All That Glitters....

It's the small things that matter to me. Like tags, some may not even notice that they exist but I sure do. I love how they add that something extra to the gift. I love when people take the time to write a hand written note. Just makes me feel all special inside.Just by adding a bit of glitter,you can turn that tag into a small piece of art. I make all of my tags but you dont have to make your own to make it special. Christmas tags from the store can be beautified with glitter just as easy!I'm getting ready for a Christmas show this weekend so I thought I would add some pretty price tags to  my goodies. Who isnt tempted by a pretty price tag...right?Now adding glitter doent have to be a big deal. Just a small touch here and there works perfect. In fact ,sometimes just a dot will do ya!I'ts so easy...just trace the lines....and once it dries....oh so pretty!
Now for that winner of the Vintage Keys sign....Lori Lucas from .Congrats Lori! I cant thank all of you enough for helping me out last week. Another giveaway will be coming soon~


  1. I looooove your tags! I still have mine from when I won the now infamous Mr. Rooster. I need to do a show this weekend but I'm still not sure I have enough gusto to go through with it. Sound Man will not be able to help me and I'm so lost without his help! But I neeeeeed to sell some tassels for Christmas moolah. I guess that's enough motivation, huh? : )

    Where is your show? I wish I could come! You better know that you HAVE to let me know if you come even as far south of me as Jackson, because Kat and I would love to see you!

  2. Loving the tags, can you please show us how you make them. Your blog is just so beautiful wish I lived in America so I could order some of your goods, just lovely.
    Debs - New Zealand

  3. wow, I love the tags! good luck with your show

  4. Oh those tags are soooo lovely!! Of course they have the Susie Harris touch! Love them!


  5. I love those tags - really beautiful and very inspiring! I love the details too - they're very important!

  6. I love the tags. They look beatiful. I just couldn't do the glitter. I can't stand to get it on me or have it falling all over the house. Just my crazy OCD:) Someone will be happy to get a handmade tag on their gift.

  7. Beautiful tags! :) I agree that a handwritten note makes such a difference. I was hoping to make some tags this year, but not sure if I'll get to it....

  8. i love your style! my daughter camalee would love... im not even kidding ...your paris tower tags!!! Oops just showed them and she flipped out..there you have it! we both are in love !!!thanks for sharing your talent..beautiful!!

  9. Congrats to the winner, though you aren't me... (giggle) And the Paris tags are darling! I think I feel like crying when someone just ignores the packaging on a present... and when someone adores it and just doesn't want to open it because it's so pretty and saves the tag it's the best!

  10. Congrats to Lori for winning the giveaway!
    Susie, it looks like Santas workshop in those pics. You are one busy lady.
    I love your handmade tags. Like you I appreciate a handwritten note as well. It's so very rare anymore for folks to make that extra little effort. I think it truly adds that "stamp" to your packaging. No pun intended. Simply put, it shows you care to go that extra step for the recipient.

  11. Beautiful tags - I love the addition of glitter. It does add a special touch to have a handmade tag.


  12. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh do I love everything about glitter!

    m ^..^

  13. *sigh* how can you not love glitter?

  14. Good morning Susie, I think I´ve never seen tags as pretty as yours, they are a piece of art!!!
    Only one of your tags is enough for a beautiful gift.
    You are so talented, congratulations.
    Blessings in your show.
    María Cecilia

  15. I've been thinking about making homemade tags for our gifts this year. Better get busy.

  16. I especially love the Eiffel Tower tags...very very pretty!

  17. B-E-A-utiful! How come when I try to use glitter it ends up looking like a hot mess? Can you please show us how you apply it so precisely? Pretty please...with glitter in top! ;)

  18. Your tags are so pretty! I still have the ones you sent went I bought a tassle. I use them as bookmarks. :)

  19. You have such a point - a little thing makes a big difference! They are gorgeous!

  20. Those tags are simply priceless!!!
    I am in loooove with the eiffel tower ones.
    If I was there, I would definitely buy you out of those.

    Good luck at your show!!!

  21. Your tags are gorgeous and I have kept the tags from when I have purchased goodies from you. LOVE them!!!

    Congrats to the winner!

  22. Just adorable!I heart glitter! When I taught school, all of my Christmas art projects had glitter somewhere on them...the custodians didn't like it one bit though!!!

    Wish I was close enough to go to your show this weekend! Have fun and good luck!

  23. Beautiful work springs from a beautiful heart! Lovely, lovely!
    I agree...a hand written note, a little glitter...they both say that someone took a little extra time to make you feel special. It's almost a lost art anymore...thanks for doing your part to keep it alive!
    Have a great show, Susie! Many blessings and much success!

  24. Beautiful tags...nothin' like a bit of sparkle to spice things up!

    Have fun at your show!

  25. gorgeous.
    can you show us how you make them so we can copy them and sell them ourselves?

  26. I absolutely love your tags. They are great. What a special touch to add. I hope you do great at the Christmas show. I really think you will. Sure wish I could get my hands on one of those screen doors. Umm! I wonder how long of a drive is it from here to there. LOL


  27. Love the tags! they are like a little gift in themselves. Congratulations to Lori.

  28. Wow sweet tags...the baby ones are so cute. Hope ya made me a few girl ones...thanks for everything your the best. Great post, now you need to show them how easy they are to make, so they can make them for their holiday packages. Geez sista I know you have time. LOLOLO LOLOLOLOL

  29. I do this too! Many times, if I don't feel like stamping my own, I'll take some of last year's c-mas cards, cut the fronts off, and make tags out of them. Then add glitter! You're a girl after my own heart!

  30. It's the small stuff that matters to me too! <3

    These tags are gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful.

    By the way, did you get my question on etsy a few weeks ago about that custom order sign I was asking about? Thanks!

  31. I am crazy for a cute tag! Yours qualify as some yummy packaging for sure! Paula

  32. Love the tags! Good luck with the show! Hope you sell lots of sfuff!

  33. Gorgeous Susie! If you tell me what show you are doing I will come and buy some...along with some of your other goodies, too!


  34. Michelle P. from WANovember 18, 2009

    I love the Eiffel Tower tags. I love anything french, but especially collect Eiffel Towers. You wouldn't be willing to bless a sister with one of those tags would ya? Heee Hee

  35. you're a hard worker!! lovely -- all of them!

  36. So pretty! How do you ever find the time!?

  37. Ditto to Pamela's comment, where DO you find the time?! love these tags!!!!

  38. I am so lucky to be the winner of your Vintage Keys!!!! It is my favorite piece of art you have made----although even your tags are pieces of art themselves. They would be so beautiful in frames! You are so talented and so nice to share your ideas with everyone. I have sent you an email to let you know my address. I hope I sent it to the right place. Good luck on your show this weekend. I think we all wish we were close enough to attend. Those screens are just wonderful. Thanks ....Lori L

  39. Hey Susie!
    I have to say that your tags are one of my favorite things. They are just so ornate-I still have the tags from both of my "susies." Hope you have a wonderful show!!

  40. Hi Susie,

    I love all your tags, especially the ones with the glitter.


  41. I agree ~ a sweet little tag just makes the package!


  42. so glad to have found your blog via Cote De Texas....
    I tried to click on your store on your blog, but it doesn't come up....are you still doing the Etsy store?
    I would love to see your signs, etc..
    Also, I saw these adorable tags and I bought some tags this season off of Etsy. They were gold Eiffel towers and gold crowns. I wonder if they were yours?? Cuz they look very similar to these....if so, they're some of my fave that I used at Christmas for gifts.....
    please email me your Etsy store info....
    thanks so much,


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