Giving Thanks~

Our family spent Thanksgiving in the country this year. My sister has a camp and this is what we saw on our way there~

I think God was showing me the beauty of his works. Im am so thankful!

Last night we had some of these..

around the fire and then..... my batteries died. No pictures just memories. Hope all of you have made some great Thanksgiving memories too~

Deck the halls...and lights!

So you want to decorate your light. I started with a bit of garland.

I just worked it in and out until it looked good and even and then gave it a good fluffin'

started with some dollar tree snowflakes..

and a few more

I found this beautiful ribbon at the Dollar Tree too!It looks white here but it is such a pretty blue~

more snowflakes...

Icicles that my Mom and I made years ago.

It's starting to come together.

Needs more snowflakes!

Im loving this blue so much I want to paint, ugh! Miss Pat at the backporch has the dining room I dream about. Hmmmmm.

All That Glitters...

Love those glitter words but Im having trouble finding them. I did find Believe but it was $$. So Im making my own. I found an image on the net so I copied one.

Found some foam board...


I used this to cut it out...

Cut it out...

I also made that Believe I saw....

Some great glitter~I took some glue and spread it across the top of the word. Added some glitter and...

Let them dry...

Attached a satin ribbon and there you go!

Believe in large silver glitter

The foam board is the size of a poster board so you can make plenty... and I did!

The Broadmore Show...

I had to laugh this morning because if I didnt.. I would for sure need tissue.
Day started as follows...
Get Maddy up and dressed for school ( not an easy task)
Get to school to find that it's picture day with Santa
Problem is.. Maddy is in her uniform, ugh! No worries just rush home and change right.
Attempt to leave the school parking lot only to get an ugly look by one of the PTO Moms . Why? Not sure. Maybe because I didnt sign up to help out with picture day. I just smile and return home.
Rush getting Maddys picture day look on~
Run back to school.
Come home and see this~ No kidding, I didnt stage this. This poor dear has been moved all over the house. Do you think someone would turn her on...NOT!

I have been getting ready for another show. It's Friday and Saturday and Im almost ready.

I made a few new things. These picture frames..

I love this color green~

So my boxes are full again and ready to be loaded into the car. My precious husband is taking off a day from work to help me. This is one big show in Baton Rouge. If you live close enough I would love to see ya. Ahhhh...a cup of coco would be nice about now~

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas...

This is my matching garland. It stays with the natural theme of our tree.

More feathers and nest.

On top the mantel my nativity.

Here is what the tree looks like at night. Pictures really do no favors for Christmas trees.

You may be wondering why I decorate so early...
So many craft shows
Time spent with family on Thanksgiving
Helping out with the 3 grade Christmas play
More craft shows...
I have to squish it all in when I can.
I adore the Christmas Holidays so now you know. Hope you enjoy the early peek~

Christmas..Naturally Beautiful~

*** If you made it here by Kelly's Shower,welcome. I went to leave a comment and like a dodo I put my name in Mr. Linky. I adore Kelly and enjoy reading her post every morning. Many sweet blessings on her, Scott and precious baby Harper!'s gone to the birds! Why do tress always look better at night? Guess you get the entire feel of the lights. I wanted to show you in the daylight so you could get a good look. I will show the nighttime look next...much better~

Lot's of these...

handful's of these..1.00 from Walmart

a mess of these...on sale at Hobby Lobby

Gold fern...from last year

All together now~

Some feathers

Fluer's galore..last year's stash


Never enough...

Top it off with a large nest from spring decor and more feathers..

Natures best...

It's full now. Im working on a matching garland. Just waiting for my eggs to dry.

Wanna peek at somemore?

Come back... there's plenty~