Kicking back....

I found myself spending way too much time on the computer and not enough family time. That made me sad... My Dad spends his summers in Washington State. During the winter he comes home. The past two winters he was home he has had surgery for cancer and his knees replaced. This winter it's just us. No surgerys planned. Wahoooo!! So when ha came home this is what I have been up to. Kicking back and spending some family time..

I can remember sitting on his lap just like it was yesterday. Riding the tractor was always a big deal for me. It meant spending some one on one time.... just me and my Daddy... Now I have to share but I dont mind.

Maddy gets his lap now. I get the fender, smile

I think she enjoys it as much as I did...and still do!

Here is a picture of our faithful dog Pepper. She belongs to my Daddy but we all secretly want to claim her.... She is a wonder dog!

So if you see a little less of me it's cause Im seeing a lot more of my family. Im sure all of you understand and have been in my shoes from time to time. Im blessed to have a great family and so many blog friends to share my world with....enjoying a little life....Susie

Note to self...

Note to self.....BE STILL and know that He Is God!

A Good Beatin'

A few of you darlings asked if I painted or used uhm....plastic.

No plastic for me. That would mean I would have to be all fancy and have one of those cool machines that I would die for...Nope...

The ole' fashion way...Paint!

Yall were so sweet to say how nice they looked...Thank you! Leave it to my BFF Misty to be honest. She informed me that they looked too new. They needed a better beatin'

Nothing like a best friend to be honest. Thats why I love her so much! Did I mention that she is the best photographer in the world. Yep! I trust my babies faces with her. Not to mention she can get my kids to do things I could only dream about. ok. back to the beatin'

See how much better... thanks Misty!

Purdy Purdy with their edges all scraped up.

Here is one of my name signs...

If you are in my family or on my list of gifts...

Here's your sign! Yep... that's what yall will be getting for Christmas. Your name of course.. made with love. Awwww. Aint I so sweet. I think the fumes from the stain are getting to my brain. Gotta go get a 8 year old out of bed for school... Womans work.. never done. Love you guy's!!

Up to no good...

Yeah...Im up to no good again! Had to break out the sander. Girls best friend...sorry "GG". You are my first love.

Lovin this color green. Hope the people at my next show do too.

Ahhhh. Aint she pretty! Im keeping one for myself

So true!

What cha think? You like? What's your favorite if you had to pick? Maybe a giveaway soon is coming and I think yall are pretty sick of the tassles by now, smile. Blogland is so full of great ladies that are making some pretty spiffy tassles now. Gotta love it! Hope to hear what ya think..

The Perfect Pumpkin...

It's a sad day when all of your kids dont jump at the chance to pick the perfect family pumpkin. Guess Madison will be our last pumpkin hunter. I shall never grow too old to search for that perfect round fall delight! Thank you Madison for keeping us forever young!

I must add that I had as much fun as she did. Even if we did miss the pony rides... cause Momma got the time wrong, ugh!

Forever young... even if we are the only ones in this house to believe it.

Madison searched...

and searched....

She did find her perfect pumpkin. Daddy helped bring it to the car.... great day indeed~

Feeling the love...

Hi yall! Im back and had a great time. We stayed in Madison Mississippi...cutest town around! This was our home away from home....Nice!

Im telling yall... this town was so cute and neat even the Shell gas station was cute!

This was Marc and I acting goofy in the hot tub. Most of the good pictures were all fogged up, hehe.

This is me getting relaxed, ahhhh

Havin fun!

What made my day was when I got to meet some of my precious bloggin' friends. This was Karen from thepromotedprincess. I was able to meet her and her adorable Mom... I know this has to be the worst picture of me in the history of pictures. I just had to share it anyway cause look at how cute Karen is! She and her mom....SWEET!

Then to make it even sweeter I met two more of my friends. Cena from unexpectednecessties and her friend. The day just couldnt get better!

Thanks for all of the love and well wishes. Boy did it work...

I had a GREAT show!

I couldnt really walk around and take pictures cause we were so busy but here is the courthouse where we were.

If my trip wasnt great enough... look what was waiting for me when I got home.

Miss Sara sent me a "sweet suprise" and boy was it sweet. Just look at this adorable little trick or treat pin!

Oh and this beautiful pumpkin! Thank you so much Sara!
So gal's it was a great weekend. The only thing I wish I could have done that I didnt get to was shop at Canton with my sister, neice and Terry.
** Im sure yall may have noticed my Etsy shop is empty. I have been so busy filling orders and getting ready for a few more shows. I hope to re stock soon.**

Just my luck...

What every girl wants... New tires! Just my luck, I ran over a piece of metal and lost a tire. The Mr. insisted I needed all new tires. You know what that means...$$$

I pray that I sell all of these babies at the craft show Thursday.

I did get around to making more so this show I will be bringing a few...

I have plenty of boards as well.

I guess I could be bummed about having to spend my fun money on tires but Im not.

Maybe it was a good thing I ran over that piece of metal... it could have saved me from a blowout!

We are heading out this morning for Canton Mississippi.

Thank goodness for Grandparents! They step in and take care of kids...dogs...birds...and the house!

The weather man says it will be sunny!

So maybe I can unload some of these babies in Mississippi. I do hope I see some of you there. I will be on the square! Maybe we can have our picture taken together... I have always wanted to do that with a blogger friend. Im weird..I know..((hugs to ya))! I will be sure to comment back as soon as I get home. Hope to see ya there!