DIY Screen Memo Boards...

Ya'll are funny! Nothing like a little pressure to get the job done..well almost done.

I will show you what I have so far.. One window screen. Remove the moulding and screen.

Many of the screens have these great little metal numbers on them. Guess they had so many windows they needed to number them? I don't know the reason behind the numbers but I sure do love them!

I made sure to keep the integrity of each screen, meaning leaving holes where there once was hardware. After some sanding I placed the screen to the side and started working on another board in which to place inside the screen space. I used chalkboard paint. In Love~

Are you feeling it yet....wait for it...

Add a lil fancy wood jewelry to her and...wait for it..

Here you go..

Half finished! I have a few ideas for the empty space but you will just have to wait a lil bit longer..

Now just so you don't go all frettin' on me here is a finished one for you to rest your sweet eyes upon. You like?

Here's another ...these are HUGE and to think these are the small ones. Here is a little history lesson for you..... Ever wonder why windows were so large back then? In the olden days,like plantation day's, doors were taxed on homes built. They got smart and got around that tax by having large windows. They would just open the windows and go in and out. Now remember,they were much shorter than we are today. A 5' man was believed to be of very tall stature. That would have me walking tall...hehe. Rooms were taxed back then as well so they left out closets...this would be the reason behind all of those wonderful Armoires! {Can you tell i use to be a tour guide at our local plantation..back in the day!}

So far I have these two black ones complete and the white washed one halfway...

I really like this one...

Wouldn't it look great where the vintage keys are? Right by my backdoor it could hang. A message center of sorts...I'm liking this...2 and a half down = 13 and a
half to go. What would you rather next to your chalkboard? Cork..fabric..dry erase board...would love to have your input~


  1. I love them!!! How about a fabric/padded covered board for photos?????

    I have so much fun checking in on your blog updates....:) You are such a sweet creative lady...Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. holy cow.. with the amount of screen doors you had.. hmm, I bet your house is going to be full of memo's and written items in every room!

    Nice job.. yet where's the bowls? heehee

  3. Wow. You never cease to amaze me. I'll be adding this to my list of must haves. I love the way the blackboard looks with the cork board, but a dry erase would be nice too. Make a few of each so people will have options. Those things are gonna sell like hotcakes!

  4. Fabulous idea and execution, Susie!

  5. Fabulous idea and execution, Susie!

  6. Hi Susie! Those look FABULOUS! That's one of my favorite things to do with old picture frames! I use magnetic paint sometimes first then the chalkboard paint, so it's a magnetic chalkboard! The cost would be prohibitive though probably to sell them. I've also done the padded fabric covered ones too, as Lisa Brown suggested...I'll post one on my blog in a moment so y'all can see ;-)

  7. what a great idea! and large enough to keep track of our family's activities...

  8. They are wonderful. Wish I lived closer. Guess I'll just have to go find my own screens.

  9. aaaah, I was wondering what you were going to do with the screens. LOVE the idea, I might have to try this one myself. Lori

  10. Those are lovely....and I adore the little numbers you pulled off of them...what a great little unexpected treasure! You are such a creative lady! Thanks for sharing!!

  11. These look great...I did a similar project (on a smaller scale) with old printer's drawers (with all the dividers taken out)...thanks for the history lesson too, it was very interesting.

  12. You are so creative Susie! With your talent, try a dry erase board calendar on one side cork on the other. Draw the days of the week and lines in perm. market, and the actual dates can be put in with dry erase marker to change every month. Awesome!!!

  13. Girl, those are adorable! Your brain just works over time on being creative.

  14. Love it! I would like fabric next to my chalk at least cover up those push pin holes. *smiles*

  15. Oh man!!!! They are gorgeous!! I love them. I wonder if we could find an old screen around here.... ;) Great job! You are so creative!

  16. Wow, you never cease to amaze me.... I feel lucky to know you even though I don't "know" you!! :)


  17. Thank you for your visit and lovely comment on my site! I love the DIY Screen blackboard and Cork board. I think that is the perfect combination, I would have never thought of doing this project, how neat!! Kerrie

  18. I've actually wanted a message board for our house and this would be ideal!! I would want a dry erase board (I love the chalkboard look but hate the feel) and a corkboard....want to make me one?? :) I love presents I buy for myself and that would be ideal! :)

  19. Morning, Susieness! This is just fantastic! Have I told you you're good! Yep, you are!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  20. Galvanized metal for those yummy magnets you see in all the magazines!

