Maddys thank you post

hi, im susies daurghter maddy
I had a good day and thank you for all the comments made.
I didn't go through that much stuff but friend issues.
Again thanks for the prayres and thouts!
love maddy

Susie here... I really just don't know how to thank y'all enough. Madison and I read each and every comment. We were both brought to tears by each and everyone of you. Thank you for sharing your stories with us. It did help and showed Madison that she is not alone. She came home from school yesterday all smiles. Prayers work! They all played together at recess! That's a big accomplishment for her because she was spending everyday in the library from fear of the playground. Thank you from the bottom of my heart~ ps.. As hard as I tried to comment all of you back, I ran out of time. Please know that I appreciate each and everyone of y'all~

Does all of this really matter?

I know that your time is valuable and limited but my heart is heavy this morning. My norm is to talk about decorating and paint but my life is so beyond those two. I try not to bore y'all with my everyday ramblings.
I have a confession. I started this week working on my daughters room right? We all know that life goes on around this crazy blog mess. What my worries have been is getting a post up for y'all to see her new room. I wanted it to be on time for fear I would lose a friend...oh my. I said it. So wrong!!!

See this sweet child of mine? Her worries have been heavy too . She has been the victim of a bully ring at school.Yes! 3rd grade people! She has had the tummy ache for weeks on end and it all came to a breaking point yesterday. I wont go into any details because it involves other children that are not mine to chat about, but I will say {this time} as a mom,I stepped in and stood up for my daughter. It's not pretty. How can other 8 year old kids be so mean to just make it to the top of the friendship ladder?

This is my family. This is who I am. This is why I am. We stand together,laugh,cry, and pray together. When one hurts,we all feel the pain. Why does this matter? Because Here I was so worried about my {stupid}, and making friends and putting the wrong things first I was no better than the bully's at Madison's school. What a roll model I have been for her,yikes. I say this because I spend a lot of time thinking about this blog and wanting to please y'all. Wanting to be every ones friend. As y'all can see I'm not that into ads and worry about making money off of my friends visits. Not that there is a thing wrong with that I'm just sayin'...It's not my priority right now.
I think what I'm trying to say here is ... What is my priority? Does how many friends I have really matter? Does my stats and comments and how often I blog really matter? What I do know is that my priority is on my child and to calm her fears. My priority is to tell her she is loved and shower her with kisses.
Thank you for your friendship. It means a lot to me but being a mom to these three hooligans is the top of my list. For now my worries wont be on posting fast will be on loving enough...kissing enough...and letting my family know they come first. Just for the know.... the bullies... Maddy and I have said a prayer for them and she forgives them all... Gosh ,I love that kid! She has taught me a lot in these last few days~

Yummy enough to eat!

With so many projects going on it makes it hard for this girl to blog.

I couldn't let the day go by without sharing one thing...No It's not bon bons. Can you guess what we're up to today?


I must admit, this room makeover has been dreaded for many reasons. One. Madison is my baby. Her room was the last of the sweet nursery's to bless this house. Two. I'm just having a hard time letting it go.

So if you want to peek...

Madison decided on a very rich chocolate brown. My girl has such good taste! You should have seen her room while I was painting. It started off a mint green and as I was painting the brown I felt like I was in one big Andies mint,hehe

Awwww sweet husband. Don't let him fool ya though. I did all of the painting myself...thankyouverymuch~

Madison was so glad to see the pastel colors on her ceiling fan come down.

She is just so excited!

I love how the white just pops now with the dark brown.

This is only day one and the room is painted.The walls are still wet in this picture,I couldn't wait. Today and Tuesday the kids will be home due to living in Louisiana. Darn that Mardi Gras. Oh just gives her a couple of days to clean out all of her toys that are now visiting the living room.I cant wait to show y'all the pillow she picked out. It was her inspiration for the entire room

A lot of "greatfulness" a little "sore"...

Madison and I headed to town to begin her bedroom makeover. We were all full of smiles and laughter. We talked about the color of her walls and the size of her pillows. I'm so glad my daughter shares my passion for decorating,even at the tender age of 8. You have to raise those girls right from the start,hehe.

We were not prepared for what was about to head our way. Suddenly those pillows and paint chips were a talk of the past. Within seconds all of our priorities had changed.

You just assume that everyone will stop at their stop sign. Yesterday we learned that people are human and make mistakes and run stop signs. Yesterday we were victims of someones mistake.

In just seconds my life stopped and seconds turned into minutes,turned into hours. If I would have been seconds faster she would have missed me altogether. If I would have been seconds slower she would have hit me full force on my side.

Today I'm thankful that my daughter is just shaken and sore and my car is the only thing needing fixing. Today I'm thankful that the other lady was OK and was honest. Today we can talk paint chips and pillows once again. Thank you Lord~

The Big Picture...

Because ya'll asked...

Here is the bigger picture!

I love you guys...

Cause ya'll keep me on my toes~

Bringing outside in...again!

What may appear to be a run down old table...

