumed by this world and just look like anyone on this Earth. I want people to look at me and see that I AM a Child of God and that I am a Christian. I want them to see me and KNOW without a doubt that God lives in my heart and life......sometimes I wonder, DO people see that? Do I stand out? Lord help me!

    Thanks for this made me think...I just had to stop for a minute. :)

  21. I tend to blend in...but every once in a while, like the red shirt in your laundry I will just BUST's not always a good thing...

    Beth Moore is simply amazing...

    Great post!

    Lou Cinda

  22. Depending on the circumstances, I may blend in or stand out. I can talk to strangers better than people I know sometimes. I have nothing to lose!! Great analogy!!


  23. What a great post! I have been looking forward to that Beth Moore book too! Hmmm...lots to think on...

  24. i am a leader...but can follow too. i cant wait to know about beth moores new book!

  25. Hi Susie.
    I think I am a little of both. However, when I lead it is done quietly. Not boisterously. I guess it is just my personality. :o)
    Isn't Beth Moore such a blessing?! Gosh, she has helped me grow so much through the years. :o) She is so gifted with bringing the truth out in such a way that we can apply it directly.
    You are a sweet heart Susie! :o)
    - Trish

  26. I've always been that red shirt... I have often wanted to blend... tried to blend, but it doesn't work... and yes, I tend to leave a mess on all the white towels I emcounter... I hope they like the pink I leave in my wake... I'm a red shirt... it's how I'm made... I can't help it.

  27. When I was younger I was the red shirt, now I try to be more of a blender. We learn and change sometimes, don't we??

  28. I was pink when I was younger and have become more of a "red shirt" with each passing year. Have I become more of a leader or am I just becoming a grouchy old lady who says what she thinks? It's unclear... and I think that's okay because I like me.

  29. I'm a little of both...more tend to rather blend and I think it is ok either way. That's what makes us, us :o)

    Great post Susie Q ~

    {{Big Hugs}}


  30. Going to hear Beth Moore speak in Atlanta in April on So Long Insecurities. Can't wait! Looking forward to the book too. Jackie

  31. Dh tried to tell me reds don't bleed anymore & I don't have to wash them separately. May have to send him this link.

  32. I loved this post. Don't we all struggle with something that we would like to change?!

    I haven't heard about this book. What is the name?

  33. I teeter back and forth between the too...guess that is my insecurity. Work in progress every day...



  34. Oh my goodness! I just did this same thing, but with very dramatic results!! A whole load of towels now a terrible shade of magenta! As to your question... I've always been a follower... Sometimes this is a good thing and other times it's terrible! Much more secure in who I am though now that I'm older! :) Great post!

  35. Ok,I am totally out of the loop! Which Beth Moore book are you talking about?? Please tell me! :)

    So sorry about the pink clothes! REdo the cycle and add some bleach--he'll never know!!

    Love you!
    I'm a blender!

  36. Gosh I'm a little of both i think but probably more of a blender... i've changed with age though. I'm going to ask my husband what he thinks. Great post,

  37. I'm definitely a follower and always have been. I admire the leaders but I guess it's just not in me to be one.I remember when I painted all my husband's white shirts pink.
    great post!

  38. I'm mostly a blender, with a dash of leader when it is needed! ;) I agree that the world needs both. I get silly at parties and don't mind bringing attention to myself to make sure that everyone is having fun. But if there's a great leader around, I'm your man (or woman) to get things done! I'd much rather the responsibility of leader fell to someone else. I can take direction and run with it. I come from a great line of followers. Great, hard working, caring bunch of people. I'm proud to be one of them.
    Rebecca of the R&W Gals

  39. what a wonderful way to express yourself - you really are a great writer! I believe I am both depending not on my own insecurities but what the situation requires. Who is making up the group, what is the need etc... and how I feel Gods prompting in my heart!

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