Does all of this really matter?

I know that your time is valuable and limited but my heart is heavy this morning. My norm is to talk about decorating and paint but my life is so beyond those two. I try not to bore y'all with my everyday ramblings.
I have a confession. I started this week working on my daughters room right? We all know that life goes on around this crazy blog mess. What my worries have been is getting a post up for y'all to see her new room. I wanted it to be on time for fear I would lose a friend...oh my. I said it. So wrong!!!

See this sweet child of mine? Her worries have been heavy too . She has been the victim of a bully ring at school.Yes! 3rd grade people! She has had the tummy ache for weeks on end and it all came to a breaking point yesterday. I wont go into any details because it involves other children that are not mine to chat about, but I will say {this time} as a mom,I stepped in and stood up for my daughter. It's not pretty. How can other 8 year old kids be so mean to just make it to the top of the friendship ladder?

This is my family. This is who I am. This is why I am. We stand together,laugh,cry, and pray together. When one hurts,we all feel the pain. Why does this matter? Because Here I was so worried about my {stupid}, and making friends and putting the wrong things first I was no better than the bully's at Madison's school. What a roll model I have been for her,yikes. I say this because I spend a lot of time thinking about this blog and wanting to please y'all. Wanting to be every ones friend. As y'all can see I'm not that into ads and worry about making money off of my friends visits. Not that there is a thing wrong with that I'm just sayin'...It's not my priority right now.
I think what I'm trying to say here is ... What is my priority? Does how many friends I have really matter? Does my stats and comments and how often I blog really matter? What I do know is that my priority is on my child and to calm her fears. My priority is to tell her she is loved and shower her with kisses.
Thank you for your friendship. It means a lot to me but being a mom to these three hooligans is the top of my list. For now my worries wont be on posting fast will be on loving enough...kissing enough...and letting my family know they come first. Just for the know.... the bullies... Maddy and I have said a prayer for them and she forgives them all... Gosh ,I love that kid! She has taught me a lot in these last few days~


  1. I'm so sorry that your little girl has been the victim of bullying. I was bullied at that age, too, and it's no fun. Good for you for putting the important stuff first. In reality, loved ones are all that matter.

  2. Of course when we put things in perspective, our blogs simply don't rank up there when compared to our lovely families...

    Whenever you blog is fine... if you don't, that's ok too!

    Bullies can have such an impact on a child. Standing up for your daughter is the best thing to do, no question.

  3. I hate to hear about the bullying it is so sad that kids can be so mean. Family first....Always! ((hugs)) to you and Madison.

  4. You made me work! Bless you for being a good mom. We are a work in progress and kids don't come with instruction manuals. I often apologize to my kids for mistakes in parenting that I make and tell them I'm still learning. They always understand!
    I love hearing about your family just as much as spray paint!!

  5. Blessings to you and your family for putting your priorities back on track. Hopefully she has enough good friends that these others won't leave a lasting impact....

  6. Hey there, More power to you!! When I started my blog I thought I'd get a couple of posts banged out a week. Then I saw the some people are posting every day!!! Oh my gosh I have to keep up! Dang, I'm lucky to get a post out every two weeks!
    I can read everyones stuff and write down things I want to post about (Which by the way my list is LONG!) But, by no means will I ever have the time to do anything daily -- I don't even make my bed every day for lack of time! There I go airing my dirty laundry - Oh the laundry! I seriously need to go tend to; so I must sign off.
    Stick up for your kids. It's way more important what they think about you than anyone in blogland!

  7. I only recently found your blog, but this post and your attitude toward it and your family are what truly make me want to keep coming back and 'be your friend'. Even if it's days or weeks between posts.

    Your daughter sounds like she's a very smart girl, and it's pretty obvious where she got it from.

    God bless both of you!