Is just that!

It belonged to my Grandmother and is almost as old as she was. Built by my Grandfather,this table held many meals for the newlyweds. As with any new marriage, their family grew and so did their furniture

This humble table found a new home in her potting shed and that's where it stayed for many years to come. With their passing, many of the finer pieces quickly found new dwellings. This table that once graced so many meals was now unspoken for.

My decorating style does not lean in the country category. I'm more Pottery Barn meets Ballard and marinates in Traditional Home. So that humble little table came home with me and sat on my patio

Like many of you {I'm sure}, have many things you want to display but no vacant space.

Would that old table work in such a traditional atmosphere?

Would it stand out too much screaming country come to town!

Not only did country come to town,it set up shop and is here to stay {till another whim comes over me}! Look how nicely these pieces blend. Old can work with new and what's out can come in.

Speaking of bringing outside in, do you see this pineapple? It is a topiary for your garden.

It's nice to think out of the box sometimes. Don't just shop the the garden shed too. You just may find that perfect piece you never knew you had~

Blah to Beautiful~

Her name is Tera and she ROCKS! Can yall see why I adore this lady so much?

She took my poor little blog from Blah to Beautiful! Yall have been so sweet to hang in there with me during those diy days. Those days are no longer. She came to me offering her help to just fix a few things. So sweet. So Tera. After we chatted on the phone {yes ,we are real friends now} we both knew I wanted more than just a fixing. After I went to her site I knew that she would be the one for me. My style, a bit different from what she is use to, didnt scare her a bit. She was up for the challenge and boy did she deliver. With only the ad and my terrible discription of clean and crisp ,she created a peaceful place I call my second home. I love coming here now and I hope you will too. I promise to call her next time I have a blog-fog and refrain from my stubborn diy mentality. She is so worth it and the best thing out of this whole event... I have made a wonderful new friend for life. Thanks Tera... you are amazing!

First Impressions

First impressions, it's what sticks with us {like it or not}. Like me for example. For the love of my readers there's no holding back.

No hiding behind doors. This chick has no makeup, fancy outfit, or one accessory.

Im putting myself out there! Please dont judge too hard but I want yall to see the real me. Not much for a first impression,Yikes. Enough of my scary self... Im ready to talk houses now. What first impression does your home say? When people walk up to your door do they feel welcome? Let's take a minute here to see where I need to put my words in action. What can I do to make my home more welcoming. Take a look at the door and glance down by the fuzzy slippers. Do you see what I see? A new paint job needed here thanks to one small dog. What you cant see in the picture is a extension cord left over from Christmas lights and dead flowers in pots.

Now this is what my home should say... Bienvenue! Welcome!

Now I know we all cant afford landscape...

or an English garden complete with statues...

But we can make a big difference by just adding a small window box and a few flowers.

So now that I have shown yall the real me and my real house,let me jump off of my soapbox and tackle my backdoor. Yes,Im sad to say this is my backdoor. My first impressions may not leave you wanting to come back but I so hope you do! Maybe a broom and some makeup could do this girl some good~

More than just ad....An inspiration

I was looking thru a magazine and saw this ad. Im not looking for blinds but a new look for my blog. This ad just jumped out at me. I love the colors and the clean lines...YES! This is how I want to feel when I see my blog. I had the pleasure to meet an awesome lady and fellow reader. She agreed to take on the task of fixing my mess. Bless her heart. She was so sweet and kind. I almost feel bad for her. Im not that great at explaining myself so that makes it even harder. My {wanna be} style is the complete opposite of what she is use to working with. So now I sit with anticipation hoping she doesn't regret giving me the ok and run for the hills. She is going to take what I have and just make it better. So thank yall for being patient with me during this metamorphosis. The best is yet to come~

Knobs..a doors accessory

Growing up in the south, I learned at a very early age that women didnt leave their home without at least one accessory. An accessory is something nonessential but useful.

Of course we know that door knobs are an essential part of our home but have you ever given thought to dressing yours up.

After I painted my kitchen cabinets it was essential that I replaced those out dated ones with these.

For just a few dollars you can change so much. I know they can get $$ so I went to Lowes and bought these in a value package. Saved plenty!

Let your knobs show who you are and what you like

I try to stay with the same finish if possible. This pair is dressing up my cabinet in the livingroom

Try different shapes in a bathroom. This is my hall bath so I was able to spend a little more only needing two.

When we built the house I had the brass knobs. Just by changing the doorknobs we took years off of our home.

We stayed with the same finish as our cabinet knobs.

You dont have to stop at doors. Try giving that small piece of furniture a punch!

I bought small wooden knobs and painted them to match her room. If you look close you can see where I missed a few spots,yikes. It doesn't matter though because Madison is fixing to get a whole new room makeover..Darn tootin!

This is my desk that I rescued from the dumpster. A coat of black and this sweet knob.

Go big and make a statement if you dare! I found this one at the Hobby Lobby and love it. So go forth and dress your nest to it's best. Your doors will thank you!