Blissdom.Insecurity.Beth Moore!

Some of you may remember my trip last year to Blissdom. Having not blogged very long ,I yearned for knowledge on this subject we call Blogging. What a better way to answer some of my many questions and meet some great ladies all in one trip. Yep...

Dont let this photo fool you.
This 5' "blender" all smiles was just a crumble.

I tried to blend in and did very well. I met some awesome ladies and made some lifelong relationships along the way.

I also made some mistakes along the way.
 I allowed that nasty friend "insecurity" to come along with me. He reaked havic on my trip. I allowed "him" to sit on my shoulder and wisper things like "not good enough"...
"not big enough" ..."not small enough"...Oh my! I did.
I went home feeling all of those things.

My sister rode home with me.."bless her heart" and listened as my broken heart spilled over.
I didnt leave that "nasty friend insecurity" there at Blissdom. Darn it! Nope.. I brought him home and let him set up house in my heart. I let those feelings take over and make shambles of my heart.
It's true.
 Why am I sharing all of this with you now?
Because I'm not alone.
Dont let that "little guy" sit on your shoulder for one second.
You are Good enough!

I dont regret my trip one second.
 I have taken those lessons and put them to action!

Some of you asked about Beth's new book coming soon. Not only will the book be coming soon but she is going to have a little bible study right there on her blog for all of us to follow along. Can I get an Amen!

I will go ahead and share with you that I am not going to Blissdom this year. I know you were Although my friends will be there along with "Harry" (oh my) I decided to sit this one out.
I hear it's gonna be a great conference and has sold out. If you are going you will be in for some great times and awesome bloggers.
Not going to Blissdom..dont feel left out. We can meet up here and do something fun!'re not welcome here anymore!
xoxo Susie~


  1. Oh Susie, you are a wonderful blogger. I know that we all have insecurities and I am glad that you are letting the good guy win out! I will be checking out her website and see what she has to say. I am a new blogger and sometimes I think that I am not a good enough writer or as good as some others but then I remember why I started blogging. FOR ME! For my family that lives 800 miles away. For my blog friends and to make some more blog friends. That is what I tell myself. Sending hugs from dreary Kentucky.

  2. One of the GREAT things about blogging is you DO NOT have to go to Blissdom to feel like you were there... All of these great bloggers bring it to you! Therfore saving your money to buy craft supplies, and books! ;)

  3. Oh, Dear One! I feel your heart! I remember last year and I was so worried about you, but I knew God would keep you strong. YOU, dear Susieness, are a wonderful sweet and talented lady and I wouldn't trade you for NO BODY ELSE!
    That's exciting abou the Beth Moore Study online. I go to her blog quite often.
    You are always a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. You are so gifted and talented, it's difficult to imagine you feeling insecure! But I do get it. Thank you for being so honest.

  5. Oh what a precious, precious post! (and timely too!) I had wanted to attend Blissdom but... well, I didn't. (sigh) probably your same friend was mine too. LOL
    Beth's new study sounds perfect! I do so hope we can all get together right here and have our own version of Blissdom! ROFL!!!

  6. Dear Dear poop, we ALL have insecurities,maybe not about bloggin, but about other issues. And you know what? it is OK, because that is what makes us who we are. I had a blast at Blissdom, it was time well spent, we learned alot on the ride.(like if there is a Sonic sign on the interstate, it could be 20 miles away)LOL. I got to see a dress made of pink crayons, and we learned your daughter can't pull up to a gas pump.(Now I am laughing my butt off!!!) So just like my post a week or so ago, there are lessons to be learned in the simple things. LOVE YOU, Can't wait till Roundtop TX., our next road trip! Oh, the learning opportunities.

  7. Hi Susie. I'm a pretty new follower. Just wanted to let you know, I'm one of those terribly insecure people too. People meet me and don't have a clue because I try very hard to hide it. But inside I'm feeling like people think why is she here. She doesn't really have anything to contribute. I hate that little guy on my shoulder! I'm going to be having a 50th birthday and really want to shake things up but our budget just went South with this crazy economy. I sure could use some ideas on how to come up with safe outrageousness. Any ideas? Anyone remember the little red paper clip idea?