  8. Oh that is so sad. We went through a bit of that type of (not necessarily bullying) but little girl drama, trauma, meanness at the beginning of 3rd grade. Yes, little girls (and I'm sure boys) can be so cut-throat and mean. I talked with Lexi and helped her through and yes, even called one little girls mom. Now all seems to be worked out pretty well (even with the little instigator girl) and I have tried to help Lexi "get along" with everyone and not have just ONE main friend she wants to play with. Ours stemmed from "best" friends wanting to branch out and play with other was a mess!

    I do hope that Maddy can work it out with these kids and that in the end all will be well. She sounds like such a sweetie that I hate this is happening to her.♥

  9. Susie,
    I think about this same subject a lot. (Though my blog doesn't receive the same amount of traffic as yours!) Whenever I start to think too much about my posts, I just go back to my very first and my second posts to remind myself why I started in the first place. It helps to refocus my energy into sharing what's going on with my family and how Christ is living in our lives.

    Don't get too down on yourself. I think we all in the blog world have that desire to "belong" and "be somebody".

    Good for you for standing up for your child. I used to teach high school and got to see the ugliness that goes along with being young. I've got two girls who I have already started praying for in those difficult years.

    Have a great day and know that we'll wait to see the finished product!

  10. I am so sorry! Syd and some of here friends went through this in the 5th grade and then again in the summer between 7th and 8th grade. There is a book out there called "Mean Girls" it is to much for her to read now, but it will help you. I know it helped me and some of the other Moms.

  11. Oh, Susie, I'm so sorry for what Maddie has gone through!

    And don't put yourself in the same category as those bullies!

    Just know that we love you no matter how many times you post, or what you post about. You could start posting about how much lint is in your dryer vent and I'd read it! : )

    I know I love you and the fact that you and your family are hurting hurts me, too. I'm glad she is learning about forgiveness, but what a price to pay to learn it!

  12. Hi Susie,

    I'm so sorry to hear about the troubles your daughter is having with the bullies at schoo. What will bring her through this and make her a better person for having this experience is the wonderful guidance of a very loving and caring mother.

    We all go through times when our youngsters need us more than normal. This is one of those times, whether it be a career, hobby, blog, friends...etc. that we feel is interfering with our family life, it doesn bring things into perspective. Family does come first. You put us on the backburner and we will put you and your family in our prayers.

    Have a happy day


  13. Susie,
    Thanks for this heartfelt post! Please don't worry about blogging friends...we'll always be there for you!

    I have felt pressured too get interesting posts up so I won't lose any followers. Really the people who have gotten to know u care about you and want to be there all the time.

    About the bullying, girls can be so mean! As a second grade teacher I often got so weary of dealing with them. Maybe it would help if you talked to the teachers...let them know how you and your daughter have been hurt by this.

    My daughter went through very similar things, but she was much older. I well remember how much it hurt me to see her unhappy!

    Keep your chin up, and you will remain on my blogroll as long as you have a blog!

  14. BTW, your daughter is beautiful. I bet there is some jealousy there!

  15. You are a great mama and an excellent role model. I'm so sorry that your daughter experienced this. May your prayers, especially over those girls, be answered. Your daughter sounds like a forgiving girl. Bless her heart.

    I, too, had to ask myself if my blogging gets in the way of family.

  16. I am sorry to hear about the bullies at your daughter's school. Kids can be so mean. We did face that with our daughter, but not till 6th grade. She is a stronger girl now but it was hard. On the priorities-of-Life-ladder blogging comes down near the bottom--something fun, enjoyable, and rewarding...but not important. Family always comes first! My family will be praying for your family.

  17. I am so sorry that your sweet precious daughter is the victim of someone who doesn't have the compassion that they should. I blame the parents not the child. I was also a victim at her age and made me shy and I'm still that way. Give her plenty of (((hugs)))!! BTW she is a beautiful child!

  18. I'll be praying for your family. Your post is wonderful. You have a wonderful blog, but family is always the top priority. Just ask yourself what God will ask you about when you reach the pearly gates. I'm sure it won't be about how many posts you made on your blog!