  21. I just knew you were going to add corkboard! And I absolutely, divinely love what you've done here. You are soooo talented!

  22. Susie, those are so beautiful! I just found that they have chalkboard paint here in Paraguay (although I think it might be the old fashioned green kind) so I might have to give this project a try! I know there are old screens in the barn! :)
    You are such a inspirational and genuine! I really enjoy your blog.

  23. oOOOOoOOOOooo I so want one!

    I like that you painted them, but I really would leave some with the old chippy color paint and just do a light sand and nice stain/sealer over it. I like the chalk and cork. You are far too clever.....

  24. So love your Oakside Cottage. Aah, how fabulous it would be to have that space! You have a treasure there - a real blessing from God. May you know how blessed you are.

  25. Hi Susie! Oh, I really love these. I love the last one the best too. The embellishment on that one is nice and large. I've read all of the comments. I love your current idea...the chalkboard combined with the can write things and tack things up. If you put a dry erase board on one side, you could paint magnetic paint under the chalk board paint on the other side so that people can still tack stuff up. I also like the idea of a permanent dry erase calendar on one side and a corkboard or a magnetic chalk board on the other side. I like that the doors make a natural ledge for chalk! Fabric covered cork might be nice...maybe something neutral like a black and white check. Fabric covered tacks would be a nice touch!

    This is a great idea, Susie! Hugs and God bless.

  26. every time I see your projects, I do one of these: "what a great idea!".....I swear - you make it look all so easy and effortless-
    and also; if you think you are scaring me off with the 'dogs and cats circus'....well, I love animals (lol)

  27. I really LOVE it! I have been looking for something like that for my son's playroom! I need something to display art and write cool Susie!

  28. Those are sure PRETTY Susie!
    Have you thought about making some vertical for those of us who don't have a lot of wall space?
    You could put sheet metal on one side for a magnet board. And how about leaving some with the screen in one side and mirror on the other for a cute jewelry display?
    Just thinkin'....

  29. The memo boards are great! Jackie

  30. Love these....maybe you could make some with dry erase and fabric-covered cork on the other side. Just to mix things up a bit. I happen to like the texture of cork and the plain black of the chalkboard myself with white-washed trim...but I could go for a distressed aqua too :o)

  31. Awesome!!!! I think I'd probably like cork....

  32. Ohhhhhh my golly! I clapped and giggled when I saw this. What JOY!!!!! You are brilliant. How about 1/2 French memo board? Dry erase is nice but honestly dry erase drives me nuts - I think it's because I'm left handed and I always, always, always smear mine. My husband will love you, too - I will be on the hunt for a screen door. ;) Thanks for the history lesson, too - I had no idea! What fun little tidbits to file away. Blessings!

  33. Hi Susie, I think something that can be used to hang papers but I always worry about the thumbtacks with young kids so I wouldn't buy cork. Dry erase wouldn't be much different than chalkboard so I vote for fabric or something to hang papers without tacks and chalkboard looks way cuter than dry erase. Love your blog.

  34. These are great! So, what show are yall doing, so I can go and get one? Let me know when yall want to get together, too.


  35. You would indeed be a wonderful tour guide!

    The screen are beautiful! Silly me, I never would have though of turning them sideways like that. You are so clever;)

  36. thank goodness you did not make me wait to see what the finish was going to look like. i love this...what a great idea. i like the fabric idea.

  37. Susie ~ I am impressed. Great job!

    Thank you for your kind words. They mean so much.

  38. A gorgeous memo board AND a history lesson! Brilliant.

  39. These are gorgeous! What creativity and talent you have too! Cindy

  40. Love those Susie!!! So pretty!

  41. I am loving this! I also love the door handles on you tv cabinet:)

  42. Can I tell you how much I LOVE this! What an absolutely creative and fabulous use for these screens. I loved the history behind the window size too. Very interesting.

  43. WOW.....what a great them...thanks for sharing...Pat H

  44. Oh my goodness, this is fabulous! I have got to make me a chalkboard one of these days....

  45. I absolutely LOVE that!!! I think the blackboard and the corkboard are perfect....write on the blackboard and hang pictures, and "stuff" on the corkboard. REALLY CUTE!!

    Thanks for the history lesson that was quite interesting!

