Look familiar?

My newest sign above.
Does it look a bit fimiliar to you?
You may have seen it here

Deeply in love would be an understatement...
This room is sophisticated with it's rustic charm and grace!
Could it be possible for me to bring a taste of it into my home?

Just the look I was after....
If you would like a little rustic charm in your room too you can go here.
Thank you~

Old World Style~ it's about time!

This was a fun room to re-do.

It went from sassy and green ..

To crisp and clean!

Robin egg soaps...

tin holder for the paste..

friendly reminders to brush..

all at their fingertips..

I moved the sign over the tub...

because it just looked better.

An old world look....

I really like the look in here now. I think it's the colors and textures that draw me in.
Do you have a favorite "look" that you love?

Want a head start?

Want a head start on Beth Moore's new book? ... Thanks Beth!

Here's your sign....

A very large wooden sign...Lovely...

With chippy worn paint of muted grays ,this sign goes perfect in this space.

I could hardly wait till Marc got home so I could show him my new love.
I snatched him up and directed him straight to the bathroom.
He stood there with a puzzled look on his face and said
 "I dont get it".
You dont get it? What dont you get?
The sign..
Why does it say showers?

"Why not" I replied......
I tried to explain that it was to look as though I found it in a salvage yard.
Waiting patiently for me after years of directing young kids to the "Bath House" at church camp.
"Oh"...... "If you love it"?......
                                                ...I give up....

Oh Mr. Sun...

                                                           It's beautiful here today!
The sun is spilling over into my kitchen and filling it with "de'light" ;)
I'm taking advantage of the sun's kindness and working on a HUGE sign for my bathroom.
Now If I can only get that jingle out of my head...Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun ,Please shine down on me....   you're welcome ;)

Waffles in the bathroom..ha!

I dont know about you, but I think I would put a monogram on anything that would stand still long enough..really!
I love the look of going that extra mile to make it YOU and YOUR'S.
Friday I did nothing but window shop all day long and came home with some great ideas. I found some hand towels made with waffle weave just like my shower curtain and they had the sweetest linen trim with a monogram for 12.00. I needed two..ouch.

Then I remembered that I had saw these kitchen towels at Wal Mart for 3.00 for two!

Call them sold and wrap them up!

They were the perfect match with my shower curtain....say that aint' sweet for 3.00~
So I added a nice little trim to the bottom and you would never know they were once dish towels.

Saturday I spent the better part of my day with my sister Missy. She just so happens to have monogram machine and a huge heart to help me!

Look how sweet !

I love the crisp white against the soft linen.

 We are taking up bet's on who's gonna use these first with muddy hands...freshly painted fingernails...or drying off the cat......any takers?

All things good...

Last night Madison was at a slumber party and the two big kids had their own plans so that meant date night for us!!
We went to Chili's for some good home cooking and boy did we get our share!

Marc's chicken fried steak was so big he brought half of it home. I made sure to clean my plate ;)
Today I spent the day at my sisters house working on a few things and my next project for the bathroom worked!!! I did have a little ...ok a LOT of help from my sister but she has more toys than I do...Ha!

 Tommorow I'm looking forward to starting a new bible study and gearing up for Monday...The Bachelor...it's getting good!
xoxox Susie~

Not just for kitchens anymore~

I am having so much fun with this bathroom ya'll!
 It's neat to go outside the box and find things that work

We love bath salts in our house and I have a huge glass jar next to my tub.
Unfortunately the kids dont have that kind of space in theirs so I had to think on a smaller scale.
I found this sweet little sugar pourer for 1.50 and knew right away this could work.

Some yummy soaking salt!

I made sure the opening would be big enough for my salt and it was perfect.

Soaking or bath salts come in so many colors to choose from. We like the Eucalyptus Spearmint and it just so happens to be clear and that works great for me.
The little flower on the shelf came from Target. It's not like those net ones you see. This one is made out of some sort of foam material. I liked the texture and the 1.99 price tag ;)
I'm working on another kitchen item for this bath and hope it works out....if not..plan "B" is always close by~
xoxo Susie~

Blissdom.Insecurity.Beth Moore!

Some of you may remember my trip last year to Blissdom. Having not blogged very long ,I yearned for knowledge on this subject we call Blogging. What a better way to answer some of my many questions and meet some great ladies all in one trip. Yep...

Dont let this photo fool you.
This 5' "blender" all smiles was just a crumble.

I tried to blend in and did very well. I met some awesome ladies and made some lifelong relationships along the way.

I also made some mistakes along the way.
 I allowed that nasty friend "insecurity" to come along with me. He reaked havic on my trip. I allowed "him" to sit on my shoulder and wisper things like "not good enough"...
"not big enough" ..."not small enough"...Oh my! I did.
I went home feeling all of those things.

My sister rode home with me.."bless her heart" and listened as my broken heart spilled over.
I didnt leave that "nasty friend insecurity" there at Blissdom. Darn it! Nope.. I brought him home and let him set up house in my heart. I let those feelings take over and make shambles of my heart.
It's true.
 Why am I sharing all of this with you now?
Because I'm not alone.
Dont let that "little guy" sit on your shoulder for one second.
You are Good enough!

I dont regret my trip one second.
 I have taken those lessons and put them to action!

Some of you asked about Beth's new book coming soon. Not only will the book be coming soon but she is going to have a little bible study right there on her blog for all of us to follow along. Can I get an Amen!

I will go ahead and share with you that I am not going to Blissdom this year. I know you were wondering..smile. Although my friends will be there along with "Harry" (oh my) I decided to sit this one out.
I hear it's gonna be a great conference and has sold out. If you are going you will be in for some great times and awesome bloggers.
Not going to Blissdom..dont feel left out. We can meet up here and do something fun!
Insecurity...you're not welcome here anymore!
xoxo Susie~