Urgent telegram!

*** edit*** I was finally able to remove friends following button. Hope things are looking up!
My computer is dying.Have shed many tears. I think its due to something in my follow friends button.I cant seem to remove it.I cant comment you. I'm so sad. Bad news. No room in budget for computer if this one dies. Good news. I'm learning.Peace.Patience.Faithfulness.Self-control.Lord help me. Wanted you to know how much I care about you. Advice needed to delete follow friends button. Are you even out there? Can you see me? I need your help. Susie
***edit*** Warning! I had a {new friend} added to my followers that I was a bit in question about. I did nothing then my blog started going crazy. I will no longer have a following button. Not safe. I know who my Friends are...smile~


  1. You'd need to go to your layout editor (where you move around page elements) to delete your followers button.

    Unless my eyes are playing tricks on me, it's already gone.

    Good luck! I feel your pain.

  2. Aww so sad that your computer is dying. I don't really have any advice to offer though...sorry!

  3. Sorry that you are having problems!! Hope you get it fixed!!!


  4. I don't see it either. That's really odd. I didn't know the followers could cause problems! I hope you get it worked out. Don't get too frustrated.

  5. Susie; so sorry to hear about your computer and very interesting to hear about the follower button. i have to admit i'm not too sure i like it anyway...sort of seems like a popularity contest. i have considered taking mine off and after hearing your story...i think it would be wise. you are right about knowing who your friends are...they will let you know they have stopped by! xo, mickey... headed to layout edtior.

  6. Widgets have caused me problems before, but it wasn't the follow button. Have you added any widgets or buttons lately that might be the culprit? you might try deleting any newer ones to see if that fixes it....I hope your computer doesn't die....mine was sick last week, but apparantly it was just in the menopause phase and a hot flash short circuited the fan! Hubby replaced the fan......back in business.Take care.


  7. Oh Susie I am so sorry. :(
    I just started following you blog too. I had no idea a virus could be attached to a follower. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled.

    Keep us updated.
    Good luck. ~Melissa :)

    Can you contact "Blogger" and let thwm know?
    Maybe they can help.

  8. What would I do without my regular visit to you?? Hope you get the computer fixed and all your problems solved. Terrible how something someone does can totally destroy what we enjoy doing!!!

  9. Makes me wonder about taking off the followers!

  10. Yikes sorry for the trouble you've having. Hope it resolves itself quickly!! Hang in there. LindaSonia

  11. I just found you through your comment to Jodi... I also just added a strange follower and have contemplated removing my followers... now that you say it can cause problems I'm deleting it! Thanks for the tip!!

  12. That is awful, I am so glad to hear that followers can harm our blogs!
    I removed my followers tag as well!
    Thx for the head's up!

  13. Wow, I never thought about that. Thanks for the heads up!


  14. I hope everything is gonna be fixable. I have had something similar happen to me, but it was not from blogging. Just a virus. Looks like from the blog you figured it out. Hope your computer is okay, the blogosphere would not be near as much fun without you! HAve a great weekend.

  15. so sorry! hope your computer isn't dying - we would miss you too much:)

  16. Hey Susie, I see you and your blog just fine. So yes, we are out here and hopefully you computer will be okay too.


  17. Hi email me direct and I will ask hubby what you could do for no or little money$$$$.
    Seems you have a mal ware...These days it is beyond the worms, etc...

    email me craftymomcreations@yahoo.com and I will tell you what to get...
    Hubby had 3 computers from freinds here for the same reason. The man is a realtor and does alot of internet searching and adding followers as well. Thanks Mimi


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