Wildlife Amoung us!

No, we didn't bring home souvenir's from the woods because we are still enjoying some quiet time there. Not quite done with our goodies just yet. I just thought I would show you things my son brings home...

I know you must be wondering why in the world would I go deep in the woods a state away when I could have all of this wildlife brought to my back door....

We needed wildlife that didnt need Momma every few minutes. We needed wildlife that didnt need to be fed or bathed. We needed wildlife that doesnt talk back or ask for gas money. We needed to sew or{pretend to sew} uninterrupted for hours upon days. We needed to go for long walks and giggle til we fall asleep. We needed to be sisters and act like we were thirteen again. I just hope I dont come home with any ticks this time...hee haw!

Road Trip!

This duo is in dire need of a road trip.The last one taken was to blissdom at the start of this year. Today we are deep in the woods crafting and sewing and eating healthy...hehe. No..really we are! We packed fabric and sewing machines and fruit to munch. You will have to wait a day or two to see the products of our labor. Sorry but no service where we are..remember the woods.

Our last trip we were surrounded by wonderful friends and yummy foods. This time we are surrounded by deer and birds...and fruit.

I'm sure I will be doing my share of this

Nope ...not this. Fruit and berries for me.

I hope we can stay focused and not get too side tracked by temptations. We have fabric to sew ...did I ever mention I don't know how to sew? Nope. Not a stitch. Don't even know how to use a machine. Guess she will find that out when we get there~

Time Machine~

When I found this humble ice cream maker my past washed over me like a rainy summer night..

Therefore, allowing myself to daydream,I ran smack dab into that seven year old little girl that once played in my skin.

That same little girl waited {not so patiently} on her Maw Maw's front porch for that {oh so good} ice cream! Having those sweet memories, how could I not look past this time machine.

Time has a way of leaving a gentle reminder of good times and giggles on us all.In this case
Rust...a reminder of rock salt that I would sneak to eat
Pencil...an important tool used to unjam the ice
Condensed milk...thank you Lord!

Worn wooden planks and rust are the reason I adore this piece so much,for without them, that would mean.... No rock salt to sneak...no summer nights on the porch...no anticipation for that frozen delight and No condensed milk ..Oh Lordie!

I must remind myself while catching a glimpse in the mirror. I'm the same little girl dancing in the same skin.

Those gentle reminders I see are just giggles that once filled the air, late nights rocking my babies to slumber and loving so deeply it hurts.

So today I embrace those giggles and those babies that are now to big to rock. Today I replay memories of my sister and I playing with summer blooms and how much I love my Brother even more today. Today I will breathe in sweet summer and refresh my soul. For today is a gift and tomorrow is just a giggle away~

On a goofy note...check out my blooper. Yep, that would be me trying to get the best shot...NOT! giggle~ihp9qxnmg3

The little blue table that could...

While the chairs are drying I thought I would share the little blue table that I painted weeks ago. I put her in my DR and she just felt lost. I'm sure you can count all the reasons why NOT to put this table here. I know I can. Number one...the color.

Oh I do adore her color but she feels more at home here. Just look at her shine! She even draws your eyes up to the ceiling. Yes,it's blue too! Now I know not everyone can paint their ceiling blue and love it. I understand and I was one of those people till I did it. I love it!!! It just pulls this room together and who could not use a bit of color in a beige room.

Added a few lovies...

And a new look is born!

Day Two and counting....

Have you been hearing about this product and wondered if it worked? Well let me be the one to say "yes indeedie". I knew I needed to sand the chairs but just how in the world do you degloss wicker. You use deglosser!

Have you wondered what it looks like and how do you apply it. Well wonder no longer. It looks like watered down glue and you just pour a bit into a rag and rub your surface down. The chairs felt a bit tacky after the first coat of deglosser but as it dried the tacky'ness dried as well. So easy!

I have already gone through 6 cans of spray paint and will hopefully finish up with one more can tomorrow.