    Blessings your way,

  19. Your post brought tears to my eyes...yes the most important thing is our children. I have had to take blogging breaks because, well just because and you know what? It's okay!

    I substitute teach, and I'm sure you will hear from a lot of teachers that...children can be mean. I think they are more mean now than ever. Most have learned to be mean from their parents. Sad to say but in my experiences, true.

    Thumbs up to you for standing up for your gal! Take some time to just "be" with her for now! All us bloggers will be here!

    p.s. I sub a LOT in 3rd. grade they are my favorite class, but let me tell you the girls fight something horrible! This is a small town too...both third grades only have about 13 students each!

  20. Susie,
    My son is in 3rd grade and last year in 2nd he was bullied verbally at school. It was a horrid feeling as a parent to see your sweet child go through something so painful. I did the same thing and was his voice for him and I'm happy to report that it has mostly gone back to normal! I pray your daughter finds this relief asap, too!
    About the blog~ girl peek at mine and see how many times I've gone for over a week with no updates!!! When the fam calls I have to hear them loudly and tend to that and the blog is on the backburner. Folks that like your blog will keep coming back no matter how long between posts hun!
    Have no worries!!!
    I'll see you back here for your next post chicadee~ Smiles and hugs, Les

  21. Wow, girl. We're on the same wavelength today. Priorities. Priorities. Priorities.

    I'm so sorry that your daughter is dealing with a bully. Good for you for standing up for her.

    Honestly, this is one of the reasons I lose sleep over sending my kids to school. Our culture has become so much more uncivilized and agressive that so much ugly behaviour is just accepted.

  22. You really hit home on this one! I dread when my boys get school age. Kids can be so cruel. Maddie is really lucky to have a mom she can talk to. This whole mess will bring you all closer. And, when you get around to blogging again, I will still be here ready to read.

  23. Does your school have anti-bullying guest speakers? I'd ask the principal to begin working it in at this level if they don't already have something in place. My oldest is in middle school and they do it on the middle school level but it obviously needs to start sooner. My son's kindergarten teacher says it is already starting with the girls in her class.

    And you are a very strong person to not speak ill of the kids involved or their parents. I always that bad parenting equals bad kids but I recently learned that isn't the cause. I would definitely talk to the parents of the kids who are bullying and let them know how their children are acting. They may be completely shocked to learn their kids are engaging in this behavior away from home.

  24. How dare they bully her!
    Le me at 'em! Le me at 'em!!!
    I hate how girl's bully. I worry about this every day with my 6 year old. And we are only in Kindergarten. Long road ahead.
    And don't worry about us. We'll still be here when you get back to us. We know our place.
    Best wishes for a peaceful Madison.
    Karrie in IN

  25. I was already thinking about priorities when I read Kimba's post and then yours....what is God trying to teach us all? And isn't it neat, that we're all hearing the same and sharing the same.....I am sorry about Maddie, too, but what a model you are setting for her by choosing to get in there and pray with her for those bullies. That is sad that they would turn on such a cutie....but it does happen. The cool thing about blogging is that we can all come and go and know that if someone isn't posting, it's because life is happening. No judgement, just enjoying when you DO GET TO post!
    Cheers, girlfriend.
    I have two more of those blue candles if you want them....


  26. I was wondering where you were...I thought maybe a paint mishap or another unfortunate fender bender.

    I am so sorry your daughter and you have to go through this. I have very little kids and I had heard of cyber bullying being a big deal but they aren't old enough for it to be a concern really. I've had my kindergartner cry over something a 'friend' said, but I expect a few bumps like that. The whole bully issue hit closer to home when a coworkers niece was being bullied. This poor little girl had physical threats and they had to get the police involved. I saw the email the 'bully' had sent and it mad me sad for her too. She had so much anger. How does a child get that much anger at such a young age?

    No one would fault you for being a good mom - which you are by the way! (and if they do they aren't a friend right?)

