What every girls wants....

What Mom can live without one of these babies. Yes, its an air pump. No more flat tires for this girl.

I like to keep it practical. I did get some smell good for my house and a necklace. My family together and healthy was the best gift of all. Hope yall had a great Christmas. What was your favorite gift~


  1. Well I'll say the air pump is one I didn't get...lol. I did however get a Keurig coffee pot, a digital picture frame and some very beautiful Apothecary jars. I can't say which I love the most but I'm leaning towards the frame. You know how I love my pictures. Glad your Christmas was blessed!

  2. Well I didn't get an air pump either. I would of liked one though.
    My favorite gift was the new David Cook CD..yaaaaaaah' I was so excited. I've already listened to it several times. It is AWESOME!

    Happy New Year


  3. Santa brought Lexi a Wii sport package and we have ALL had a ball playing it! Even my parents are having fun! My dad (he is 70) is saying he and mom might need one for their house to keep them active. We are all sore from using muscles we haven't used in a long time and also jumping up and down when it is your turn.

  4. Evening, sweetness! First of all, your header with your family is precious! You are all so pretty! Now, I'll say what a gift! Hubby wants his little wifie poo to be ready! lol
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. My Kiddo got an air pump for his bike! LOL!

    My favorite thing was a FHI flat iron! Woo hoo!

    BTW, that picture of you and your family on your banner is GORGEOUS!

  6. Looks like your Christmas got you all "pumped up" (hehehe)!!! Hope your new year's is exciting too.
    Thanks for your friendship! It's been sooo fun to get to know you this year.

  7. You never know what that baby will come in handy for.
    Wii had a great Christmas & are recovering from sore muscles.

  8. Awesome!

    It goes well with the car fuses and fuse puller my Dad put in my stocking.

    If we broke down together, we'd be SET!

  9. Love the new blog header!!! What a beautiful family! Miss you.

  10. LOVE the new header photo!! You have a beautiful family! And yes...every girl needs an air pump. I think. :o) My favorite gift? Hmm.... my purse. How shallow am I? lol

  11. I got a new Canon Rebel xti, and that was my 2nd favorite gift. My FAVORITE gift was having all of my family in great health!

  12. Having my family together, on Christmas Day, was my best gift.

    I may have mentioned this before, if so, it's worth repeating! I love your header photo!

  13. Sounds like a wonderful "haul" of Christmas gifts! The pump might not be the most exciting gift but when you NEED one, you NEED one! I got a whole new set of collapsible Tupperware type food storage containers. I'm going to throw away/or repurpose all the mis-matched stuff I have and start fresh again....AHHHHH!!

  14. Hi Susie,

    I found your blog from the Blog Around The World list. I was looking at bloggers from Lousiana. That is where I'm from!

    Your blog is really nice. I enjoyed visiting today.

    I will be back.

    Blessings to you and your family in the new coming year!!


  15. Santa knew my old sewing machine broke up with me so he brought me a new one and a new color laser printer. I was SO excited about both!

    I love the more practical things too - and I know with 2 boys how often I would use an air pump!

    Looks like you had a nice Christmas!

  16. Wii did the Wii fit last Christmas and moved on to the Rock Band...I have to say so far I'm the best drummer...LOL...

    But the best gift...were the expressions on our childrens faces Christmas morn...

  17. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas. It came and went very fast around here. My favorite gifts would be handmade pottery from my artist son, and an adorable handmade snowman pillow from my daughter. Have a blessed week. Jackie

  18. Let me just say YOU HAVE THE CUTEST FAMILY EVER!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog...you always make me smile.

    The Lettered Cottage

  19. I could use an air pump around here; we have a lot of flats LOL My favorite gift was, believe it or not, my new cub scout leader shirt! Yay! A shirt that fits (and isn't pale yellow LOL).
    Great family pic in your header!

  20. I LOVE practical presents! I got some much needed dishes and gift cards to my favorite stores. Thanks so much for thinking of me. You are one of my sweetest bloggy friends and I hope your family had a very blessed Christmas and will have a happy New Year too!


  21. a tire pump is the best gift in the world...especially if you've experienced a flat tire!! i got a new speedlight flash and that was awesome...no more shadows

  22. Never commented before but enjoy your site!! Here's a few of my favorite thins... Happy New Years to you and yours!



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