Gotta be love...

*** my husband replied via email because he doesnt "do blogging"...He said "That's sweet. I love you too. What time is open house?" I thought he was trying to be really funny but then I remembered...our daugthers school is having open house. Geez...I need a life..hehe!

Hey baby... {my husband}... I just wanted to remind you how much we love one another and how we can make each other smile. Oh yeah...and how I am going to get out of my comfort zone and attend a Hogs game for you.... Remember?

So when you get home tonight and the house looks a bit out of sorts...

just know that I love you and I smile

because I know that you love me too...

Oh...and babe... it's gonna be a hotdog night.... love ya!


  1. Painting again? Ha, it sounds a lot like me. I'm painting our main floor bathroom (Just got done with the kids bathroom, and our son's room). We went from having BLT's last night to frozen pizza instead. I'm not sure about tonights dinner. I told my daughter I was painting the bathroom because its been about 4 years and that's what people do and she said "Well, that's what you do mom. You're always changing things." It's true. After the bathroom it's on to the dining room...

  2. Love it!!! At our house, it's a spaghetti night...easiest thing for me to do. :) You all are a cute cute couple!

  3. Are you coming to Fayetteville? Please? Because if you are, I'd love to meet up. (I imagine I will be dragged to more than one Razorback football game.)

  4. Girl... what are you up to?

  5. Hot dogs sound find to me! Looks like a lot of lovin' and fun are going on around your house! Too much of a good thing is a "good thing." Great post!

  6. Oh, and honey, there's gonna be some blogging going on about all this painting I'm up the grill would you???? Pretty please?


  7. He's got to be used to you by now.
    Enjoy those dogs & pictures soon please.

  8. Very sweet post Susie!

    ~Blessings my friend :)

  9. You are too cute and I could SO live next door to you :)

  10. You and your hubby look so cute!

    Girl, you are superwoman!!! The cottage and the kitchen. I love it!


  11. That is cute! I love the painting!

  12. i actually got warm fuzzies bc my house is not in the best shape right now...and i'm choosing to blog for 10 minutes then clean and cook before hubs gets home!

  13. Are you painting again??? Since you love it so much I sure wish you lived next door so you could come over and paint my cabinets (of course, I would help)♥

  14. Y'all are cracking me UP! And after you get through with yours, come help me with mine! : )

  15. hey susie! just got back into town and came by to catch up and WOW! that floor! WOW! LOOOVVVVE it! great job!

  16. You are just too funny....way to go girl...butter him up first;)

  17. you two are ADORABLE! I love that he replied via e-mail, but he reads your blog! So sweet.

    And what is that you're doing there in your kitchen Ms. Susie? Painting again? Could you please send some of that crazy painting energy you have my way? Via fed ex please?


  18. How exciting! I want to know what you're doing - well, I think I know what you're doing, but I want to *see* ...

  19. Great post Susie.
    Hot dogs are great and I hope that you and hubby had a good night out at your daughters school open house.


  20. what color is going up now?

    I am new to your blog and finding it very entertaining and tons of info.

    keep it up

  21. Can't wait to see it!!!! I can only imagine.

  22. hi sue,
    so somehow i came across your blog today just after i got my lovely family sign from you this week! anyhow, it is so fun to see what it is you "do" day to day, i'm following you now so i can see what new stuff you have, stop by and say "hi" to me when you can break away from your painting!

  23. Great job!!!!Looks like a lot of lovin' and fun are going on around your house!!!!fantastic

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