  27. Sorry, I need to clairfy that when I said I was wondering where you were, it was just that,wondering. I didn't mean it to come out as pressure that you have to post everyday. I don't expect you to post everyday, I just know it's your habit and was hoping it was more of a paint mishap than a fender bender or sickness type delay:)

  28. We would be happy to read whatever you post - as proved here! Girls are soooo mean to each other - I have two and have seen some ugly things. In second grade, my middle child was put through a group of girls checking the tags in her clothing every morning to see what the label said! I pitched a big fit and insisted the teacher put a stop to that. Because of Goodwill, she did have some name brand things, but not all, and some of the girls were in tears over that because they didn't have the right name on the tags!
    Good for you for standing up for her and for putting your family first.

  29. Susie, I'm so sorry to hear your sweet baby girl is getting picked on. I can relate. Dawson is also 8 and has been the last 2 weeks crying just about everyday as I take him to school. He has yet to tell me what is going on if anything. He's told me,my husband,his teacher,my mom and her friend she works with at his school that he just misses his mom and wants me. It breaks my heart. Dawson is a very tenderhearted sweet child and things bother him easily. The other day he came home and said a boy passing him in the hallway said to another boy about my Dawson that "there goes that weird boy who smiles all the time." That really upset me because it upset him. My mom said he should have said "well I have something to smile about and that is God loves me." It so hard to see kids at this age already being mean and kids getting bullied. I pray that things stop for her. I'm sure she appreciates all the love and support your giving her.

  30. You are a wonderful mommy and you and your family should always come first. Take care of yourselves and come back when you can!

    {{Big Hugs}}


  31. Oh, your poor baby. I'm so sorry she's going through this. You go all mam bear on them! This is one of my biggest fears AND one of the many, many reasons I homeschool Indy. Kids can be so mean.

    Blog when you can. Go love your kids. I'm dying to see her room, but it can wait.

  32. my little 3rd grader went through "hell" last year with a lot of emotional issues. (dad's deployment being the tip of the iceberg) he even had to be put on anxiety medication. so when i found him on the floor crying in the middle of being bullied (thank fully i was in my husband huge truck)i ramed on the accelorator and scared the crap out of the other kid. he ran i cornered him and told him i knew who his mother was and i was going to give him one hour to go home and tell her i was coming. all i can tell you is it's REALLY lucky for that kid that there was a truck in between me and him because i was shaking so hard. even as i type this i get so emotional about it. but you know what's great, my son forgave that kid. i need to learn a lot more from him. i'm still working on forgiving that kid. you hang in there. we mothers all understand, and when you show some of your "scary" not decorating moments you will see you will not lose friends, you gain some confidants and support and love! -vanessa

  33. Hey there. As a counselor at a school, I see this all the time, especially at an alternative school where the style of bullying includes sexual assault and death threats (yes, I am also talking about 12 and 13 year olds). But just remember that a parent like yourself has a lot to do with this, as does the school!! Document, document, document. It's a crime in most states to bully, and schools should be noticing and documenting everything. EVEN IN 3rd GRADE! Kudos to you for stepping in - that's where it starts and ends, with the parents caring enough to do something. And I just want to tell you that you're already ahead of the game, because it appears you and your daughter TALKED about it - and that's something many parents don't do because the child or parent doesn't feel comfortable doing so. Good job, keep it up, and if you need advice or support (from a professional perspective) let me know.

  34. this seems to be a common thread in the blogging world today - lots of people questioning where their priorities lie.
    I enjoy your blog a lot so I hope you keep posting! But,I much appreciate your words here. It is a good reminder. thanks susie!

  35. Susie...bless y our heart...I completely understand and have not posted on my blog for weeks....I wonderful now if anyone would notice if I posted again....the point is...oh well. I love bloggin too, but family and friends just have to come first.....for me...and for you....for all of us! I so enjoy your blog and have some Susie originals around the house. I will be here....checking out your blog and will love it....when you have the daugther is in the 3rd Grade and her class had a special guest to talk about bullies...because they have one too....and I know the child's mom...what do you say to her????/ Anyway, I think we are all behind you 100%...go support Madison...we will be here when you get a chance! Take Care!

