Your Blog..perfect in every way~

*** Just a added note***
Please know that I love "big blogs' and I dont miss a day without reading them. I know first hand the time and love it takes to make a blog successful and you should feel blessed if you are the author of one. Today I recieved an email from a reader that just felt down in the dumps about her blog and I felt the need to lift her and her blog up. So if you have a well read blog be proud! You deserve it! Thanks~

{Please excuse dorky picture from last year,thank you}

Can we talk for minute? Just between us girls. I mean really talk heart to heart. You know the kinda talk when you and your BFF's let your guard down and you just let it gush. Well that's the kind of talk I'm talking about girls. What do you see when you look in the mirror? This is my reflection. This is the girl that has been looking back at me for "some" years now. I don't always like what I see but she's me and I'm puddy in the Lords hands. I'm so grateful He is on my side because I sure need His guidance.

This is what I see when I turn on my computer. It's kinda like me. It tells my story and many times my heart. It's a look into my world. Now this is where the heart to heart comes in...
It's so easy to visit other blogs and dream to become just like them. I too have caught myself dreaming...

I try to not watch when my blog does this for a day ...yeehaw ..what a ride!

I sit back in awesome wonder at the amount of readers these blogs have. Where am I going with this? Straight to the heart,I hope. There are so many new bloggers out there and it's so easy to get caught up in the hoop'la. For those of you who find yourself looking into that screen and feeling small. Stop it right there! Go look into that mirror. What do you see? Yep, that's your sweet face smiling right back at you. Perfect in every way, just as the Lord made YOU. Just a reminder...there is no such thing as a small blog..just a treasure waiting to be discovered!


  1. So well said! And I'm thankful that yours is a treasure I discovered!

  2. Girl you are the sweetest. :)
    Thanks for the heartfelt "talk".

  3. Very encouraging, Susie! Especially for those of us who have just begun this blogging journey!!

  4. WoW!!! It's a journey...and i LOVE ya ♥

  5. You're such a sweetheart!!! :) Great post!!

  6. Awesome Post....I may be small in numbers but I love the friends I have...we all are a work of God and he is the main one that looks at my numbers....Great post Susie!

    Love ya and a big hug! Your so true to all !

  7. Oh, honey, just throw those numbers out the window. Just keep on doing your thing & we'll keep reading.

  8. I needed that...

    Thank you!

  9. Honestly, I was just about to write a post about this very same it's really easy to get caught up in the comparison game between other bloggers and become envious...but how it is so important to not lose sight of who you really are!

    Thanks for the reminder!

  10. The Lord just used you as a blessing today. I really needed this right at this very moment!!

  11. And just how do you find the place where you can view statistics?

    Twin and I have had a lot of visitors but not a lot of comments. Part is our own fault for not keeping up with our blog. She is in the middle of a major reno of her home and I don't even know how to down load pictures. Ouch, that was embarrassing to admit. I told her not to start the blog when she did because we were too busy to do a good job but no... sometimes she doesn't listen.

    As far as who is reading, too many take it personal like popularity in high school. Most of the cool kids weren't what they seemed or anyone we would truly want to be friends with after graduation. I personally feel there are a few bloggers that think they are all that and a bag of chips and I say God bless them. I'd rather be a part of bloggers with a heart. I didn't start blogging to make $$ Yes, Twin and I have started a business since but that wasn't the reason we started blogging. We didn't think it felt right to read and comment on others blogs without having one of our own. We've made some very sweet friends and to me blogging is like having that pen pal you use to write to in 3rd grade only better. That's what it's all about to me and being true to that person you see in the mirror everyday...sometimes we find out the hard way that people aren't quite what we thought they were and it can hurt. Especially to those who are genuine and see the good in everyone.

    While those other blogs give advice from soup to nuts they don't have the same warmth as yours.

    So Susie, if you look real close at your reflection in the mirror, you will see the best and biggest part of you is your heart. Keep it that way...sorry, I didn't mean to write a short story.LOL

  12. Susie, You said these things because you are honest and real. These are all well-put sentiments....

    I really enjoy the commenters on my blog. I have even gotten to know some of them better by e-mail, phone, or in person. That is what I have gleaned from blogging.

    To care about what others think of us is human nature. Face it, we are blogging because we want some sort of re-affirmation. I would be lying if I said I wouldn't feel bad about getting only 5 comments on something that had taken more than an hour to prepare. We give, hoping for something in return. When blogging, we might sometimes feel that we haven't met our challenges without some sort of affirmation, and for some, playing the numbers game is the only thing that matters.

