Awwww nuts!

I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out today. Can you please say a tiny prayer for me. I am scared to death! I will be in the chair around 2:15 so if you hear some screamin''s just me! Lord help me....please~
***and just because Kasey asked,I hope to show yall some pictures when it's done. I know y'all live for that stuff...hehe***

For Susie…

Two columns just for you.  : )  Testing a large photo in a post…

God bless, Tera  ; )


Just a door....

I worked on this door for a few days. It's bigger than what it looks. Trust me.

It was in need of some fixin'up'in' if I may. As you can see here. I called it the black hole because from the road that's what it looked like to me. Inviting...not!
{see the foyer..see the color...I took a longer Tobacco Road. I started getting tired of the gold and I'm heading down a brighter road now. Post will follow}

So I brought myself and my Sherwin Williams friend to WalMart and proceded with much caution. Im not one to fall in love with my color choices. Let's just say I know the paint man on a personal level. I bet he wants to hide when he sees me coming. Poor fella! Anyway the door is painted "Hardware SW6172" and the stucco is "Modern White 6169".

One of my two kitchen windows. Do I love this color? I think so. Give me a few days and I will get back to ya. It will take me some getting use to because its so open and bright now. I do like that its a mix of brown and green and is easy on the eye. You know I never want to be one of those neighbors that thinks they need to stand out from the crowd. I'm OK with just blending right in. So far so good on my makeover plan. I feel as though I'm in a new house without having to break the bank.


Hey Y'all. I would welcome y'all in to stay and visit for a bit but as you can see Im getting my "Swedish" on. I cant seem to stay in one room for long...darn OCD! Hope you come back soon cause I should be done painting and have some more pictures to share.

and the journey begins.....

Can you spot the things in this picture that I would like to brighten up?

This old mirror is the first of many to be "swedished" up. word! If you want to know the story of the mirror look here.

My walls are not yellow...sorry about this picture.

After a good sanding I started with a coat of left over paint from this project.

Love the detail here..

and here...

second coat of paint..

and a bit more sanding. Done!

What do you think?

Can you guess what project I would love to do next?

A safe haven.....

Just in case you ever wondered if they really work...they do!

While tending my flowers the other day I broke a piece off of one of my plants.

I was extra saddened because it had a tiny bud on the end. I have been keeping a watchful eye on it and it is really doing great. Just one more thing I can add to my list of things you can put into a cloche. The thing it was intended to hold. A tender plant in need.

I must tell you I'm kind of enjoying having the tiny sprig of life so close in sight. I'm going to miss it when its time to transplant it outside.

I also wanted to share with you this neat little ladder my Dad gave me the other day.

It's a small ladder made for a chicken coup. The chickens and roosters use this to climb up to their nesting box and roost.

I fell in love with it so my Dad insisted I take it home. That I did and have it leaning up against the side of my home.

.....just in case you are thinking about getting yourself a lab puppy....think...then think some

Operation Take Down...

Such strong words for such a humble home but my place needs action! I have found myself just in awe of Swedish decor for sometime now. I feel relaxed...refreshed. Just take a look..

I can just feel myself relax when I see this kitchen.

This bedroom does not command attention it teases you with its simplicity.

Family time here would be so pleasant even with my brood.

Another bedroom ....another file for ideas!
So after taking a soothing journey in my make believe world come on over and see what I'm getting myself into!

Operation Take Down....I'm allowing myself to declutter years of "stuff".

Just watching this stuff pile up is already bringing me to a place of calm...

I no longer have a bedspread on my bed. I'm getting good at this out kids!

No room for fluff...

A home can only hold so many birdcages...I know~

Sweet shade but it no longer works for me here...

I am stripping down to the bare basics. I even have naked windows in my bedroom.
So here is what I'm up to. A garage sale this weekend at my sisters home. A lot of magazine reading and any input y'all may have. I'm ready to transform my home into a place of pale shades of natural color. Comforting rooms that invite you to stay and feel at home. Hope you want to follow along on my journey to "Swedish" this house up! I feel some painting..Slipcover making..Drop cloth using...Earth Shaking Ideas coming!!! ps... I would start on it today but Im at the dentist having some spring cleaning done...pray for me.

For your viewing pleasure..I answered yes!

I know Y'all have heard the saying "You might be a Redneck If". Lord help me cause I can answer yes to more questions than I would like to admit. This is some of my family... Yes, Alleys leg is all!

We get together to spend a small fortune on these mud dwelling creatures. They are Crawfish and I adore them.

Why is it though that when I have family come over I must act like a talk show guest.

Now if it were Oprah I was visiting that would be ok...but no...

I could fill the part of a redneck showdown.... Please dont ask what I was doing. I couldnt tell you other than I rode my 8 yr olds scooter down the street. No drinking was involved. Thats the sad thing...I act like this sober. Yeah..I know. I have have never drank so I would hate to see what I could be capable of.

It started all nice and peaceful back here.

Flowers blooming..

Then I thought I heard a few you whispering softly...just where is that BUS? If you look to the left...

a little closer..

A little closer... there! Can you see it? I answered YES! I might be a redneck.

I wouldnt trade my yard for anything...The trees are hundreds of years old.

If you look close on the branches you will see fern growing. Its called resurection fern. It dies back when we have little or no rain but when we do get a bit of comes back. How neat is that!

So its ok to be a redneck if you can do it with grace...and charm...

and a little moss. Now I must go and redeem myself by creating an awesome room for your viewing pleasure. ***still trying to figure out stupid computer problems*** What a reunion it will be when this dumb thing is fixed 100%****