  36. So interesting that you posted about this right now. I don't have a bullying problem to worry about with my children, but I have been thinking about my priorities. I wrote a list of things that have to happen. I categorized it by daily, weekly, and monthly. Daily I must spend one on one time with my children, read their nightly stories to them, etc. Weekly I must make a trip to the park with them! Monthly I will play board games and card games with them! All kinds of things like that! I want to make sure those things happen first, above all else! We generally do dates with each of our kids, but I want to make sure that happens more regularly. To the point that I have scheduled this into my calendar. Otherwise those things can always be put off until "tomorrow"! So, though I'm not in your situation (thank goodness), I think most of us agree with you on your need to put your kids first!! Good for you. Sorry to hear about your daughter. I am shocked by what I see the kids at my children's school doing! So sad, really. I hope things work out for your child (as of course they will, but just sending happy vibes your way).

  37. Susie,
    This post really touch my heart. I was subjected to bullying all of my school years from elementary to high school. I really understand the pain caused from bullying. Also, I really understand about blogging, posting, and keeping everything in check!

    You have been the kindest, sweetest blogger friend, and I can tell Maddie has the same sweetness to her. I hope the bullying situation improves very, very soon...

  38. I'm so sorry about the can just be so mean. But your daughter sounds sweet and forgiving and I hope eventually those bully's will see that. I don't have children but I can imagine how hard all this is on you. Thank goodness you have a strong, loving family and can turn to prayer and Christ's teachings through all of this.
    I love your blog...I've discovered that blogging is time consuming and we have to arrange our lives to fit what's best for us...not what's best for blogging. Your TRUE blogging friends will be glad to hear from you whenever YOU have the time! Hugs to your and your sweet girl!

  39. I'm sorry about the bullying. Don't be worried about losing friends or comments. We all have families and have to work on our priorities. I will keep reading no matter what you write about. These kind of posts let everyone know that we are real.

  40. Hi Susie, I was going to refer you to Kimba's post today, but she already commented here. I posted about this a couple of days ago myself. I know my blog is a gift from God, but I also know that He wants me to keep everything in balance, and seek to please Him rather than people. So I am doing just that!

    Blessings to you sweet lady. So sad to hear about your daughter. My first three daughters went through public school and did problems like what you're dealing with except a couple of vindictive girls in High School. I'm homeschooling the last one so I have none of those concerns any more.

    Please know that I will pray for your precious daughter's situation.
    What a cutie she is!! I would document stuff though.

    ((((HUGS)))) Susie,

  41. Oh I'm so sorry for your precious little girl!! Kids can be SOO mean, good for you for standing up for her! and we totally understand about blogging and priorities!!

    Hug your family!!


  42. I'm glad that there was a positive you could gain from the experiance. Sounds like you definitly have things in perspective now!! Take care of your kids..they are a gift to you from God and we never know for how long. Remember true friends (blog friends) will be here even if you don't post all the time or even if you stop!!! You did so great by teaching your daughter to forgive those bullies. As the bible says, "bless your enemies" and ask God to forgive you. It's a powerful prayer that I have personally seen work so many times!!

    God Bless You & Your Precious Daughter!


  43. Well what kind of girl would you want as a friend anyways if she made you choose HER over your DAUGHTER?

    None that I would want. Pictures of rooms can always wait - little girls messing with MY little girl cannot!

    I hope you were able to get the problem resolved. Tummy aches can usually be settled with some mommy time (involving ice cream and maybe a new cute shirt of course!)

  44. Sweet Susie, I think we can all get caught up in blogging & all that it means, but you're so right in that real life is what matters. We will all be here whether you wait a few days or not. Family is first, period! I hate that she had a bully problem, there are just so many many girls out there & I think it's worse than it used to be. I'm not sure parents put a stop to that sort of thing now if their kids are the ones doing it.