    Well, let me say that I no longer leave comments on the pages of the "big dogs." I doubt that they even have the time to read all of their comments, much less acknowledge them. Not that I am a stickler on blogging etiquette, or anything, but I do feel that if someone has made the effort to say something significant (not the same old cookie cutter comment made in order to gain their own readership groupies) I should visit them and at least acknowledge them. But then, I am a mere little puppy, and I have, or make, the time to do so....

    Thanks for having this heart to heart with us... and for letting ME ramble on. :-) Sue

  13. You are so sweet and encouraging. Thanks.

  14. nicely put. I've used my blog as an outlet during this past year to help me not loose myself in the daily duties of "mommyhood".

  15. Thanks for the reminder. We need to be reminded that we are who we are, and that's how God made us, so be happy about it!

  16. AnonymousJuly 22, 2009


    You are too sweet to point this out and make me feel better. I try not to look at the number of people who visit other sites but how can you miss it. I'm just happy for the friends I've made and if my readership isn't the same as some other bloggers...oh well. The friends I've made I know from their comments and sweetness.

    Thank you.


  17. Amen! it's like a party here in blogland, and it's simply impossible to meet everyone, because the party is TOO BIG!

    we'll meet someday...god willing....

  18. Hey, Susie, I guess I'm considered one of the "big blogs", but I didn't get here overnight. It's taken me 2 1/2 years to get the readers I do, so I hope others will realize that it doesn't happen overnight at all. I love all my readers, but unfortunately I just can't comment back to everyone when they leave a comment & join my parties. I would never get off the computer if I did that & my home and family would suffer because of that. I started blogging for fun & it's evolved into being much bigger than I ever anticipated. I'm grateful for that, but along with that comes responsibility too. I can't believe all the new blogs just in the last 6 mos. It has exploded! Much bigger than when I started in 2007.

    So, I like your message today & hope that everyone will just be themselves while blogging. That's what it's all about, just be who you are meant to be & don't try to be someone you can't possibly be. I totally understand feeling envious of a bigger blog than yourself, but at the end of the day, we all just have to be true to ourselves. xoxo

  19. Love, Love Love your encouragement today. You seem to "get IT" about blogging. GREAT ideas and heart to heart sharing, but you keep it real. I love that about you, friend.


  20. Susie, you are a treasure! I hope you know that!

  21. Girl - you hit it head on. I've been gone for 2 weeks, and I purposely didn't bring my code to check my stats. It was SO freeing. I wasn't worrying about how it was going or who was coming, just sharing from the heart...what we love about blogging. So, for those of us who are blogging a bit for business, what site allows you to see other people's stats? I am so not techie like that. ...and you must have had some amazing link to your to sky rocket your site like that for a day. YEA for you. :)

  22. You are just so sweet and dear! What an encouraging post! I try not to pay too much attention to my stats and I do try to get around and leave comments at least once a week to everyone that leaves a comment on my blog. There are a few blogs that I don't even bother with anymore because I feel I'm just a stat to get them more $.


  23. are a sweetie.
    I know sometimes this blogging seems to have turned into a personality contest or something. People offering all kind of things to be followed and etc. I hope ladies and gents out there try to remember why they started blogging in the first place. I blog because I love it..I blog about things that I like. I like it when folks like what I write about but if I don't hit everyone on the nail, I surely don't worry about it.
    I love my blog. I post things on my sidebar that I feel strongly about and it seems everyone respects my opinions and I try to respect others opinions..even tho we don't see eye to eye all the time.
    I hope people don't think of blogging as a popularity contest...I SURE DON'T.
    xo bj

  24. It's hard not to care how many people are visiting your blog, isn't it? I don't have a counter or anything on mine and I have no idea where to even find those stats that you have up there (which is not to say that I won't go looking for them now! I know, I know. Talking out of both sides of my mouth, aren't I?) I just want you to know that I love visiting here. I love you, your house, your family, your projects and most of all your honesty. Thank you for sharing your ups and downs. We all have them, and I like you all the more for admitting that you're- GASP!- human! :)

  25. Thanks for sharing this. I am pretty new to blogging and just have to remember that this does take time. I'm enjoying it so much though.

  26. What a sweet way to put it. My Blog has been up just over a month and I too get caught up in checking "my numbers".

    I am just trying to enjoy all of my Blogging friends, including you who were kind enough to do a post on my French Pillows. I am just trying to bring everyone some interesting and fun parts of my life and business!

    Take care and stop by and leave a comment if get a chance!!!