    I'd never heard of blissdom. But thank you for honestly sharing your insecurities with this fraidi cat.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  8. Oh I'm SUPER insecure!!! I have a "harry" on my shoulder all the time!
    I would love to meet some more bloggers but I'm one of those crazy bloggers that never even wanted a big blog so I don't want to learn how to. ha! I just love writing and reading others!!
    Maybe one day we will meet!

  9. Hi Susie!!

    I too, am new to your blog. I admire your honesty and courage in admitting your insecurities. I have never liked to describe myself that way, I have hid behind 'shy', but it's true, I am insecure. I wish I could be really sure of myself, especially with my kids (young adults) who act out with so little respect because I think they know I don't really respect myself.

    Wow. I really poured it out there!! I am going to visit Beth's blog. I have never heard of her, but the book looks very interesting! Take care.


  10. That is so sad to hear that it affected you so deeply. We ALLLLL {& I also mean all of those women you were comparing yourself to} have the same insecurities. And......if by came across anyone that made you feel "less" purposely, it is only b/c they are insecure. Or threatened. It's a shame when we let those insecurities take up residence. Because they don't belong, and they are all lies!!

    So glad that you have kicked through that, and are on your way to being healthier & more secure.

    I'm not going either!! Although part of me wishes I could.

  11. I look forward to going to a blog conference some day. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Also, I love Beth Moore...huge fan. I'm not going to Blissdom, either, so we can "hang out" together. :)

  12. I never realized how short you are. Are you truly only 5 feet tall? I ask this because I am 5 feet and 1 inch tall. I love when I find other shorties like me! ;) I have 2 daughters. One will be average (which will be giant in my family) to slightly taller. My other daughter will be close to my height. I think their height is perfect for them both. It is, after all, whatever we make it be! I'm glad you learned some great lessons, and then were nice enough to share them with us. I'm even happier to know you had family with you through your "learning". Life isn't so bad, when we at least have family! ;)
    Rebecca of the R&W Gals

  13. Susie, thank you for this post. I read it with tears in my eyes. You spoke so straight to my heart and I needed to hear it. I've been feeling like pulling out of this whole blogging thing as of late. I've loved it so much and find such a sense of community here. But it's that ugly "friend" who comes along and whispers that nasty stuff. For me, blogging has been a way of connecting with others. As someone who is home all day, every day - in a place with little more than my relatives that I can call true friends, blogging has been so great to meet and connect with others who share my passions and interests. I needed that voice or reassurance. I know you weren't speaking directly to me, but your words hit me right in the heart. Thank you. Reading your blog - it's as though you are a big sis. So real. Authentic and honest. Thanks for being you.

  14. hey susie! yes, i to let that pesky thing hang out with me sometimes too! we need to kick it to the curb! so, is beths new book going to be the summer bible study? i have done the first two summer bible studies in my home! my girlfriends are looking forward to it and this book would be wonderful! you ARE better than "good enough" xo

  15. that was really well said..great reminder. i have been trying to work on my insecurity so this might be another great step in that direction. i am going to go check out her book

  16. Is this book out yet? If it is, I'm buying it as soon as I can. Mr. Insecurity rules my life. He whispers in my ear all day long and loves to crush my spirit....Thank you for sharing. You are not the only one.

  17. I'm thinking "Insecurity" sure has been busy cause he hangs out with me waaaay too much :) I am so looking forward to Beth's new book and study. We should just all get ready to kick him to the curb.

    Love reading your blog.

    Gwyn Rosser @ The Pink Tractor

  18. AMEN :o) Another awesome, meaningful and touching post Susie!
    You are an awesome person...inside and out~

    {{Big Hugs}}


  19. Great post Susie! That insecurity fellow whispers lies in my ear too. Your right we need to rebuke him & remind him that we are children of the Almighty God!!!

  20. Oh, you are SO not alone! I generally feel like I suck at this bloggy thing. (sorry, but that's the word that really best fits!) Thanks so much for sharing! I had heard of the Beth Moore book from my pastor's wife & plan to read it as soon as it comes out! I'm generally a pretty confident person, but have been struggling with this. Thanks for being real!

  21. Susie~

    It is past midnight as I sit here studying my posterior end off for my own little insecure world called pharmacy school. As a HS science teacher for 7 years, I feel "behind" when it comes to knowing my drugs as opposed to several of my classmates who have been in the "industry" for years. I definitely understand with a true sense of honesty what it must be like for students who have a learning disorder. They have to work so hard...they have to persevere.