    Big hugs from me! We do have to prioritize this blog thing & it's a constant battle.

  45. Bless her heart! I too was bullied at that age. I will keep you all in my prayers. That's another wonderful blessing about bloggy friends...we can lift you up in prayer from all over the country!The blog will be there when you feel like you have the time and energy for it. Take car of that baby girl, right now.


  46. Amen. I started thinking recently that it's like a popularity contest with invisible friends. It's so weird. I am so sorry for what your sweet baby is going through... I went through that a little bit in 7th grade and it was AWFUL. I had the stomach ache thing too. It is so hard being young but honestly I don't know who these kids' parents are that haven't raised them better. I'd skin my kids alive if I ever caught wind of them treating another little kid like that. I think you are a wise woman to reevaluate what is important. It's OK if your priorities weren't perfectly balanced all the time. We are human and this blogging thing can definitely be a time and energy sucker. Sometimes I think about quitting just to get more done at home, but I'd miss it so it's a constant struggle for balance. Anyways, you are my friend no matter how often you post my dear! I hope you have a great day and enjoy the time with your family. I hope everything gets resolved with your daughter.


  47. I am sorry your daughter was bullied. DO NOT sit back and let this happen. Your daughter has rights. You make sure the school handles this correctly. I am a Technology Coordinator for a school system, so I know the school has a responsibility to protect your daughter.

  48. Girl, you SO have your priorities straight. I'm so sorry for your daughter, she's lucky to have a strong and attentive family to stand by her.
    We'll all be here whenever you want to bless us with your decorating talents! :)

  49. Susie...I haven't been on much today and just now seeing this. I am so sorry to hear about your sweet girl. I don't know why this happens. It breaks my heart. I remember there were "special groups" in school and I remember being talked about behind my back, 50 years ago. I knew it was happening. I never was attacked physically, though.

    I do know it happens often and these days, it includes physical bullying as well as verbal. It makes me sad to hear this.

    My heart goses out to Maddy and her sweet Mom.

  50. Great Mom I tell ya!! Been there done that and it is so not fun.

  51. Oh, I am so sorry your beautiful daughter has been through so much pain. I also know that feeling of wanting to spend time blogging, but there are "real" people in our lives who truly need us more. You be with your family, support your precious girl,and know that regular blog readers, (like me) will always be here; no matter what! With love and prayers from Colorado, Denise

  52. I'm constantly amazed at how catty and mean girls of all ages can be. It starts in preschool with who can sit next to you during lunch and continues through adulthood as who can or cannot be in a Bunko group. Good for you for standing up for your baby! She knows she can depend on you to protect her and that's what is important.
    I will keep my fingers crossed that the little brats learn their lesson!

  53. Kids are such a delight but can be very cruel at times...hope it all works out for her..and good for you for taking a stand! The last thing you should worry about are your internet friends...we'll be here to read and enjoy your post when you are ready!

  54. How sad that kids learn to be mean at such a young age. I agree with you. I guess we all need to find our priorities. It is hard to find a balance I have found, but I guess we just do the best we can!

  55. I am praying for your daughter. Girls indeed can be so mean. Take your time. She is your most precious priority. We'll all be here when you get back. That's what friends are for.

  56. Sorry to hear about your sweetie's problems. From a teacher's perspective, please tell her that those mean words are brought on by jealous feelings and being the little beauty she is, there's sure to be a lot of that going around. There is a bullying policy in Ascension Parish Schools and if the problem isn't resolved to your satisfaction, take it to the administration.

  57. Hey I LOVE your blog! I LOVE that you are a real person with a real family! Sometimes blogs get the feeling of, "Living in the Land of Blog Believe"...I'm glad your in reality!!! HUGS!

