Wildlife Amoung us!

No, we didn't bring home souvenir's from the woods because we are still enjoying some quiet time there. Not quite done with our goodies just yet. I just thought I would show you things my son brings home...

I know you must be wondering why in the world would I go deep in the woods a state away when I could have all of this wildlife brought to my back door....

We needed wildlife that didnt need Momma every few minutes. We needed wildlife that didnt need to be fed or bathed. We needed wildlife that doesnt talk back or ask for gas money. We needed to sew or{pretend to sew} uninterrupted for hours upon days. We needed to go for long walks and giggle til we fall asleep. We needed to be sisters and act like we were thirteen again. I just hope I dont come home with any ticks this time...hee haw!


  1. Adorable raccoon :)
    You and your sister have a blast on your road trip. Many memories & laughs i'm sure!

  2. The baby raccoon is so cute! My mom raised a little nest of babies once because their mom was killed somehow. When they reached a certain age she was able to let them go. For a few days they would come up to us when we were outside then they were gone. Our hope was that they learned to live out in the woods.

  3. Oh my ~ hope you girls are having a great time together!


  4. As CUTE as that raccoon is, those little critters drive me nuts. They are constantly getting in our bird feeders and breaking them. Rascals, they are.

    Glad you and Missy are having fun. And I hope you don't come home with any ticks either!

  5. Too cute...hope you are having a great time. Looking forward to you coming back as a bonafide seamstress and making all kinds of great things.

  6. yeah...cute when they are small...but horrible when they get big.
    i have one that made a home in my garage and he loves to get into things.

  7. Awwwwww how precious. Any babies are CUTE!

  8. Precious!! It makes me want to get one...I am a sucker for cute babies!

  9. they may seem cute to some, but for me, they steal eggs and eat my hens when the chance strikes.....
    but I know that they are just in the cycle of life trying to survive!

  10. What a cute new little one you have-aren't babies too cute?!?

  11. Ah! How cute is he?
    ~Happy 4th! :)

  12. Oh my goodness he's so cute! And the raccoon is, too! LOL! : ) I couldn't resist. You two enjoy yourselves. My linky party will be waiting for you when you get back. : )

  13. sooo cute! Hope you are having a fun, fun time.

  14. Oh that little one is adorable...and your son is a cutie too! Ok don't think bad since this is a 48 yr old talking about your baby...hehehe...both are adorable though!

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