Still here...just

Here I am...painting. I have been up to my eyeballs in special orders and it's been Great! Here is one of them that I have been working on. It is no longer available in the PB catalog and I was asked to make one...Can you guess which sign it is?

Here's a blurry lil hint...

Buried Treasures...

Family you bury them? I use to. I use to hoard them in a box, you know for safe keeping. Why do we do this? Afraid of what may happen to them? I figure why not surround myself with treasures and risk them being touched or looked at than having them bake in my 475 degree attic.

I went on a search and rescue mission in the attic. I found all of my baby shoes and my Paw Paw's cane. Now instead of wasting away in storage I am reminded how precious our daily walk is....

The cottage is just the place to enjoy my treasures. Do you have a special place to showcase some of yours?

This clock was one of my very first Christmas gifts...I think I am enjoying it just as much now as I did back then. problem! I bought this coo coo clock in Europe while on a school trip in the eighth grade.

Over the years and many hot summers in the attic the clock has seen its better days....I love it still. So why not surround yourself with a few treasures...they may just be the inspiration you have been looking for~

Just down the road....

History stands still just down the road from me.This property, once owned by the Houmas Indians, was sold to a couple named Maurice Conway and Alexander Latil. After the purchase of land they started to build their dream home in the mid 1700's. Can you imagine! I thought I had a hard time cleaning..ha! Construction was completed on the home in 1828. The homes resting place was just a mere 300,000 acres that produced sugarcane. South Louisiana holds so many treasure like this one and it's easy to just overlook her beauty sometimes. Jesse and I just needed a little Mother and Son time and what better place to go is River Road! This road holds many plantations such as this one. If you ever make it this far south you would not want to miss this street. Her beauty and history are a must see~

Take Your Friend to Work Day!

It's official! I have declared today Take Your Friend To Work Day! So you want to join me?

Once the family is off to work and school I start getting ready for work. First I have my beverage of choice...Sonic Coke!

Proper attire always needed for my job. Don't these just make you smile? Yes...for those of you who are wondering..I wear them to carpool...ha!

Now let's go to work!

First and foremost...Lola comes first then...

I set the mood~ Pumpkin Spice..Hobby candle ever!

I paint!

I usually have a few going at one time. While one is drying I work on the next in line.

Could you excuse me for just a minute...Alley needs a hug~

Once the signs are good and dry I take them to the sanding station...{aka} garage.

I then apply a stain/sealer.

Moving on to the drying station {aka} the swing!

I think this has to be my favorite part of the day. I love to wrap them oh so special and attach a hand written note. This is my chance to let them know how much I appreciate their business and because they are sweet enough to buy Handmade from Louisiana instead of from a robot in callamazoo. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Now I'm off to the post office to send these lil darlings to their peeps! Thanks for coming along with me to work today. Because of you I can stay home and work and be a Mommy and a wife and create~ GOD BLESS AMERICA

DIY Screen Memo Boards...

Ya'll are funny! Nothing like a little pressure to get the job done..well almost done.

I will show you what I have so far.. One window screen. Remove the moulding and screen.

Many of the screens have these great little metal numbers on them. Guess they had so many windows they needed to number them? I don't know the reason behind the numbers but I sure do love them!

I made sure to keep the integrity of each screen, meaning leaving holes where there once was hardware. After some sanding I placed the screen to the side and started working on another board in which to place inside the screen space. I used chalkboard paint. In Love~

Are you feeling it yet....wait for it...

Add a lil fancy wood jewelry to her and...wait for it..

Here you go..

Half finished! I have a few ideas for the empty space but you will just have to wait a lil bit longer..

Now just so you don't go all frettin' on me here is a finished one for you to rest your sweet eyes upon. You like?

Here's another ...these are HUGE and to think these are the small ones. Here is a little history lesson for you..... Ever wonder why windows were so large back then? In the olden days,like plantation day's, doors were taxed on homes built. They got smart and got around that tax by having large windows. They would just open the windows and go in and out. Now remember,they were much shorter than we are today. A 5' man was believed to be of very tall stature. That would have me walking tall...hehe. Rooms were taxed back then as well so they left out closets...this would be the reason behind all of those wonderful Armoires! {Can you tell i use to be a tour guide at our local plantation..back in the day!}

So far I have these two black ones complete and the white washed one halfway...

I really like this one...

Wouldn't it look great where the vintage keys are? Right by my backdoor it could hang. A message center of sorts...I'm liking this...2 and a half down = 13 and a
half to go. What would you rather next to your chalkboard? Cork..fabric..dry erase board...would love to have your input~

Screens..glorious screens!

Just in case you may be wondering what I have been up to...screens!

You may remember when my sister Missy and I went to RoundTop. Well I thought we needed 15..FIFTEEN of those babies. What was I thinking!

I have been sanding and sanding..and if you don't hear from me for a bit...lead poisoning could be the culprit. I know ...use a mask and gloves...hehe.

I have big plans for these screens and if you live in the Baton Rouge area around...let's say may just be able to have one of your very own! Missy and I will be in a show up to our elbows in screens...more to come~

The Oakside Cottage

Welcome to The Oakside Cottage!
I have come to the conclusion that she will never be complete and I am ok with that.
Come on in!
It is very hard to take good pictures in such a small space and always under shade trees. I regress~

Yes....this chair is still a work in progress... It really needs a pillow. I really need to learn to sew.
I love this chair is where my kids come to flop down and tell me about their day. I cherish those moments because I know it wont last forever...

I tried to surround myself with things that I love the most!
This is a cricket cage...oh the possibilites!

I painted this sign to remind me of the important things in life....
I dont know where I would be without this cabinet. I love having all of my favorite things right at my fingertips and in sight so I can enjoy their beauty. Yes, blue and brown pompom's are beautiful!

Thank You for visiting our little cottage and encouraging me along the way. I cant wait to show you things as they are added and moved around and the thought of decorating it for Christmas just makes me giddy! As you can see here,Im never alone while painting. Alley and Lola stay close to my side and I can promise you ,we never go a day without some "cat and dog" excitement!
Thank you so very much for the prayers said for Mrs. Jane. She is doing well and I will keep you updated and for those of you who had prayer request,I will continue to keep them close~