Paperhill Fabrics...

Paperhill...just the name alone sparked my interest. Want to know more about the person behind this great name and the beautiful creations she makes you can visit her at Hometown Girl .There you will find her love for cooking,vintage finds,and beautiful creations.

Her passion shows in her work. This sweet pillow is just one thing you can find in her shop here at Paperhill

Her creations are endless! I want to find a dress just to match this bracelet..

Or maybe this one...

Her love for vintage doesn't stop there. She also has a site where she shares her vintage fabric finds with us. You can visit her site Paperhill fabrics where you can find a great selection of fabrics from the past.

She is giving away two yards from her Etsy

Your choice!

All you need to do is visit her site..look around, fall in love, and come back here and leave a comment. Good Luck!

Round Top...the Dirt...

Yesterday I shared the proper side of Round Top but today girls this post is where the dirt meets the skirt!

Not every booth is lace and linens,dainty and sweet.If you want to find some good deals you gotta get some dirt on your skirt and that's just what we did! This was by far one of my favorite booths. Can you guess why?

You don't have to look very far to find inspiration here girls..

We found it very early in the morning. Can you still see the fog?

Treasure upon treasure

Although I was having a very frizzy hair day and my eyes were still a bit puffy from the long drive I stopped to take a fast photo here.. you know, the fans were wanting a picture with me and all, what's a blogger to do.. Ha!

Can you say jackpot!

Ladders ladies!!!

I may have taken a few of these home with me...sweet!

True Texas style! Love it~

My sister Missy had a few fans herself...Not!

So will we be going back in the spring? You bet your Boots!!! We are bringing a U-haul next time so this wont happen again. I think I over estimated just how much I could fit into the car. In case you are wondering what those are up there....screens!

Car was full,wallets were empty and I had the biggest fever blister known to man kind
so we headed for home. We love you Texas~

Round Top Texas!

You are cordially invited to join us on our trip to Round Top Texas.

I feel as though this post should be of proper sorts {minus good grammar}. Although we were walking where cows once trotted {being proper remember}, I felt as though I were shopping in another country. The talent shown here was unbelievable!

I found myself devouring the beauty under the canvas tents, all the while ,forgoing the thought of being in Texas and allowing my senses to take me as far as my imagination could carry me.

While being caught up in the beauty you had to remind yourself just what century you were in. You quickly forget about the plastic that held your breakfast and longed to dine on china instead.

Even with as much as a quick glance I would register each piece in my mind and found the perfect place for it in my home. Do you ever do that?

I recorded every image deep within my soul in hopes to recreate this masterpiece in my own personal space.

Please note that while referring to this trip as Round Top, in all accuracy, it is none other than Warrenton, Texas that you see here. The towns are so close and during this show one tent spills into the next. Zapp Hall is a must see if you plan to journey here in the future.

The prices were a bit on the higher end than what I had originally anticipated but it didn't deter me from enjoying the beauty!

Simple items seemed to transform into works of art here.

Simplicity at it's finest...

Elegance and grace was not all that Round Top and Warrenton had to offer. It did get down and dirty. Some of it was just a "hot mess" but that's another post. Remind me to tell y'all about the goat,fever blister,riding arrangements,porta potties... And Adrienne...if you're still out there, Im sorry I missed you. We will have to catch up soon.

Maddy sewing 101

Maddy is teaching me how to sew...yep. You heard that right. I have not a clue how to sew. She recieved this sewing machine for Christmas and has enjoyed every minute of it. Here she is making a jewerly bag for me. She is pretty good too! Watch.....This is my first attempt at a video so please be kind....thank you~

How do you spend your time?

This piece has been on my heart for sometime now. I had dreams about how I would paint it. What time I would choose and why but.... I procrastinated!

After much thought I knew exactly how I wanted it to look. The problem was It would take forever to's just time right?

What started out as a dream and a bible verse close to my heart became my passion. I painted....and painted

After many hours...

It's complete!

It came out just like I had imagined...aged and worn with time.

I painted it free hand so it's not even close to perfection...true love~

Time is a gift that is given to everyone. Some have more time than others. Some cherish every minute and rejoice in Gods grace and mercy. Some wish it away~

This piece reminds me how precious time is and there is a time for everything under the heavens~

The Power Of Paint...

Remember that pitiful blue cabinet found in my Dads Auto Parts store? Here she is ! Two cans of spray paint and some super cool letter stickers and the cottage has a new addition.
I know you are just losing all kinds of sleep dreaming about this cottage,Ha! I have a few things left to complete before her debut and I hope you approve.It has been so much fun working on this cottage I almost hate to see it end...
I was planning to take a road to Round Top in hopes of finding those perfect pieces to complete her but life sometimes gets in the way. My plan was to find some goodies to share as maybe in the spring it will work out. Have you ever been to Round Top Texas? I would love to hear about it.
So remember.. look past the faults, the dust and rust and try to find the beauty and Never under estimate the power of paint~

Barn'a fied' decorations yall...

Fall brings to mind...farms and harvest time. I don't why that is with me,I guess it plays along with season.

I find myself drawn to the natural elements of the holiday and what Fall represents.Now I know that y'all see those scary birds but I must tell you that we have fields full of them...cow birds too!
So with fall fast approaching,I thought I would barn it up a bit. I have very high ceilings, so I used that to my advantage and used a ladder for height. The long bird feathers had to go. After I saw them in the photo they didnt work for me so bye bye birdie...
It's rustic just the way I like it.
I used what decorations I had from last year and dug things out of the shed to make this look come together.
I know you must have spotted some of the galvanized goodies used here.
At the moment I seem to be drawn to this stuff like fly's on a rib roast! I'm sure you are wondering what that cute lil' thing is under the pumpkin.
It's a collar used in heating and air ducts.
I found a whole isle of this galvanized goodness at Home Depot. We will touch base on that subject again real soon.
I also pulled things that say Fall to me...Vintage fan for cooler days. Old books that smell like they should be made into a candle scent and ravens.
And just so know what I did with my square wreath that peeps into every shot on my mantel....Hanging here. I kind of like the look going where's that candy corn!!