Our house...divided!

This is a hog. This is who you root for if your from Arkansas!

This is a Tiger. This is who you root for if your from Louisiana!
So what do ya get when your husband is a Hog and now lives in Louisiana. A house divided? No way. Loving my husband means loving his precious Hogs. They will play each other tonight so I thought I would show my support....your welcome hunny! Now my family may no longer claim me but that's OK cause I have two new chairs to talk about soon...stay tuned!


  1. Oh Sue you know we love you and your little razorback, by the way ya wanta come for dinner tonight?


  2. Tell your husband that we're all calling the hogs tonight when we play LSU in the CWS! I have some friends that are in your same boat. She cheers for the hogs as long as we don't play LSU.

  3. Wooooo Pig Sooie!!!! GO HOGS GO!!!

  4. I love going to Kelly's page ~ they're huge razorback folks, as well :) A house divided makes for laughter, a bit of angst, and loads of memories!

  5. Our house was divided until I converted Zack into being a Gator fan.

  6. Congrats~ You are now officially a Hogers fan! Hogs+Tigers)I know..corny!LOL!

  7. GO HOGS! I can't even consider LSU winning tonight a possibility.

  8. So, who won???

    And your sister's menu made me giggle :)

  9. Hope your family reclaims you after the games are over!

  10. The only tiger we root for around here is a MEMPHIS tiger! : )

    (that was as close as I could get to rooting for Arkansas *giggle*)

  11. Yet another house divided... well, not really. We're 100% Arkansas fanatics, though I'm not originally from Arkansas. :) I can't believe it, my husband is a full-blown razorback! His entire home office is just overflowing with hog memorabilia. We moved from Little Rock to Kansas about 5 years ago... he misses it- terribly! (so do my kids). I really should post some pictures of his collections and his razorJack- (our last name is Jackson!) tattoo!!! Too cool finding a fellow razorback! :) From one hog fan to another..."Woo-pig-sooie!"

  12. Wooooo Pig Sooie!!! Go Diamond Hogs!! Can't wait for game #2 tonight - woooohooo!!
    I've visited your blog several times before, but felt the need to comment on this post, because let's face it - it doesn't get much better than the HOGS! :) HAHAAHA!
    {For the record, I love all your other posts, too :) }

  13. I know all about those kinds of loyalties! Is it baseball tonight? I know it's college world series time. We are GEORGIA people...my husband is in Iraq and it's his 4th tour but the first one that will be all during football season...so that is one sad guy.

  14. Too funny! (Go Huskers! ;)

    m ^..^

  15. Well Susie I must admit I am a GA DAWG but since LSU is in the SEC I will cheer them on.....or wait do I need to cheer the Hogs on....oh my so confused with who to pick...just let me know who wins! lol

  16. Luckily my husband went to a small private school. No SEC rivalry in our house. He's now a proud GATOR! Chomp.

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