    My new found release has been my blog. As I am about to call it a night and go snuggle next to my husband...I think how grateful I am for the outlet that blogging has given me. I don't know if I am headed in the right direction..but at least I know it is a direction I enjoy.

    And just so you know...when you visited my blog the other day, I felt like I had been visited by a rock star. I hold you in high regards..for your writing, your talents, and your spirit.

    Thank you for that inspiration.


  22. What a great post - and very timely in my life and I am sure in many others. That little bugger is on my shoulder quite often, and seriously talks incessantly! I did not realize Beth Moore had that book coming out - I will be one of the first in line. Thanks for being so transparent -

  23. Oh my. Isn't it amazing how alike we all are? I love your blog, and I loved this post. You just keep blogging, and we'll all keep enjoying. :-)

  24. Thanks for sharing this, I feel so out of my comfort zone in this blogging world. I am so new and feel pressure to measure up, to who knows what. I have also loved having a place to share and the positive feed back I have gotten, but is so hard to shake that little devil off your shoulder. I give it to God but then find away to take it back again ARRGGHHHH!!! I am not going to Blissdom either and was letting that make me feel insecure, you know everyone will be there and if your not your a nobody and will never become a somebody. I hate that I was feeling that way , but waking up to your post was such a blessing and I put God back in his place and me back at his feet, so thank you for putting yourself out there and writing this. I am excited about the Beth Moore study, I have been itching to start a new one and think I will wait for this and play along with you other beautiful daughters.

    Thanks for who you are,
    Cha Cha

  25. Susie,
    I know I have said it before, but...You are a blessing. I appreciate your willingness to be honest and open in order to benefit others.
    The last few days I was really struggling with insecurities and feeling so small, not good enough. And wouldn't you know it, in my Beth Moore Study for the day yesterday( in Stepping Up), there was a part about insecurities! It spoke so clearly and beautifully to my heart. I will have to check out that book.
    I pray that your heart will be encouraged today in HIM...much love!

  26. Amen Sister!

    I am doing Jesus the One and Only right now. Can't wait to read her new book.

    Thank you for always sharing your heart. Sending you hugs!

  27. Dear Susie.
    I literally stopped what I was doing to sit down and read your post this morning. Thank you for sharing the secrets of your heart with us. I could really use this book and Bible study. I have wrestled my whole life with insecurity. And even sharing it now makes me insecure, because I think how weak it must sound to those who are reading it.
    Thank you again Susie. You are the kind of blogger that I come back to on a regular basis. You have darling ideas and crafts, but it is these times that draw me the most. Thank you for being real with us and encouraging us to do the same. :o)
    Big hug.

  28. Just sharing that makes you secure!! and "blog conferences?" I did not know they had those. I'd love to go!

  29. This is a beautiful post, Susie. Blogging can be a double edged sword for those of us who may struggle with insecurity. The positive feedback feeds a need for acceptance, but there will always be a blog that seems to have more readers, more interesting posts, bigger and better everything. I can only speak of my own experience, but it is so easy to feel "less than" when we get caught up on the number of followers or we have or how many visitors come to our blog each day- the number of comments a post gets. I'm not proud that something that started out as a way for me to keep track of the creative side of my life, can at times take me back to feeling like I did in high school. Insecure and always on the fringe of the popular crowd.
    Thanks for mentioning Beth Moore's book and bible study. I'll be checking it out. {{{hugs}}} from someone who understands!

  30. What a wonderful post! So encouraging!!

    I've been so wistful about Blissdom. I want to go; I'd love to go. But it's February 4-6, and my husband's birthday is February 5. He told me that it would be fine if I really wanted to go. . . but it's not fine. I need to be here with the real love of my life. Seems like some days I can forget that blogging is not my first priority. Oh, dear.

    Anyway, I look forward to hanging out with you during Blissdom!

  31. I love, love, love me some Beth Moore!! She rocks. I am doing her Esther Bible study right now and she is a hoot. I can't wait for her new book and I'll be following the Bible study right along with you. Let's kick Harry out for good!!

  32. Well Sweetie Pea, you said this very well. I could have written this about myself!

    It would be very easy for me to become a recluse. Yes, it would, believe it or not. There have been insecurities for me too. In life and at the Back Porch.