  27. Thank you so much for those kind words. I am just starting and feel so small..or felt so are a blessing...Thanks..ANN

  28. I love your blog Susie, keep doing what you do best...inspire us all to be better women, better moms, and better decorators! :)

  29. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFULLY said!!! such a sweet reminder!!
    Thank you!
    many Blessings!

  30. I began blogging during a difficult recovery period when my journal writing took too much energy. It's nice to have comments, to have followers, to have readers but I write for myself mainly; to use this outlet as a journal, if you will.

    I, too, rarely leave comments on those blogs with 25+ comments thinking that I would not say something that wasn't already there. And I like to personally answer those that are kind enough to answer.

    I've often thought there might be some serious pressure to have a 'big' blog :) and enjoy having only 26 followers! haha I love coming here, for your blog is a variety of things and you do NOT brag on yourself. I like that.

  31. I started blogging a couple or so weeks after Rhoda. We knew each other from a decorating forum, before blogging.

    I just meandered along, writing and taking pictures of whatever, never giving it much thought.

    I put the follow thing on, last fall and then thought I would take it off, then all of a sudden I started getting more and more followers. I think the follow thing, at least for me, is a way to keep track of when a blogger has something knew at their site, rather than a popularity counter. For me, it's a great time saver.

    I have a long way to go to get to be a big blog, but I do have a lot of readers. June 30th I added a free counter, out of curiosity. I've had almost 22,000 hits in the past three weeks. The thing is...I wonder just how accurate that is. I do not do the stats thing. After all, I went for over 2 years without even having a counter.
    I get several comments and I believe I have a regular readership, who would probably stick with me through thick and thin.
    I started out with 2 or 3 comments on my posts, in March 2007. It began to grow. I believe over the years, I have had maybe 4 giveaways, can't remember. One for my birthday, the first year, then a 100, 200 and 300 post giveaway. I might have one for 400 posts. I haven't asked anyone to follow nor have I had a giveaway and asked folks to follow, as part of the contest. I just say leave a comment, to be in the drawing. I've only had about 160, on any giveaway. Not big numbers in the grand scheme of things.

    At the moment I usually average 40 to 50 comments to a post. It's very difficult to get around to everyone when I am in an event. I do what I can.

    The events are fun and give me fodder for posts. But they are definitely a challenge for visiting. I love to see what everyone is doing, but then J said the other night as we were sitting in the living room at the lake, he thought it was time I gave myself a little rest from the computer. I had been trying to get to everyone on my list and on an event and I had been on all day! He never says anything about my computer time, but I think he actually saw how tiring it can be, for me.

    I don't know about popularity in blogdom. I just photograph and write about whatever strikes my fancy, which thankfully includes Tablescapes and Food. :-) The Back Porch was started as a hobby and I hope it continues that way. I would really love that. Don't want this thing to get too serious.

    I've been approached about advertising, but I don't want to do that. I don't have anything against it, it's just not for me.

    Great post, by the way, Susie!

  32. Very well put, miss. I appreciate people like you who speak from the heart. I think above all, it is important to be ourselves. Thanks again for the inspiring post!

  33. Thank you for a very encouraging post for those of us who blog but are not popular.


  34. Pat@Back Porch MusingsJuly 22, 2009

    Me again, Susie...After that book I just wrote, I bet you thought you were rid of me ;-). I had to come back to say, whether I get 10, 20 30 or 100 comments, I read and appreciate each and everyone of them I truly truly love my readers and love to hear what they have to say. Many times, I've been lead to gems, by readers, I would otherwise not known of.

    Yep, I read the comments and love it! It's part of the bloggy deal!

  35. Oh My Susie; What a very up lifting post, and I have to admit that I have felt like that a lot, and some times do, so thank you for this.. I just love how the Lord works,,, beautiful post....


  36. hehe..I don't even have a hits counter thingy on my blog at all. I never try to see my traffic. I figure if someone wants to read...great. If not..that is OK. And so I blog...:) I don't want to feel like it is a popularity contest...kwim?
    Thanks for this post Susie! :)
    Hope you have a great day!

  37. Girl, you wrote this from my own drafts, huh?

    I have struggled with stats and readers and followers and comments until it has drove me batty!

    I constantly worry about whose reading and where how they were directed to my blog. I am always logging in to check how many hits and visits I have a day.

    It's 3 times as worse for me since I have the 3 blogs.

    I love reading the "big" blogs and commenting! I would love to be one one of these days but right now I am fairly happy where I am because like Rhoda said it takes longer then over night. It's a job because you have to write good content and you have to visit others to get visitors.

    We should all be happy to be the blog that we are no matter how big or small we maybe!