I had no idea how much paint wicker can soak up. So here is where the fun comes in....fabric for the covers. I'm not sure where these babies will end up and I'm sure wherever they do they wont stay long. So with that very long sentence being said ...I want to cover them in a fabric that will work throughout the house. Any ideas would sure be welcome!


Pure delight! That's the feeling I had when my sister gave me this.

I didn't waste any time due to the fact she just may change her mind.

Twins at that! I was nice and offered to take only one but she knew they would be happier together. She's nice like that.

She bought these babies while we were at an awesome garage sale. My first thought was she must be crazy. I must be the first to admit she has an eye for such treasures. These babies are VERY well made. I didn't waste one second riding them of their 80's look.

While pulling off the much outdated garments I did feel a rush of fear flow over me.

What in the world do I do if I cant figure out how to replace what I have just torn up! I will be back soon..off to buy liquid sander...stayed tuned...please~

A true treasure!

Bunch of scrap! How cute is that name.. I must share my findings this morning with all of you. Im sure she wont mind. I mean who could read this post and not love her even more and want to share her with the world..right. She makes me want to go door to door visiting my "ole" family and beg for their old clothes...
When you get a chance and stop by for a visit with Emilie please tell her I said Hi. I will be in the attic...diggin'

Flower Power!

I had some left over fabric from this project last year and had a lot of time on my hands....right hehe. So Maddy and I decided to give it a go and look what we made!

I must warn you though...you will not be able to stop. just look how cute it dressed up this 4.00 shirt.

And my cute lil wicker purse was just begging to try it on...

So sweet and so easy to make.

I started with just this paper template and then cut my little heart out. For wonderful directions I went here
and got the low down. I did shrink mine up a bit and plan on making covered buttons for the next ones. I just could not wait a minute more to show yall. So hurry and dig up all of those scraps you have been hanging on to....hope you come back here and share where you put your lil darlings. Have fun!

Our house...divided!

This is a hog. This is who you root for if your from Arkansas!

This is a Tiger. This is who you root for if your from Louisiana!
So what do ya get when your husband is a Hog and now lives in Louisiana. A house divided? No way. Loving my husband means loving his precious Hogs. They will play each other tonight so I thought I would show my support....your welcome hunny! Now my family may no longer claim me but that's OK cause I have two new chairs to talk about soon...stay tuned!

Dance is now over and art camp is wrapping up on Friday. Can you just see me grinning from ear to ear! Im the happy Mom on the right. On the left is my sister Missy. She saved the night by smuggling french frys into the theater. God Bless her!

She danced her little heart out for us

So what am I up to now...well lets see. I painted a table blue today and plan on finding a garage sale in the morning while Madison is finishing up art camp.

This cute face is why I have a hard time painting boards right now. Now you know I have not put that brush away...wonder what I will paint next...ha!

The famous curtain!

I know many of you will remember this shower curtain. Many of us could only adore it from afar till one sweet lady gave away three of them. One of those lucky gals to receive one was moi! I know you must be wondering what on earth I did with mine. I'm still getting around to it but....
If you are still on the lookout for one, look no more my ladies! You can go here and bid on one. You will not only have the chance to win it but you will be helping out a wonderful cause. Hope you win!

My secret sauce!

I mentioned earlier about the special stain I use...ALL THE TIME! I love the richness that it gives the wood. Its none other than Provincial 211! It stains and seals all in one.

I love how it gets down in the cracks and gives a good aged look when I want it too.

I love how it changes my left over green paint into the best green ever. I will be so sad when I run out of this opps paint because it works so well with the sauce!

Now the "sauce" can be tricky if you are not careful. On these boards that I did for a job in December I didn't leave the sauce on for long. They wanted a lighter look rather than aged.

While working with the sauce you just never know how its gonna turn out but let me just tell you... I have always been happy with my results.

Now you may want to go a bit lighter or darker or even red tones. Its just what fits your fancy. Now remember what kind of wood you choose plays a big roll in how your sauce will look. I use pine most of the time but just a tip... take a piece and paint a small spot. After it drys you can stain the painted area and get an idea of how it will look. Have fun stain'in....and remember...the secret is in the sauce!