Show n tell and two freebies...

I had to take a break from crafting and getting ready for the show. What did I do? Make these... Not sure what you call it but I like it all the same. How about you?

I even tried my hand at a bee. Or does it look like a scary insect,No?

Y'all can so make these cause they are so much fun! just cut a 12x12 piece of thin board and staple some fabric. I printed the 5 off the computer and traced away then painted!

You know I had to play around and move it a gazillon times. Wont fit here..may need to make smaller so it can fit. Love it here!

Maybe on the wall..

Sittin' on a shelf?

Family asked why 5? Cause there are 5 of us...and cause I like the way 5 looks~

Moving on into the bath...

Hmmmm....not sure on this one. Maybe a different picture? it here! Would you like one too? You know how I love to share so just leave me a peep and I will pick a name. Give me a hint of a picture or a number if you would just never know~
Also... my sister Missy over at is giving away a pair of crocs if you are interested in a pair~

Day dreamin'

A week has passed and I wish I was shopping all that time. Instead I was tending to my sons dog Alley. I told the kids not to bring another breathing thing into this house. Did he listen? Nope.... Have I fallen in love with her? Yep, Deeply..darn it!

It's time like these when you need to just open your windows...

Dream about your ribbon...

Give thanks to the flowers are blooming!

Dream about sitting next to my sweetie on this while he is boiling crawfish....Oh sweet heavenly day!

My ferns are growing everywhere....I would bring these inside and decorate with them if I could... they delight me!

Im still running around here crazy getting ready for my show on Saturday. Sweetie and I will leave a day early so we can have a good excuse to sleep in a While all of this craziness surrounds me I will remember to leave a window open so I can listen to Momma birds to my ears.

Road Trip...

Hey girls! Grab your bag and put on your cutest pair of shoes cause Im taking y'all shopping!

Every year on March 20th {first day of spring} my sister and I save the date. It is the day our little brother was born. He would have been 30 this year but due to an accident seven years ago he went home with our Lord. We use this day to celebrate his life and to laugh and giggle about our fun times. We use this day to thank him for the lives he saved due to his organ donation. We use this day to love on each other. We use this day to SHOP! So if you girls want to help us celebrate life.....let's go!
This is Perkins Rowe in Baton Rouge. Oh a girl can get into some trouble here. We know ;)

We had lunch here.

The weather was perfect! Spring did come ....

Check out this chandie!

This has got to be my favorite will see why~

A bit of blue n brown love shown here.

Be still my heart... I want you..I need you...I will be back for you!

Blue n white delight...

Orange? Not sure if I loved it till now. Yes! I do love this color...

Thank you for coming along....

I have a show in two weeks so I will be busy painting my little heart out and watching my house turn from home to studio de' messy! I must take pictures so I can show yall how crazy it gets here before a show. It gets ugly here people...oh the mess...oh the craziness....oh the love~

Wanna look see...

I thought I would just show yall what we have done so far. Once again, this is Jesse using a miter saw. Maybe I should show him this just in case he has forgotten how it works!

If you look a bit closer maybe you can get the just of how it cuts angles.

I measured and cut out a poster board the size I wanted my box to be. We go through a lot of poster boards around here.

Just a look see before we painted.

Yep! Heres that kid again looking thrilled. Right~

And wha'la..its done..well almost. Still another wall to go but I didnt want to keep yall waiting forever.

Once you paint it makes the whole wall just pop. It really looks like wood molding!

I thought the corners would give us heck but Jesse put his math skills to work and impressed me!

I just sat back and watched..I only put my two cents in every now and then.

So this is where we stopped. We still have one more small wall to complete,sigh.

So here is the completed side now follow me to my backdoor I have something else to show yall!

Check this out. It's that neat beadboard panel that you can buy at your home improvement stores. I wanted a more casual look for my backdoor and I love it!

I must admit, this was a bit easier to do than the molding. You just measure and cut and glue it up there. I used liquid nails and a few tiny nails here and there. I also used caulking....lots of caulking...tons of caulking! Im working on curtains now for my kitchen.So just how much can I get out of one'll see!

Birds of a feather shop together....

I know most of you have seen this shower curtain. A few of my friends shared their very pretty bathrooms.Thanks Joanna! One was lucky enough to get it on clearance for just a few dollars. I knew I just had to find one...not! Not a sweet bird shower curtain in sight at our Target. I checked online to find nothing even close to this sweetie. Once again I am coming to my friends...Can you help this sister out. Now please don't make a special trip or anything but if you should just happen to be in the right Target at the right time and spot one of these babies... Please O' Please scoop it up and I will send you the cash...maybe even a kid or two. Nah! Just kiddin' about the kids. My sweet friend over at Rambling Girl {opps} It's Rambling Gal is looking for one as well. Nothing like having friends shop with you....wish we could all have a big field trip!

About that dance.....

After a very tough morning {mourning} on Friday we put on our best and pulled ourselves together. Our beloved fur baby was hit by a car very early Friday. I still cant really talk about it yet ..but I will one day. We were there for each other and we made it through the day and into the night..

We watched how fast our kids had grown and felt blessed..

We watched how we can love on one another and be there in times of need without anyone ever knowing how our hearts were broken..

We witnessed love....

Some of us even dreamed about it...

We held hands...and loved deeper...Boy! I love that man~

We had a good time....

AND THEN.... he did it! What I had wished for all evening. He asked me to dance!

After all of these years he still gets to me...

I wont tell you how much I enjoyed that dance because I think my face says it all,No?

After a day and night filled full of emotion and love, We woke...and what better way to start our day... we ate wedding cake!