Mamma Mia'

The ordinary person would walk into a great resturante' and think of these...

Yum! Now don't get me wrong my lovies...I can eat my weight in those bad boys but my last visit to the big OG was More than just a good meal. It was food for the inspirational soul. Decorating soul that is...

As you know I am always on the look out for a good idea to try out at home and when I saw their lights strung across the resturante' I knew I had to have some. You like?

I found these babes at Target for if I could only make their breadsticks!

While I'm on the subject of Italian food and great places to bring forth inspiration meet my adorable niece Brittany. She belongs to my sister but I secretly wish she was mine. I love her that much!! She will be leaving us Saturday morning and heading abroad to fill her little head with studies. Italy...oh Sweet child of mine. That sweet boy with her, Yep. She is leaving that cute thing behind for books. Now you know she is really NOT my child. He will be staying here with us,well not in my house,but he is not going with her. I will feed him and tell him she will come back....SINGLE! Now if I could just sneek into his parents house and take pictures. You would love me forever...oh that house is to die for!
Ciao' Brittany...I love you! Nanny~

My trunk of treasures.....

My Dad gave me this cedar hope chest for my sweet sixteen. I have cherished it ever sense but it found it's home in my closet. I decided to bring it up to date and sand, prime, and paint it white from its original red cedar look.

It took a few coats but we're gettin' there!

I had a small piece of bead board left over from my kitchen so I added it onto the front of the chest

I bought these stick on letters at The Dollar Tree and they worked great!

I love how they add just that perfect touch because it's whats inside that chest that's so dear to my heart. My family's treasures.

I left the top stained because I loved the wood so much.

I did sand it though and gave it a much darker stain.

It's more a dark brown than a red cedar

I love how it turned out and for no out of pocket expense that's a blessing! Now for all of you wondering how my "Swedish" is coming...slow but steady. I think my Swedish is taking a bit of a turn to It's what decorating is all about....change~



It is the best of times....

It is the worst of times....

It is the best of times....

It is the best of times...We now have a new little addition to our family. Her name is peeps. She follows Madison everywhere! She even sleeps in her Barbie house from time to time.

So many projects in my head... So many berries to pick....oh the joys of summer!

Fancy is not my middle name...

I wish I could say that I wear pj's and slippers like this everyday. This is what I wore on PJ night while at Blissdom. This is what I wore trying to be all cute in front of hundreds of people that didn't really know me.

Well I think y'all know me a little better than that. My favorite pj's this morning gave way to a rip....
They are not just any pj's..I wear them all the time. I mean I wait for them to come out of the em!

I could have...should have...just put them to rest BUT I couldn't. I just gave them a little tlc by cutting off the rip..

and threw that part away...

Awwww my sweet pj's. It's like falling in love with them all over again!

Pottery Barn VS Wal Mart....

Aren't these just the prettiest lil lanterns you ever did see! They are from Pottery Barn and of course they have the darling lil price tag to show it.

Take a look see at these lil darlings. Wal Mart! I bought the small one for 11.00 and wanted the daddy one for months....

I let the house know I needed the daddy one so Kaylee bought it for me for Mothers day...awww, she's sweet like that! He cost 20.00 and y'all can find them in the candle section. Walmart has come out with some news ones in the garden center but they are priced a bit higher....just so

In the picture the Daddy looks kind of short but in real life he's tall.

So tall in fact that I'm still looking for the right candle to nestle in him!

For now I will let my moss and starfish play...they sure make their way around the house. They are fun like that!

We Made It!!

We made it!!!!

I couldn't be prouder of him

He was so excited to finally make it this far...I was too!

After the ceremony we had a few friends and family over to par'take in some food and

memories. We all crashed around midnight and I was so glad Jesse was home safe and sound in his bed. I was so worried he wanted to hit every party after ours was over. Thank goodness he was pooped and went to sleep instead.

We woke up to a sink full of dishes and.....

breakfast! Oh the glorious left over cake..!!

Now I know y'all have just been sitting on lil pins and needles wondering how my hair turned out... Not too bad.

It would have taken more than a hair malfunction to wipe that smile on my face. It's all over now and the real worrying begins. He left for the sandy beaches on Saturday. He asked me not to call often and embarrass him in front of his friends. Lets' just say HE called me six times...I called HIM ...none. That's my baby...smiles~

Hairy Situation!

Short Version
1.Don't try and save money two days before sons graduation.
2.Don't believe color on box.
3.Don't leave color in past suggested time thinking color will last longer.
4.Don't let a few grays scare you.
5.Don't think just because your hair is black it cant get can!

6.Don't let color get on cabinets or floors.
7.Don't let color get on forehead or ears.
8.Don't try using a facial mask/scrub thinking it will help remove color from skin.
9.Don't leave mask on while blogging and forget it there till you feel burning.
10.Don't try to scrub burned skin.
11.Don't cry cause it doesn't help.

Do apply cool compress to burning red face.
Do look in the mirror at your black hair and red face and laugh.
Do get excited cause you can share this priceless info with your friends.
Do buy new nail color to paint your black fingernails.
Do give thanks to the Lord because you have a sister to share this with.
Do take many showers between now and Thursday at 6:00 PM
Do tell your son you were just trying to keep up with his blue hair.
Do thank the Lord that you are healthy and have a thick head of hair.
Do thank the Lord that you will be watching your precious son graduate because not every mother will have that chance tomorrow night.
Do make sure to take pictures of yourself as soon as your face stops burning so you can share with all of your friends!
Having y'all to share this with makes life all the sweeter!

Does this make my butt look big?

Hey girlies~ I want you to know that I consider you my "real" friend. Not just some cyber space cadet. Being my friend comes with a price.What's the price you say..honesty! I have to say my foyer post was a bit dreadful. The only thing I liked about it was the lighter color.

I love hearing what you "really" think. I want you to feel at home. Just like two good friends trying on paint colors. So if you see something you just don't like its OK to say....Oh girlfriend! What were you thinking! I would rather that then walk around with pepper in my teeth and thinking I'm all that. I need your advice...I love your input...I love that you get my typos and dont complain about them but most of all I love that we can be friends and be honest.

Do my cheeks still look chubby? If you say yes, go anonymous cause that picture was taken a year ago,Ha! I get my stitches out today...yipee!


Nothing like having a few girls over for a jewelry party. Why don't we buy fresh flowers more often? I smile every time I walk into my kitchen now. {not a big smile cause I still have stitches} but you know what I mean~ Try picking some up for yourself or for a friend that's down. Fresh flowers work wonders on your spirit!

I even bought fancy napkins....

to wipe their cute little faces after eating these!

I made sure to buy extra {for breakfast purposes ,you know}

And nothing like having thoughts of a house full of women to make you get off your booty and...

make the second curtain! Done...finished...on to....
To Be Continued..