    Everytime I write a post, I have to keep myself from worrying about it's exceptance. In this new year of 2010, I've decided to write for myself, take photos of what I love, and concentrate more on my photography, that has suffered while I have struggled to fit in. Can you believe that? Well, it's true. I've thrown caution to the wind and decided to take Alfred E. Newman's advice, when he said "What Me Worry?". You know him, don't you....yes, G'ma Pat has read Mad Magazine!LOL

    Just wanted to let you know, behind the scenes, with the most confident, Mr Insecurity is doing his best to interfer with your life and happiness.
    Love ya!

  33. Hi Susie- I've been reading and enjoying your blog for a while now and this is my first comment! Your blog is one of my favs and has me on the verge of thinking I might try a few of your projects (the ones w/out saws involved! baby steps!) ;)
    Thanks for being so authentic in sharing your struggle w/insecurity. I know it's a biggie in my life. I'm excited about Bethie's book and studying along on the LPMblog too! And trying my own scripture memory challenge this year. It's so good to remember God's desire for us is an abundant life of freedom!

    John 10:10 The thief comes to steal kill and destroy; I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

    John 8:32
    and you will know the truth and the truth will make you free.


  34. Insecurity is something we all deal with. You just see some more clearly than others. You know the saying~that some people wear their heart on their sleeve, well you wear yours on your blog. I wasn't surprised by your post, but a little surprised that the growth of your blog hasn't put those feelings to rest. I don't think it's the size of a blog that makes it a success but the qualities and integrity of the person behind it.
    I feel you are there Susie~at the finish line with a blog with true followers (not those that signed on just to win a give away)and because of your self doubt you are not able to truly enjoy it.

    There are plenty of big blogs people go to just to see the latest post or give away but you my friend have a sincere blog that people visit for ideas, friendship, and a feeling of kinship. You have succeeded in the type of blog that is successful in the true meaning of the word and you need to embrace that and own it.

  35. How many times have I let insecurity completely RUIN a fun time? Way too many... I'm about to embark on something that it could potentially ruin for me, and I keep getting these reminders before it happens... but the hardest part is actually putting them into practice and forcing myself to act on it when it's happening! This was so timely ONCE again for me today. I so needed the reminder and appreciate your vulnerability so much...

    Can't wait to do this bible study! And so glad I found you and your blog... I feel like I would absolutely be friends with you in "real life" but I hope that doesn't creep you out that I say that!


  36. Yes, I have had that friend insecurity residing in my heart for much too long. It is always make me feel not good enough. I do really need to let it go.

    I have never done a Beth Moore study-maybe this will be my first. Haven't been to Blissdom either but would love to.


  37. you wanna know something funny?
    you make me are so cute and bubbly and sweet and talented!!! and a southern lady to boot!!!! you would make me sooo nervous to talk to because i would feel completely inadequate next to you. true story. isn't it funny what we do to ourselves when everyone around us (almost) feels exactly the same way? it's a crazy thing being a woman. hopefully our little women will be better than we are, huh?
    you are adorable by the way, i'm serious!

  38. i think this post is really speaks to me where i am at right now..thanks

  39. You know what? Your ability to be transparent endears you that much more to all your readers.

    I am so very thankful I got to meet you last year. Being able to share some of MY insecurities with you and yours with me just made me love you that much more! I'm still wanting sooooo badly to come for a visit...maybe later this's hoping! : )

  40. he he... my name is Beth Moore and i just love reading my name... even if it's not me. I had a hard time ordering a beth moore book once, the girl helping me was very confused.

  41. I can't wait to get the book and do this Bible study! Thank you for sharing your heart Susie!


  42. i think i have a tendency to think that everyone but me has it all together and i'm the only one that feels like this. thank you for sharing.

  43. Susie,

    I look at your blog and I am in awe. I own one of your fabulous painted signs and get compliments on it and asked "where on earth did you find that?" I look at your photograph and think, she is as darling as she comes across, cute lil Susie. We are all our own worst critics and add artistic into the mix and we set that perfectionist bar for ourselves. Love yourself as much as you are loved!

    Your Friend,

  44. I got my laundry sign today :) and love it!! It is awesome!
    Thank you so much for sharing that book, I will keep a look out for it. I am in need of a new devotional / study!
    You should send your insecurity away with its bags packed! You are so inpirational to so many and bring many smiles to so many :)
    God bless you!

