Good times....

Good times yes but we had our moments.Don't let these cute faces fool you. They fought the whole time. Maybe that's why we got smart and took two cars. One for the kids and one for us. We had Madison ride with us because I'm sure the music and the sibling love was not Mommy standards. Can I get an Amen!

What is it about vacations. Am I the only one who believes it could be picture perfect and everyone happy at one time. Don't get me wrong,as I was very blessed to take a trip,it's just hard when you expect too much out of your dreams. Like no rain..ever. Poor Madison is doing better with her ears but this is how she had to enjoy the beach. No water in the ears for her.

No fussing,no fighting,no biting. Not in my world. Only in my dreams do those vacations exist. We have headed home and decided to stop at a resort to try out a new beach. Rain...again.

That means more family "close" times...yeehaw!

Thank goodness they had a lazy river. Madison loved this!

We also hit the strip and saw some neat sites like this cute hot dog stand.

All in all it was a great trip. What made the biggest smiles on my darling kids faces? This dog! On a stop for gas we saw this "puppy". Needless to say it's not how much money you spend or the pretty beaches. Nor the fancy meals or the sweet places to's the small things in life that matter. What matters to me? Watching the smiles on those sweet faces and knowing home is only a few miles ahead~


  1. We had an ER visit on our vacation on June too :) Sorry about the not perfect part....but the pics sure look perfect!!!!!

    Cute doggie!

  2. I am so happy to hear that you guys had a good time & what an adorable pup!

  3. This seriously sounds like one of our vacations! My husband and I (or at least 'I') look forward to the day we can travel without the kids ; ) Bless their hearts.

    Sounds like there were some good momemts tucked in along the way. Sorry to hear the weather couldn't have been a bit better though. Hopefully next time.


  4. It's fun to travel, but always so good to get home. Have a safe rest of the trip!

  5. That's a family vacation for you! Fighting and great memories...with a little added rain!

  6. Looks awesome even with the rain! I know what you mean with the fighting, my oldest are 19 mo apart, nearly 14 and 12 1/2. Sigh. The little one is 7 and easy to get along with:) Is Madison 7 or 8? I am glad she is doing better!

  7. My daughter and her family went to Hilton Head in rained every day they were there and their beach time equaled a total of 4 hours for the whole week. I'm glad to hear that there are others who have perfect vacations in their minds, but the elements, the family, etc don't always participate.

  8. I won't let T see me reading this, or he'll never want to go on vacation with the kids. ;)

    Yours are beautiful, even if they fight sometimes. :)

  9. I always say, "vacation is just life in a different location". I can totally relate! I asked my husband several times on our trip in June when we could go somewhere w/out our kids. Then I always miss them when they're not with us. Still always nice to go away for time with the family. Hope Madison is feeling better soon!

  10. All in all, it looks like you had a great time. The two car thing sounds like a great idea. I am taking my mom with us to the beach in 2 wks. I wonder if I could get her to do the two car thing.LOL

    I hope Madison's ear continues to get better.

  11. Perhaps our family are one in the same ~ I have the same sugar coated happy thoughts of how a family *should* act on vaction and somehow each year my children don't get the memo!

    Were you in Connecticut? Those pictures capture what our entire summer has been like ~ rain, rain, more rain and some gloomy skies add to the mix ~ ugh!

  12. How fun! Love the hot dog stnad and the "puppy"!! Y'all have a safe trip home.

  13. Oh my goodness girl. Where are you guys when it is raining? You need to come further South - head here to Naples/Bonita with us.

    Typically when it does rain, which is pretty common in the summer months, it only rains for 15 minutes and then stops. Then it is blaring sun again. Are you getting full day wash outs where you are? If you are, come a bit further south to one of the beaches here by us and it might help. We'd love to hook up with ya'll. In the meantime, keep enjoying that family time either way. Like you said, that is all that matters in the end.

    PS...Love that little hot dog stand!

    Love and smiles,

  14. We're going to Florida in August. I'm going to try not to expect "perfect" just some quality time - good, bad and ugly!

    Glad you had a great time!

  15. AnonymousJuly 10, 2009

    Hello Susie, I am so glad to hear you keeping it real. I to dream of perfect days that don't happen so It's so nice to know I'm not alone. I guess that's what a family is sometimes perfect sometimes awful and also in between. But I think we all wouldn't have it any other way I feel my life began with kids.

  16. Love your honesty!! Glad you made it back safely and had a great trip.

  17. Perfect vacations are only in our dreams, but we wouldn't have it any other way, I'm sure. My Mom always says I'll miss it someday:)
    Glad for safe travel and that you made it back.

  18. LOVE LOVE the hot dog stand...that is so DOG GONE cute!!!

  19. One of the saddest things to see is watching rain fall on an empty beach. : )

    I want to know what you've been working on!

  20. I remember my sister telling her sons (17 and 12 at the time) that God had given them each other to be best friends, and that if they didn't stop fussing and starting acting like best friends she personally was going to be the one to send them BACK to God. We've laughed with this one for years :)

  21. So glad you guys had a good getaway! The kids and I are headed back from ours on Tuesday and I'll be sad to get back to 'reality'. It's been nice hanging in sunny Florida!
    And I saw your Etsy shoppe is open again in your latest post~ how fun for you to be crafting again hun!
    Happy week ahead~ Les


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