A kitchen divided......

Here is my kitchen...here is my problem. Are you ready for a long ride? This could take months. A year maybe! Are you still with me? Good. I need a friend about now. It all started when my dishwasher died. No big deal just family over and a ton of dishes. I thought I would be the good wife and told my husband I would just wash by hand. No need to buy a new one. Its just a want not a need.For the love of everything good What was I thinking!

That want turned into a need and we went shopping for this darling.

She is not the top of the line or the strip model. She is just right for me.

So where is the problem you ask...All of my darlings are white. What's a girl to do. This girl bought stainless. Oh yes I did! Im from Louisiana people. Cajuns can get away with that stuff. Now the problem is this...
1. I want to replace the rest but I have to pay cash, ouch!
2. I need to work my little fingers to the bone and get some hard earned green.
3. I think I can I think I can....

The next step will be this microwave. Im not feeling too bad about letting her go. Her little handle broke and she is tired...very tired.

This mister will be hard to say goodbye to. I love his smooth surface. The fridge will be the last to go. The ones that are still alive and kicking at the time of departure will go to a much needing family. So this is why I need to get a painting and open that etsy store. I have a kitchen in need.

And yes..Im one of those people that take down right after Christmas. The village people packed up and headed north to the attic

The feathers on the mantel flew the coup.

The light is light once again

I think I may just keep this out for a bit longer. So if you have stayed with me till the very end. You are a true friend, smile. For that I will let you in on a little secret. I have a giveaway coming, yes indeed!


  1. ACCKK! I'm surprised you have an electric stove! Please consider gas for your next stove-- yes, harder to clean, but all the best chefs use gas!

  2. I can relate! We replaced our microwave, stove, and dishwasher about 3-4 yrs ago. They are all stainless but our refrigerator is still white. We really need to buy a stainless fridge so that everything matches but hate to spend the money when our white fridge still works fine. As soon as we finish painting our kitchen cabinets though we will have to complete the kitchen with a new stainless refrigerator.

  3. Appliances are not cheap...but get what you really want...just don't consider the price alone...if you have to get more money before you buy then wait...you don't want to not be pleased with something that major for years to come. Well, that is the way I feel. All of mine are white accept the dishwasher is black....so my new decorating color combination became black and white with some sunflower yellow thrown in.

    Keep us abreast of all your changes and decisions in the decorating of the kitchen.

  4. I love stainless! We did a mix of stainless and black. The black does not show little boy finger prints as much.

  5. I'm excited for the giveaway! My Mom and Dad just replaced all of their appliances to stainless steel as well!

  6. I have the exact same problem. My appliances are white, and after they were replaced I realized I wanted stainless. Oh well...could have worse problems. Right??/

    Your kitchen is pretty either way!

  7. I wish I could take it all down. W're having a second Christmas in two weeks with Hubby's family. I like to clean up and start the new year fresh.

  8. Well I see your problem. I have several projects online for the new year. I have all white appliances and cabinets and I HATE it. It stays so dirty. Athough replacing all my appliances is not one of my projects, I would like to one day go stainless. I'd loveeee to redo my cabinets, I'm just scared I'd get in the middle and never finish...lol. Ok to the smooth top stove. I am hoping that I have a gas line behind my current electric stove so I can go gas, but if not I might consider buying yours if it fits? There is alittle bit of help for a from a friend!

  9. Wish my home looked as clean as yours. We have had five days of family... yes I said five. As the last one left last night @ 11:30, my DH began singing on the front step..."On the 5th day of Christmas with your crazy family".. poor guy. I think he deserves the Outstanding DH Award.. Do they make those?

  10. Your kitchen is beautiful no matter what you end up doing. A giveaway????I'm excited!!! When is that Etsy store gonna open back up????? I'm ready to help you buy that new stuff!!!

  11. We have a fridge that doesn't go and I really hope it doesne't 'go' on it's own before we get a new one that does go. ;)

  12. It's totally doable, girl. Start paintin' those signs and makin' those tassles. I've seen several of your creations I'd buy to help you on your way! Ü

  13. Yep! The whole appliance issue is a tough one. I have all white appliances and I LOVE them. But according to the "experts", stainless steel is the way to go. Glad I'm not planning to sell anytime soon...

  14. Love your new header [icture. I am sure its been up there awhile, but I have been bogged down by unread blogs and had to mark them all as read. :(

    I am going to take my stuff down on Jan 1. I was just to tired to go right into taking it down Friday.

  15. good luck on your appliance hunt...I can put together a whole house in no time at all but when it comes to choosing appliances I am paralyzed...too many options, too much to read about etc.. when we built our house that was the one area that overwhelmed me. I finally gave my husband a list of what features were important to me and he went to work with consumer reports to figure it all out. 5 years later and the only thing I can say I don't love is the fridge...everything else is perfect. Mine are stainless except the fridge which has the cabinet panels for a built in look. I do like the way your new dishwasher looks with your cabinets, you are off to a good start. Lucky you to have all the Christmas stuff down...I am working on it!