    Hope your daughter weathers this storm and finds a true friend to stick by her side. I've got an 8 year old boy so not too much drama there...but little girls can really be mean:( I'll be praying for you guys.

  58. What a terrible thing to happen to your family and your daughter. Is it me, or does it seem that things have gotten worse, that people feel it is okay to be mean and hurtful to other? When we were in school, you knew who the school bully was - the thug in the background. Now a days, we see it come out of so many kids you wouldn't expect, just so they can be accepted.

    We have to act in the best interests of our children.

  59. Bonjour Susie
    I'm sorry to hear of this. Take control of your life and keep your daughter close. They grow up so darn fast. Things will work out. She is beautiful, and there might lie the problem.
    I also do not promote advertising on blogs. I feel blogging has become a competition instead of a journal of your thoughts and ideas. I got caught up in it and finally exploded on one of my posts...and again today...I guess that's why I'm called BUBBLIN' OVER.
    May all your families dreams come true... and your precious daughters.
    Love Claudie

  60. Hi Susie, Oh how I feel your pain. Last year my daughter also had a bully in the 1st grade if you can believe it. It was so hard on the both of us! Watching your children suffer... and the tummy aches! And then added to that are the other mom's that are involved. Its difficult, I know. Your sweet girl will come out more beautiful then ever! Remember, "God works all things together for GOOD!" I will pray for you and your daughter! You have a beautiful blog and dedicated followers! May you have a blessed evening with your beautiful family! hugs!

  61. I'm so sorry that your daughter has had to suffer like this. Children can be so mean sometimes, it's just awful. You are obviously an amazing mom and my prayers are being said for you and your daughter and for those young people who have been so cruel.

  62. I am sorry to hear about what your daughter has experienced. This is what terrifies me about school and my children. I read what you blogged early this morning and later in the day my children and I had a talk about being a bully. My daughter said that the counselor at school had talked to them about the same subject.

    Our son was taunted by three boys last night when he was playing in our yard. They were being mean because he wouldn't talk to them (we tell our children not to talk to strangers) my husband had to go and get onto the boys and send them home.

    I hope all gets better for her.

  63. Ok. I'm not nearly as nice as the others here. So I'll say this, mean people suck. Mean kids usually come from mean parents. Good that you stood up for her.

  64. You are all in my prayers....I know first hand what is like to be bullied by others when I was little too. My heart goes out to her. I will keep you all in my prayers as well as for those that are doing it.

    Many hugs~

  65. I am so sorry for your precious daughter! That is unthinkable. You are so right. Our families definitely come first.

  66. I think you must be doing something right because she sounds like one smart and tough cookie!

    I love the decorating part of your blog, but I keep coming back for the realness it has. Your not afraid to put it all out there and I admire that.

  67. I just ran into your blog a couple days ago. I added your blog to my feed reader this morning... and within a few minutes I was covered in goosebumps and teary eyes. I'm so sorry for you daughter to experience that hurt.

    I know how easy it is to get distracted and think of mommy's needs/wants first. Your post inspired me to put aside anything I wanted to do until both my kids were in bed tonight! Instead I played on the floor with them all evening.

    Kudos on being an inspiration for decorating as well as mothering! :)

  68. Susie - what a beautiful and kind daughter you are raising. And the only thing I can say about her being the victim of bullies is that God is watching the entire process, He knows what the outcome will be, and He put her in your care because He knew just who she needs for a mom. I have been thinking that my life is too boring to even keep up a blog, but your post made me realize that if I can cheer someone else up with my silly thoughts then perhaps it serves some small purpose. I'll be praying for Madison and for her mama!

  69. I think these same sorts of things almost every time I blog. I want my priorities to be straight, and oftentimes blogging takes the place of much more important things. It shouldn't be that way, ever.

    I love reading your blog, and it's even more special b/c I know you have good intentions every time you write. You are a great decorator, and an even better mommy!

  70. Children are cruel..... I have learned a log time ago is that if you don't stand up for your children, who will? She knows she is loved and top priority with you. Blog when you can.

