Giving Thanks~

Our family spent Thanksgiving in the country this year. My sister has a camp and this is what we saw on our way there~

I think God was showing me the beauty of his works. Im am so thankful!

Last night we had some of these..

around the fire and then..... my batteries died. No pictures just memories. Hope all of you have made some great Thanksgiving memories too~


  1. Beautiful sunset pictures and what a great way to spend Thanksgiving. I could handle that!


  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that your day was overflowing with blessings, laughter, and wonderful moments.

  3. Good Morning Miz Susie,
    How wonderful to be surrounded by such natural beauty and family! I couldn't think of a better way to spend Thanksgiving *smiles* Have a wonderfully blessed weekend!

  4. Our family does that type of holiday sometimes too - camphouse in the country. You can't beat s'mores under the stars!

  5. What a wonderful Thanksgiving you guys had! So glad you got to make fun and special memories together!
    Happy Friday to you~ Les

  6. Sounds like some beautiful Thanksgiving memories were made!!!

  7. wow! that is beautiful! Your phrase "no pictures, just memories" really touched me. I think some times I get so caught up in taking photos that I forget to acutally be part of the memory!
    I hope your family had a wonderful time!!

  8. Sounds like the perfect Thanksgiving. So glad you had a happy one....

  9. Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. It just wasn't "meant to be" in the photo realm. Maybe it was "private family time" only!
    Sometimes we have to do that.
    A very Happy Thanksgiving from our house to your all's!
    Be blessed,

  11. Looks like a fun time.
    Love that sunset.

  12. That sunset was beautiful! And I love me some s'mores!

    Our Thanksgiving was quiet, with just me, my husband, Kiddo, and my Mom, who has been staying with us during her radiation treatments. Her breast cancer that had been gone for almost 5 years has returned in her ribs and a couple other places. This year at Thanksgiving I'm glad I got to spend it with her, just her. I've often wondered if this will be my last holiday season with her...I can't think about it too long or I will have a breakdown LOL. We went to a local restaurant that was serving turkey and dressing and all the sides, plus sweet potato pie for dessert, and the best part? NO DISHES! : )

  13. Looks like a perfect way to spend time together!!! What a gorgous sunset and I am glad you had a nice one.

  14. Looks like fun at Missy and Brets! Was good to see all of you in Sept., lets not go so long before we see each other again - your brother

  15. What a great way to spend Thanksgiving. Oh...s'mores for TG...yum!!!

  16. Hi Susie,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment on my first blog post. I always enjoy reading your posts - you have been such an inspiration to me as I am learning how to decorate my new home. Keep up the great work!
    Blessings to you

  17. Come by and visit my blog...Lookin forward to Wed...we are still on for dinner and christmas movie at your house?? MISSY

  18. Here is a lovely Christmas prose...
    "The Unexpected Gift"
    I hope it helps you treasure your family this season...
    (it is my latest work)

    Thank you and many blessings...I really am happy to have found your blog :)

  19. We had smores by the campfire at our camp down on the river the night before Thanksgiving with family in from Atlanta! ~*giggle*~


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