  38. You girls rock! Big and small..loved by all! I too read my big blog roll everyday. I couldnt have my juice without it in the morning...hehe. It takes a lot of work to hit the big times so if you are proud!

  39. Hi Susie and what a treat it was to discover your lovely blog.
    Your post is great and it is people like you that inspires us all in the Blog world. Thank you.


  40. Loved this post. While I have a large readership, I am definitely not in the stratosphere of some of the big kahunas! My blog has led me to some incredibly talented people and opportunities and things like comments buoy me and motivate me to keep going. Sometimes it is stressful to come up with posts so often, but it is the love of writing and sharing ideas that makes me sit down at my computer each night. I have blogher ads and have entertained the thought of putting ads on my blog, but somehow it doesn't feel right at this time. It seems to take the personal edge off the blog somehow. I know it is a good source of income for some, and they should be rewarded for being so committed to their blogs, but when it starts to go sour for me is when bloggers charge other bloggers for linking to their sites. I don't get that. If it is about women supporting women, it should be free, because it is blogger support that made the big blogs so successful. Some blogs even seem like just one big ad for products, disguised as posts. I will promote the occasional artist who I really believe in, but doing it too often is a bit boring, in my opinion.

    As for responding to comments, that is absolutely the nice thing to do, but sometimes it can be hard to devote that amount of time. My motto is my blog gets a portion of my time, but my young family desrves the bulk of it. I cannot make my blog my job, because it just doesn't pay enough :) and I truly believe you won't have anything to blog about if you park yourself in front of the computer all day!

    Like Rhoda stated: it takes a ton of work to grow your blog really big, and it takes a certain degree of giving up big chunks of your day, so is that worth it? I think it is up to the blogger. When I started my blog, I had one reader: my sister, and I think it was just as fun in a way. We'd chat and not worry about content as much and did it to share our mutual projects in our homes. Blogs can be a stepping stone for something bigger, or they can be an online journal where you meet friends and gain ideas. Personally, my favourite blogs are the ones where the writer's personality comes through. Big or small, virtually every blog has something worth reading...your blog is a gem.

    Sorry for the ramble,

  41. This is great to hear! I just recently started my blog for fun but it can be a bit intimidating out there in the Blog World...thanks for this post!

  42. I kept a blog for years online and when my readers reached almost a thousand I got so freaked out that I quit blogging for about four years. Finally I'm back and hopefully this time I won't be as freaked out by strangers just caring to take a peek into others lives ;) I do it, why can't they?

  43. Susie, you hit this on the nail! I have wondered many days if all the time and effort I put into my posts, if it really is worth it.

    Many might not know, because of my perfectionist ways (yes have tried everything to be done with it) I will stay up for a whole night once my family has gone to bed just to have some quite time to write a post from the heart and then only to spend hours editing...html drives me crazy!!

    I must admit that I check often after I have published to see if what I posted was of any interest to anyone. Why do we put so much into comments? To know that someone actually is reading and enjoys what you have spent so much time on. It would be different if I wanted to keep my blog as a private one, then it would not matter to me. But I have opened up myself to share with everyone, which then does matter.

    So, do I think blogging is worth it, Definitely! It has brought me another world that was unknown to me. I have found friendship, great tips, something to make me laugh,touching stories that have made me cry, eye candy or just needed to write, which I think is great therapy in itself.

    I had started something a month ago on my blog spotlighting unique and talented Artist, Etsy Boutiques and Designers, with the intention to share with my readers creative, whimsy, quality products that I thought my readers would want to know and buy. I feel it is a great way to uplift and help support these amazing women and their businesses. I am very selective in whom I spotlight on and not to become a blog of advertising. Each spotlight has been generous to share something in a Giveaway, which readers love! The reactions from my readers have only been positive, so I know that it is something they enjoy and look forward to seeing.

    I started this blog for many different reasons. I knew I was going to open my Etsy~which I have decided to wait on, (due to a Military move) and wanted to give a way for my customers to see other sides of my creativity and me. I now blog not only because I still want to have it to tie along with my business, but I really do love sharing creativity and the friendship.

    I try not to focus on the rankings, for then I just get discouraged. Of course I am happy when any of my readers want to follow and come along with me for the journey.

    In the end, I think we all just feel vulnerable to be liked and that we too might have something to offer to many people just like the big blogs. That just makes us human.

    Thanks for letting me share my novel! lol.

    Have a wonderful day and thanks for always being great!

    Hugs to you,

  44. what a great blog entry. It really made me think. I feel like that sometimes with my blog too.