  16. what is it about changing to a new appliance... it just makes the others stand out and scream, me too! i'm in the same boat. hubby ordered my new chair/ottoman for the den, i've got to get busy on etsy to pay that off!!! good luck, and i'll buy from you when i need a gift. us girls have to help each other out!

  17. Oh yeah I can relate...but we built a house so I got all new ones....and they will have to be the only ones for a long time...

    I sure did love all your decor this holiday...you have so many neat things!

  18. I totally understand!!! I just moved into a new house and it came with ugly white applicance. It wouldn't be too bad if they actually worked. I have to wash all the dishes by hand before washing them in the dishwasher. I can't tell you how many times we have nearly eaten rare pork (yuck) because the oven is going out. We won't even get started on the fridge!

    I want to change to steel appliances but I must do it one at a time and I think it will look stupid with one steel and the rest white. In the end it will be worth it!

  19. We had this problem a few months ago. We bought a foreclosure "as-is" but didn't really know what was broken because there were no utilities until the day we closed. My new beautiful home had white appliances also. We went white for the dishwasher (broken) and fridge. Now I wish we had done stainless and replaced one at a time.
    Open the ETSY store and people will buy!!! Just take your time and PAY CASH!!!!!!!

  20. Oh I had this problem recently too. We truly needed to update so over the last year or so we've replaced the dishwasher, trash compactor, oven, microwave, refrig, and stovetop...all stainless steel. It looks beautiful but boy did it put a dent in the pocketbook. Yes, you'd better get painting girl!

  21. oh, the misery of a mismatched kitchen! but, the excitement of a new etsy!! I might start buying Christmas presents early this year (I say that every year), but this year I mean it (I say that every year too!)...BUT...since you are opening a shop with all those great signs...this might just be the year!!

  22. I love your square wreath abov your mantle. I have been searching for one and cannot find one! Would you share where you found it??

  23. I so feel your pain! I have all white appliances and they are only 8 years old. Everything has been repaired though - several times. I'm pretty sure the microwave will die soon...it doesn't always come on when I tell it to.

    I told hubby the other day that I'm going to start an account for stainless appliances. He tried to tell me these are trying economic times. What do those husbands think? Yes, I will pay cash and Yes, I will get them. Some day. :)

  24. She's a beauty. I too like to take my Christmas decor down right away. As much as I enjoy putting it out I enjoy putting it away much more. Can't wait to see what you put up in your etsy store.

  25. The square wreath came from a store called The Royal Standard. Its my favorite store of all time~

  26. You still have a very beautiful kitchen. I also have a gas stove and I love it. It's not flat, but it's beautiful. I have black appliances, stainless steel stovetop. Good luck with your sign selling, I'm sure you'll do wonderfully with all of the people that have requested one so far! Can't wait to see your site. I'm actually in the process of making one too.

    And yay for giveaways, they are so fun! Especially when they're {probably, hopefully} one of your hand made goodies! :)

  27. Susie-
    What's the GORGEOUS wall color in your Dining Room? I MUST know!

    The Lettered Cottage

  28. I giggled when you said "Cajuns can get away with it..." hee hee NICE new dishwasher. I need a new one too, but I can't afford to replace all the appliances so I'm afraid I will have to stick with a white replacement. Yuck.

    I can't believe all your Christmas decor is down already!! I don't take mine down until Jan 6 usually. :o)

  29. I feel your pain! Our less than a year old dishwasher died. Right before hosting Christmas. Not fun at all!
    An Etsy store? How neat!
    A giveaway? Neat as well!
    Merry almost the new year to you hun!

  30. Do I see a can of silver spray paint in your near future? No way! I'm glad you had a great holiday. I've missed ya! I took a full time job (first time since having kids) but am putting my 2 weeks notice in tomorrow because some things are worth waiting for so that I can be home for my little ones. I think they need me more now than when they were little...orthodontist appts...baseball practice...dance practice.....the list goes on. Long story short I will be in touch more often. Smiles Paula

  31. I laughed reading your post! It's the reason I still have my "almost dead" dishwasher. I'm not a cajun and not sure I can get away with that. But I have the same micro wave as you and ALL the handles break off. Baaaaadddd microwave. We are on our third handle. so about fed up with her.

    I will stay tuned for the new girls and boys to arrive in stainless. Thanks for the joyful break in my day!
    xo Lidy

  32. Your kitchen is beautiful. Isn't it funny that when one thing breaks and you get something new everything starts snowballing. I am doing my kitchen this year...and I have a lot of want-itis but I have to be practical. What is a girl to do! I am jealous your Christmas is down. I am still talking myself into doing it! Have a great day!

  33. Yay for a giveaway! :) My kitchen divided just like yours. Except my fridge is stainless and everything else is white. Oh well. They do make stainless smooth top stoves though. I had gas once and now I have electric and I do not know if I could ever go back because they are so easy to clean! :)

  34. Oh, you are gonna have to save those pennies! We were fortunate that all the appliances in our house got replaced with stainless right before we moved in, so all we had to do was buy a stainless fridge. I have a smoothtop stainless stove and love it. I know a lot of people use gas & I would probably enjoy it too, but I've always had electric.

