Mamma Mia'

The ordinary person would walk into a great resturante' and think of these...

Yum! Now don't get me wrong my lovies...I can eat my weight in those bad boys but my last visit to the big OG was More than just a good meal. It was food for the inspirational soul. Decorating soul that is...

As you know I am always on the look out for a good idea to try out at home and when I saw their lights strung across the resturante' I knew I had to have some. You like?

I found these babes at Target for if I could only make their breadsticks!

While I'm on the subject of Italian food and great places to bring forth inspiration meet my adorable niece Brittany. She belongs to my sister but I secretly wish she was mine. I love her that much!! She will be leaving us Saturday morning and heading abroad to fill her little head with studies. Italy...oh Sweet child of mine. That sweet boy with her, Yep. She is leaving that cute thing behind for books. Now you know she is really NOT my child. He will be staying here with us,well not in my house,but he is not going with her. I will feed him and tell him she will come back....SINGLE! Now if I could just sneek into his parents house and take pictures. You would love me forever...oh that house is to die for!
Ciao' Brittany...I love you! Nanny~


  1. AnonymousMay 28, 2009

    Oh WOW, finally a blog of my own!Nick and I are famous, YAY! Thanks for the sweet comments. Nick was not to thrilled to read about the SINGLE comment. HAHA.. I keep telling him no worries, I will be fine and when I come home things will be back to normal. Please keep him straight, I know how he can get sometimes. Thank you again for feeding us last night, cannot wait for the kitchen remodel to be complete. Will miss you much. We both love you, Brit and Nick

  2. Your neice is a beautiful young lady, and my son is hoping to head to Italy for a summer session abroad before he graduates. I love the light idea, and am planning to string some up on my back porch. Thanks for sharing. Jackie

  3. I'm impressed. Safe travels to Italy - the chance of a lifetime. Enjoy.
    They are too cute.

  4. I adore Olive Garden!
    The lights look so warm and elegant. It always feels so homey to eat at one.

    You have a beautiful niece. I hope she has a fabulous and safe trip.
    What a dream...:)

    Have a blessed week.
    ~Melissa :)

  5. Yummy breadsticks that make my mouth water.

    Beautiful red favorite.

    Cutie pie couple...

    Great post!

  6. Love those lights...makes me wish I had a spot for them. : )

    And I'm super jealous of Brittany. Of course I did get to spend two months in Australia the summer before my senior year of college, so I can't complain. But Italy??? Sigh....

  7. What a wonderful looking couple. Good for your niece, seems like she has her head on straight!

  8. Your niece is precious and her boyfriend is quite the handsome young man. How amazing to be studying in Italy. WOW!

    Now, as for the Olive Garden, I dream of their salad and their salad dressing. THAT is what I crave.

    Lovely decorations though - I must pay more attention when I'm out and about.

  9. I waited tables at Olive Garden in college. I was very impressed with the company and how clean they ran things. I also always love the new decor style they have been using with all the colorful plates and black and white prints. Those lights are great. I could totally see those on your great house. I hope your neice has a wonderful time abroad!

  10. I need some of those lights on my pergola. Did you hide the plug or just now worry about it? I get so worried about little goofy things like that and then don't make a move. Maybe this weekend! You should join Rhondi's Porch and Patio party on Monday.

  11. Good Morning Miz Susie,
    It's my lifelong dream to travel Europe and I'm so jealous of your neice, Italy! *sigh* She's beautiful but he's handsome so I'm sure her mind will be on more than just her books, she'll spare a few thoughts for her boyfriend waiting at home *smiles*

  12. How fun for her! And they do make a cute couple! Praying for a safe trip and safe return!!! Enjoy your day!

  13. They are both just adorable. She'd be crazy not to come back single. I am very, very jealous of the Italy trip. ;)

    Love those lights!!!!

  14. AnonymousMay 29, 2009

    I'm jealous. Italy from what I hear is beuatiful. Good luck and safe travels to your niece.

    Oh, and the lights I've been wanting some for my patio too. We went to OG for my son's First Holly Communion and I told my husband I just had to have some. I think they are on sale this week at Target. Better go get some.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Very impressed for her! Hope she has a wonderful time!
    I love the lights, I want them on my screened in porch, but haven't tried them out yet. I found about 800 or more after Christmas on a tree someone had thrown out, just need to get busy.

  16. I so admire young women who go off to study abroad. It wasn't even on my radar screen as a possibility when I was that age! Good for her!

    The other thing that strikes me is that your niece and her boyfriend have beautiful teeth!!!! (It's the dentist-wannabe in me! I notice teeth!)

  17. Your niece is so beautiful and I knwo she will have a wonderful trip!!!!

    Oh, I just LOVE OG!!! Those lights are great!

  18. I have some good can make their breadsticks and salad! I picked up the new Food Network magazine yesterday and they have the recipe in there! It's not the original recipe but it's the closes the FN chefs could get! Try it!

  19. just fyi..i am having a little sale at my blog!! come check it out!

  20. Italy...lucky girl! What a great time she'll have. Love the lights at the OG too. We had some strung across the room where we hosted our wedding reception. They were just oh so pretty. Nothing beats twinkle lights!

  21. The lights look great. That's a great idea. Congratulations to your niece, she is so beautiful.

    The trunk below looks great. I have one of those in my closet and have never thought to fix it up and bring it out.

  22. What beautiful and smart girl...Italy...Wow. I was just watching one of my favorite movies today, Sabrina, wishing I was in Paris studying art...oh to be 20something again...the choices I would make...

  23. fun to study in italy or any place abroad, i think. she will cherish it always, and her cutie pie will be there waiting to hear all about her adventures! xo, the lights. i love white lights of any kind.

  24. What a doll!! I'm sure she will have a great time and so many memories to share when she returns home. It's such a wonderful opportunity for her.

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