Is it over yet?

Christmas morning so quiet and still.


It was time for presents!!!!

We laugh so hard at our pictures on Christmas morn...

Hair a mess...

Antlers coming out of our heads...

Those dreaded...  " I AM smiling mom"   photo's!

I'm behind the camera wondering if those adorable boots will fit me!

And yes.... I'm wondering if I will ever get my Mom to look at the camera. Ha!

Looking for a blooper of me?

Not on your life.

Being an author of your own blog has it's perks...haha.

Trust me.

I did all of you a huge favor. ;)


Remember that sweet girl I have been praying for?

Jesse may have just brought her home to meet us.

The cutie outside looking in the door would be Kaylee's boyfriend Tyler.

I like him too....really I do.

I let him inside from time to time...ha!

All in All it was a wonderful Christmas.

We enjoyed Family, Food, but most of all....

The birth of our future. Jesus Christ.

Our celebrations continue...

More family rolling in tonight to ring in the New Year.

Thank you my friends for sharing 2010 with me.

I hope you and yours have a blessed New Years!

XOXOX Susie~

How I love thee...

After my post yesterday I recieved a few emails about the gift tags.

Here's a little info on them.

They are made by a company called Cavallini.

You can find their website here.

I just adore these stamps!

They are real wood with a rubber stamp on the bottom. Love.

I cant tell you how many times I have used these for projects.Love.

They are all nestled in their very own tin for safe keeping too.Love.

As you can see....this is one of my fav's.Love.

The set includes black ink as well but I use my own because I love brown! Love.

For my tags I just used some mailing labels from Wal Mart.

They already have a "sticky" side so all you need to do is stamp away~ love.

You can add these to your Christmas cards too. Love.

I wish I had a set to giveaway here but I dont.


I dont think I could live without mine.....ha!

I could however share a few labels with some of you. Smiles.

If you would like your name in the hat just leave a comment here.

Do you have a favorite stamp / product you adore?

Happy Stampin to ya! Susie~

Chit Chat Cheer!

Just thought I would share a lil Christmas Chit Chat with ya'll.

Our tree now has presents to protect till the 25th. Yay!

Do ya'll ever just feel a bit guilty about presents?

I do.

Maybe guilty is not the right word but you know what I mean.

I find myself wondering... why me Lord?

I could so be that Mommy with no presents this year to give.

I am so thankful for every blessing.

His Grace is my favorite gift of all.

My favorite gift to give is my time.

I only wish I could have a few more hours some days....dont you?

I think this year is my first "no fuss" year.

I have really just enjoyed my family and friends.

Making time for the sweet things.

I did make my own tags this year...ha!

I used some mailing labels and my favorite stamps.

Projects frequent here year round so it's kinda nice to take some time off.

Have a clean kitchen counter for once.


My sweet Maddy aka Tree is home from school today with a stuffy nose.

Sure hope she feels better soon.

Her play starts Thursday and runs every evening until Sunday.

The forest just wont be the same without her sweet branches...hehe.


Thanks CSN

Hi Ya'll!

This past week we have been getting our "Christmas Cheer" on.

Decking our halls and Christmas play practice every night.

With all of this "Cheer" I'm pooped...ha!

Having family coming in soon can sure get you on the ball to get r done!

CSN sure helped out this week.

I was asked to review one of their very many products.

I knew just what I wanted after seeing Rhoda's!

That Lantern!

CSN had that sweet boy in the mail asap!

As far as a review goes.... A+ all the way!

From order to delivery to falling in love....I'm hooked.

They have so many wonderful products to fill your home for the holidays.

Don't just take my word on it....check them out here.

You too, will find yourself making out a Christmas list :)

Just to let you in on a lil secret....Shhh...

Stayed tuned.... CSN and I will be having a giveaway soon so get your list ready.

Gotta run now.

Christmas play practice beckons....

Did I mention that Madison is the sweetest TREE in the play?

Who knew....hehe :)

Jingle all the way~ Susie

Oh My Christmas Tree!

Our Christmas tree is about 12 years old....really!

Every year I say "this will be the last year ole' friend".

And every year he is faithful and loved.

This year will be his last....really.

His topper had to be wired on..bless his lil branches.

So this year I will love you and cherish our sweet Christmases together.

My sweet Christmas Tree!

Want to see more Christmas cheer?

Head on over to Thrifty Decor Chicks party and see some wonderful trees!

Hooked on houses is having a Christmas party as well. Julia would love to have ya!

Have fun and .hope to see ya'll there~

Vignette Party~

Hi there!

If you are here from Rhoda's party.....Welcome!

It's so nice to have you over.

I'm still working on my decorations but thought you may want a sneak peek.

I love to add touches of vinatge anyway I can.

One of my favorite pieces is this very old carousel horse.

It was found in New Orleans at a thrift store....can you imagine!

Read more about the horse here.

Love to see more vignettes?

Hop on over to Rhoda's house and enjoy!

Have fun! Susie~

A White Christmas!

Hi there!

I'm so excited that you joined us.

If you're new here, I hope you have a look around.

Inspiration for this years mantel was easy peasy.

A white theme just seemed right, you know~

This alluring aqua was a no brainer

Adore it!.

More aqua love happening here.

Paper whites were a must.

I thought I had planted them early enough to make a debut for the party...but.

That's ok.

Patience is a virtue.

Along with the white/aqua theme I wanted simplicity to nestle right in.

What's prettier than a package ;)

The stockings were from last year.

How much fun are snowballs!

You can make them too. Here.

A painted branch from the backyard.


Small white birdies and aqua ornaments came from the Dollar Tree.

I hope you enjoyed your visit here.

Want to see more Christmas mantels?

The girl's are having a party over at Layla's!

Come join the fun!
Hope to see ya'll there!

May all your Christmases Be white~


Christmas sneak peek...

Twas day's before The Christmas Mantel Party...

I'm so excited to see all of your mantels.

Thought a lil sneak peek wouldn't hurt.

Hope to see all of you there on the 30th!


Tis the season!

Tis the season

To be jolly!

                                                        White pitchers bring out the jolly in me :)

                                  I found the sweetest little one while shopping on Perkins Rowe!

                                                    I would love to wear one of these.

                                                        They are so cute and all.

                                                    Do people really wear them?

                                                          Anthropologie's snowballs.

                                                              I made some here.

                                   It took all the strength I had to walk away from these letters!

                                                       I wanted one of each....really.

                                                    So now I'm in the Christmas Mood.

                                                                            Are you?

Decking the halls and lighting the fireplace tonight!

Good  snuggle weather ;)