  45. ... and did you know that you can pre buy Beth's book right now on Amazon??? Yippee!!

  46. Susie, I never thought you had the insecurities you talk about! You are soooo talented, giving and even though I don't know you personally, I feel like I do by reading your blog (which I really admire so much because I don't think I could ever do one myself!...kind of ironic, huh? lol) Anyways, I admire you and think you are doing a great job! Don't doubt for one second!!

    A couple of weeks ago I started attending a women's bible study on the book of Esther using a Beth Moore study program. I had heard sooo many good things about her and I love it! I definitely want to check out this book too.

    Be confident woman!! Tell that "nasty insecurity friend" to be Jesus' name! =)

    jill n.

  47. Well, I for one, was REEEEEALLLY hoping to pal around with you in Nashville! I thought we could go roller skating and hold hands and share a milkshake. :-) But I TOTALLY understand about feeling scared about going. I'm scared of EVERYTHING. I've already spent way too much time dwelling on things that may or may not even happen while I'm there. Like what if I don't look as dressed up as everyone? What if I have a panic attack while I'm there? The list goes on and on. But my trusty sidekick (Kevin) has agreed to make the trip up with me now, so I will at least take comfort in knowing that he can swoop in and save the day if necessary. :-)

    Again, I reeeeeeally wish you were coming up- but I understand and love you, and I'll do my best to fill you in on anything I learn if I'm lucky enough to attend the conference!

    Layla :-)

  48. I have to say I'm so surprised to read this, Susie! After hanging out with you at Blissdom last year, I never guessed you felt that way. I really enjoyed getting to know you (and your sis!).

  49. Susie you are so wonderful!!!

    You are right. We all have insecurities about some things that is for sure.

    Have a blessed week. ~Melissa :)

  50. o, Susie...of all the people in the world, I would never have thought you had insurities..You are so beautiful and so talented. I just can't imagine you not feeling quite good enuf. you are so so amazing and one of my heros!!

  51. I remember when you came home last year and it was sad. But we ALL feel that way from time to time and anyone who tells you they don't is lying. I'm not going to Blissdom this year or most likely, ever. But I'd be happy to come over here to your blog and hang out. We need to plan a party!

  52. Susie,
    Thanks for this post!! You are so REAL and that is why I'm so drawn to your blog. You are darling!! I remember one day you responded to some post on my blog. I hit the floor!! I couldn't believe that YOU would post a comment on my blog. You are a rockstar in my world and you made me feel like a million bucks. Thanks, friend.

  53. are an amazing woman. Thank you for your honesty in this heartfelt post, that evey single one of us can relate to I'm sure. I am blessed to "know" you!


  54. Thank you, for sharing this, it reaches deep into my heart. this was a bright point to my blog reading today. I'm not only gonna look for this book, I'm sharing it with a couple of friends... and that is ALL because of your honesty, Susie.
    Thank you, Pokey

  55. I adore how you keep it "real"....I believe we all have that insecurity, some people just don't admit to it...."lil insecurity" is that spiritual battle goin' on w/in ourselves....yes, declare "lil insecurity" to take a hike! are a special child of the Almighty!

    Susie, thanks so much for my beautiful "bienvenue" sign...once the guestroom is complete this Spring, I'll blog about it again and feature your precious sign again....
    all the best...

  56. Yes, we can totally's amazing how Satan can just use that pesky little whisper to reek havoc with where our TRUE worth comes from, isn't it?
    I was wondering if you were'll be missed.

  57. You are not alone in the feelings that you have. I think we all have one time or another and somedays can be worse. Thanks for sharing...I like it when people can be 'REAL.'

  58. One of my favorite quotes is by Henry Van Dyke.

    "Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that
    sang best."

    I may not be the bird with the best voice, but I will continue to keep singing. :)

  59. There are plenty of bloggers not going to the conference. I'll be happy to hang out with you here!

  60. Thanks for sharing this book. I certainly need it. Why does insecurity creep into to so many aspects of my life. I would love some help. This could be a wonderful too.

  61. Well, I was hoping Flat TidyMom would get her picture with you!

    I'm not going either......but Flat TidyMom will be...check it out

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