  46. These are cuter than the ones they have featured in Ballard Designs...(although, those memoboard pins they have are awful adorable! I could just see them on your cork side. ) Check them out! There may be an inspiration or two on the pages in between.
    You are one talented gal! Always impressive! ;)

  47. Oh you continue to make me smile with your creative ways!! Love the idea!!!!

  48. LURVE them! I mean BEAUTIFUL! Great idea. I like a mix for different folks. Cork in some, fabric/burlap in a few. Heck, maybe even glass in one with 'photos' behind it. :-) Whatever you do will be PERFECt.

  49. Love it! I've been looking for a screen window to make a coffee table out of to put in front of my old church pew (found on the curb!) on my patio. Dang it! Now I am gonna have to find 2 screen windows!!!

  50. Those are fantastic Susie! I like the cork!

  51. How about a dry erase/magnetic board?! These are absolutely beautiful!!!!


  52. What a great idea! We built a cork board/chalk board in our kitchen years ago but used regular old moulding to frame it on the wall... wish I'd thought to use something so creative!
    Thanks for stopping by my pretty Waverly world, Susie!

  53. Those look great, and what a clever use for old windows! When you came by my blog recently to thank me for prayers for your friend's mother, it happened to be on a giveaway day, and you won a prize! Please email me your address, so I can get it in the mail. Congratulations! laurie (

  54. So talented Susie. I love it. Another great job.

  55. I need one of these. What a great idea!!!

  56. so many comments, not sure if anyone posted the reason for the numbers. Both the screen and the window on the house should have a matching number. This way when you take down the screens for winter, you new which screen fit in which window. Victorian homes had so manay windows and since the screens were made of wood, they would often shrink to fit their particular window. By numbering the screens you could match it up with the window it would fit. Sea Witch

  57. Girl I love this great is I have a barn with a ton of old doors in in...Now I have my thinking cap on for sure...I didn't know that about the tax and bigger doors and I had heard it was for cofins to pass through...Great infro also...Thanks my first visit to your blog and I loved it girl..I'll be back for sure...May you have a great day on your side of the mountain...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  58. Hey there girl you've done it again..... Another must have project! :) I agree with Oliver's comment to use galvanized metal. You could even make make little magnets out of the flat clear glass vase fillers.....glue cute little pics to the flat sideof stone and a magnet or even a tack. Another idea is to use chicken wire and use tiny clothes pins to hold notes, pics etc. As always thanks for sharing your talents and inspiring us!
    Renee McCranie

  59. Always great to stop by your blog and see what your up too. I love this project, who would of thought.


  60. Hi Susie,
    I've just discovered your beautiful blog. Love it so much as it is so full of true inspiration. Too bad it had to take so long before I found it, as I have a feeling i've been missing a lot these over these 2 months of my blogger life. Well, one of the good things about blogs is that you can scroll the pages down and still enjoy what ia past.
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  61. Wow girly, again you amaze me. They are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!

    I love the idea of a padded side for pictures or paperwork that needs to grabbed as you run out that back door.

    Love it!

  62. Ok I thought of some more things you can do......a couple of wooden dowels hung horizontal to drape magazines over...a mirror...a piece of glass with a quote or some of your art work on it you could also use wood for this add a quote, bible verse or some of your scrolly could have one side say cork board and split the other side in half so that one is chalk board and the other attach some little pails to hold chalk , pens, a few hooks for keys maybe some type of pocket for the mail you get the idea. Sorry I just kept thinking of things. :)

  63. Gorgeous!! So very, very gorgeous!! You did an amazing job once again. I wish I could make one mine. Will they be in your shop?


  64. i think they are perfect the way they are! i like the chalk/cork best!

  65. Oh you lucky lucky girl! To have access to such lovely old items! I am envious every time I see your latest treasure hunt purchases! :o)
    Your memo boards are awesome! And huge! That is the best part! Love the white one especially.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  66. i love them susie! what a great idea! i need to copy but i have no more wall space! whats a girl to do! i need a new house! xo

  67. I love the white washed one! I want it! I bet it would cost a small fortune to ship though. Coming to FL any time soon? I really want that! I found one that big in Ballard Designs, but it was $245!

  68. I love this!!!

    I would love to see the fabric and ribbon type memo board next to this. : )

  69. love it all. make some in a variety that way you satisfy all tastes.

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