  45. Good job, Susie! My blog writing has fallen of CONSIDERABLY...I have even lost a follower! That's a big deal when you only had 19 to start with! But I don't care. I decided it's summer and my kids deserve my time. I also was forcing myself into doing projects to have something to post. Now I'll just do them as I need...when I want! You are always so uplifting!

  46. How sweet of you to post this. You are for real, Susie. I love that about you.

  47. Thanks for writing a post about this subject, Susie. I've read through the other comments left here and I really see now that I'm not the *only* one who has been feeling this way. I've struggled with all of this about blogging for a while. I appreciate you 'keepin' it real' :)

  48. I LOVE your blog -- I read you everyday - I can't wait to see what you do with your cabinets!!!

  49. Thanks for the pep talk - from the blogger who is excited if he stat reader says anything over 20 (and 19 of the looks weren't from me at work :-))

    Happy day!

  50. I have gotten similar inquiries and information on how to make a blog grow.
    I always provide the same answer. I began my blog as a way of documenting my life as well as my family since I do not have time to scrapbook.
    I write for one person. Me. It is amazing to me when I see 175 comments or just 2.
    I have made wonderful friends and will continue to write because I enjoy it. I do have a stat counter but perhaps look at it only every few months.
    I choose not to advertise because it didn't fit what I personally wanted from my blog: a quiet sanctuary where I could have a moment to reflect on all that is lovely and at times not so lovely in my life.
    If you write for yourself you will never go wrong. :)

  51. hello there! i came over from a comment you left on my blog and what a nice post to happen onto as a first-time reader. i'm new to blogging myself so your post was quite encouraging. i started my blog last fall for my own personal development and entertainment. i have no aspirations to reach the big time but if i can find a niche that would be great. i've met some nice people online b/c of it...the girl who's offering the prize on my giveaway is someone who started leaving sweet comments on my blog and i have no idea how she found me in the first place - but now i've got a nice relationship with a new friend. she kind of reminds me of you! so, thanks for the encouraging post on blogging in general. obviously it hit the right note for many of us!

  52. That was really sweet

  53. Love this girl. Just love it. Great post. Hope you are doing well. I thought I'd pop over and check on ya. Did you get all of your laundry done and suitcases unpacked? I'm dreading that in a couple of weeks. Blah! Anywho, hope you are well. Keep up the awesome blogging.

    Huge hugs,

  54. Just what I needed to hear. Some days I feel so small. I need to remember that I'm a child of the King!

  55. High five Susie! When I first started blogging, I almost felt like it was a club that I wasn't allowed to be a part of. Like I wasn't a cool kid. I almost stopped. I'm so glad I stuck with it though bc I've "met" some awesome awesome gals. I've been so inspired and hopefully through my long wordy sporadic bad photo-ed posts, I've sent a little inspiration along the way. Thanks for the pep talk and the reminder.

  56. Thank you, Susie! I don't usually get many comments on either of my blogs (one is my home blog and the other is my preschool teaching blog), but I can see by the hits that people are viewing (more so my teaching blog). But yeah, I do love to see that people are stopping by!

  57. Hi, just read this post. I use my blog as a way to be a bit creative with photos, writing and such, I don't know how to find out stats. I just enjoy browsing and being inspired by other bloggers. Every time I think,"Gee why do they have so many more comments etc." I realize I just don't want to spend the time involved to get there. It is only natural to want acceptance and popularity, but I have come to the realization that for me this is just for fun. No stress. I enjoy visiting you, always.

  58. Hey-
    Sorry you are having trouble with my e-mail going through. I have gotten all my others so I don't know what is going on but here ya' go:


  59. wow those are really awesome words...thanks for being so honest, it was very well said

  60. I can relate! When I got my first follower, I was so excited that I sent her a "thanks" package. Great inspiration! :)

  61. Thank you so much for this post. Sometimes we compare ourselves so much to others that we have a hard time seeing the things we have accomplished in our own lives. I'm fairly new to blogging and feel I am just getting my feet wet, but then I look at other sites that haven't been out there as long as I have and how far they have come already. Sometimes I feel that nobody reads my site and then I tell myself it really doesn't matter. I'm accomplishing things in my life, I'm documenting them for my enjoyment and I'm having a great time. I get inspiration from all you incredible bloggers out there and all your beautiful ideas. There's so much talent in the world and I feel priviledged to be able to take a peek at it and bring some it into my home and to my family. I love my faith, I love my family and I love making a beautiful home for them to come home to at the end of the day. THank you again and I will be subscribing to your site.

  62. Thank you for that.
    Sometimes it's good to hear it from someone else's mouth. ;)


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