  71. Your little girl is just precious. I cannot believe how cruel kids can be. It is so unfortunate, but more than likely those mean kids do not have a good home life. Your priority is being a mom, and that is the most important thing! You take care of your little one.

    We are your blog friends, and will be here waiting for you no matter how long it takes.

    I hope that things get resolved really soon, because your little girl is just to young for that kind of stress. Take care, and give your little one a hug from all of us.

  72. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. I have a 3rd grader but haven't had this come up yet. She is a beautiful girl! Good for you putting family first, I'll still be here when you post again.

  73. Amen! No it doesnt matter. What matters is that you see your pretty baby girl is far m ore important then how many comments you get or anything else.
    We have had some serious issues with bullies with a couple of our kids. Its heartbreaking. Keep on it ... sadly the older they get the worse the bullies get. Middle school is terrible.
    Thank you for this post. Its one of my favorites :)
    Your a great mom and your little girl is lucky to have you, as you are her.

  74. I am so sorry to hear that! You are such a good mom! We had a problem too and It's so hard to know when to step in! Blog when you can.. your real friends will still be around waiting for a cup of coffee and a chat or two! :) Jen

  75. You sure do have your priorities in order. That's why I come here to visit with you!

  76. I can relate so much on both counts: desiring blog popularity and young girl bullies.

    I don't post very often compared to most, but I still want people to like my blog and follow it. Why? I'm not sure, except that when you create something, you want others to appreciate your creativity.

    My daughters have both been bullied before although possibly not to the extent your daughter has been experiencing. Girls can be ruthless in their treatment of one another...human nature!

    I pray that God will bring beauty from the ashes of this situation and will use it to build your daughter's character and compassion! Bless you!

  77. Hi, I'm sorry for your daughter and I hope she'll be okay. Of course your family comes first and everyone who's reading your blog will understand that.

  78. Great post! I know this isn't your "normal fare" but it is a great testament to family and how it should work!

  79. i have been thinking about this post since i read it yesterday. you put into words exactly how i feel most is so hard to balance work and family, but family is always first! maybe i played dora castle with my daughters yesterday instead of shipping your order...why do i treat my customers better than my own family some days? thank you for putting all my feelings into words - i'm with you, girl! reader for life - LOVE your new blog design. Hugs and prayers to Maddy!

  80. Sorry to hear about your daughter...I hope she can keep her head up because 'this too shall pass.' She'll be in my prayers...what a sweetie is is (looks like).

  81. Oh, Susie... my heart breaks for your little one. It is so hard, as a parent, to see your kids going through this and not be able to stop it all. I still remember so vividly going through it myself when I was in third and fourth grade. The thoughts of the little girl who tormented, not just me, but others who were suppose to be her friend, still makes my stomach hurt. It is very lonely to be going through something like that, but I now realize that it all made me stronger and a much better person. I always think twice about how I am treating or talking to someone, because I never want to make someone feel belittled the way I once felt. Please tell your little one that she is not alone, and to hold her head up high. These girls feed off of others' fear and tears. They don't deserve anymore of it. She should be proud of who she is, and remember that no matter what anyone ever says negatively about her, all that matters is that she loves herself and knows that there are many others out there that support her. Hugs to you and her!

  82. Dear Sweet Susie & Maddy,
    I'm just now reading about your troubles and it breaks my heart that your sweet precious daughter has had to experience the ugliness of childhood bullies. Maddy is wise beyond her years to recognize these children need forgiveness even though they don't deserve it. And good for you Mom for standing up for her! Now stop beating yourself up for having an interest in your blog! Your blog has recorded as much about your family and history as it has painting and crafting *smiles* And you're a terrific Mom with a wonderful family, and you're a kind, considerate bloggy friend who is loved by many *smiles*

  83. I'm so sorry. As a mother, I have been there. Even "best" friends can be really mean. Take care of your little darling. You will NEVER regret that.

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