    Happy New Year!

  35. Yes...please consider gas...I had gas, then got electric with this house and I absolutely HATE it. Since we're renting, I have to stick with it for now!

    I'm excited for your giveaway..yippeee!


  36. I completely understand. Our fridge right now has the stainless look & the house we bought 4 mths ago has white appliances. It's not to the point of bothering me yet so I'm good.

  37. I feel your pain and can totally relate. I had a small kitchen fire a few years ago and had to replace the appliances with hand- me-downs. Are you ready for this color explosion...I have a beige fridge, a beige hood above a white oven, and a black dishwasher!!! Since I am a country girl at heart, I call it my redneck kitchen. As long as my kids are happy and I can produce yummy dinners, I can wait for new appliances...I think! LOL
    Your kitchen is beautiful!


  38. Yeah for stainless...love it! My mom and dad just re-did their kitchen and they have a flat top too, that is brushed stainless and black, so love it!

    My decorations will remain until after the new year.

  39. I would have to agree with the majority. Your kitchen is beautiful.

    Wishing you a lot of etsy sales in 2009 to purchase the needed appliances.

    Happy New Year


  40. Ah, we did that with a dishwasher. Got a black front to match the black microwave and black-fronted, white trimmed stove. Now our frig is going up, and we're going to have to get black. I'm so NOT a black appliance person. But whoever buys next will appreciate the modernity, right?

  41. We had the same problem a few years back. We had actually bought a "lemon" of a fridge at one of the BIG electronics store and they ended up having to replace it.

    At the time my husband was able to talk them into a stainless due to all of the trouble we went thru and I didn't take it because I too thought it would look funny since all of our other appliances were white.

    Now, I am TOTALLY kicking myself in the butt. Should've went with the stainless!! Oh well, live and learn!!

  42. I'm a total taker downer! Mine came down the day after! Ready for what the new year has to bring!

  43. Susie, if my husband could buy socks one at a time to save money, he would. I know ALL about having to buy things in "sections". :) Having all stainless steel appliances, I'm obviously and advocate. I love them, and I would never choose anything else. However, who likes to spend that kind of money? Good luck, and we will be patient with you. P.S. My x-mas decor is all packed away and waiting for the hubby to take the bins to the garage. Yippee!!!

  44. It's me again. It should read "an advocate". Stupid, I know. I couldn't let it go. :)

  45. I also take all my Christmas stuff down immediately. I cannot stand to have it up for more than a day after. The dishwasher is nice! You're creative and talented--I'm sure you'll have the cash in no time to buy the other appliances.

  46. Hiya Susie!
    Be thankful for that dishwasher Girlfriend regardless of the mismatching kitchen cause this chickie has NEVER had a dishwasher, not even the teenaged boy! LOL We were close to buying one last year then our son decided to move out so we decided against it only to have him return to the nest within 6 weeks with his fiance. Still no dishwasher... So mismatched appliances don't seem too bothersome to me, having a dishwasher seems like a dream! *smiles*

  47. so let us know when Etsy is up and we'll help get that kitchen stuff ;)

  48. O.K., you can come over to my house and take down all my Christmas stuff since you're done with yours. Good luck in saving $ to buy your new stainless appliances. I know they'll look awesome in your cute kitchen!

  49. Great dishwasher! We have all Frigidare, faux stainless appliances. Not the top of the line, not the bottom either. I like the faux. It's easy to clean and you don't know it's not real stainless unless you stick a magnet to the front of the fridge. We got ours as a package deal (all 4 pieces) during a labor day sale to replace our white appliances also. Good luck! You know I'll definately be along for the ride.


  50. Please let us know when we can buy some of your creations! I have some ladies and myself ready to buy! Another cajun! cajunbyte@yahoo.com

  51. I stayed with you and YOU left me "wanting" more. This North Louisiana girl just wants her kitchen to be white! I don't wish for much...just a white kitchen NOT 70s gold one. lol! I've tried breaking that ol stove but the bright gold thing just won't die. I know that will get the ball rolling but how I do break it? Secretly...what did you do to your dishwasher...I won't tell.

  52. I have the same DW and I love it!! We bought the complete set because all of mine were on the brink of death. Lowe's will discount if you buy more than one large item at a time, we saved several hundreds of $$$.

  53. I am needing to raise some cash for a mission trip. I'm gonna be emailing you about something later. I need some advice! : )

  54. We are a mixed bag too in our kitchen, just waiting for one thing after another to die! I have to ask, what is the wall color above your mantel? It's fab!

  55. When we moved in here the microwave and dishwasher were black. I bought a black stove and a brushed stainless fridge (my sink is stainless as are my small appliances. When we just replaced the micro and DW, we bought black. I am compromising with DH. It looks nice but they all get dusty. The micro though, let me tell you, it got delivered with a dent and Sears took $100 off! That baby only ended up costing me $187! I did not get one with all the bells and unneeded whistles. The dishwasher however has TURBO washers:)

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